Isekai Blacksmith
43 42 Little Big World
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Isekai Blacksmith
Author :hnharima
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43 42 Little Big World

Hi, Yuna name is Yuna. Yuna is a Hobbit, which our size is like a child of human. We live isolated from other species in this world, Thrae. We being hunted to become a slave to humanity. Actually humans are not bad. They used to live with us, freely in the wilderness. The demon king armies have attack our ancestors and we run and live in fugitives, unlike humans who keeps fighting until the end. Humans won the war and soon became a major power in this world. They blame us because we left them in the crucial moment where they need us. That's why humans hate us, hate Yuna races. Yuna sad.

We Hobbits live nomadic way, and never stay in one place forever. We need to run and home from monsters and human hunters who keep preying on us time to time. Our bodies are so weak and we can't even defeat a weakest monsters without a weapon. Yuna time when Yuna live with Yuna family are most wonderful moment in Yuna memories, even though our home is small and sometimes we starving because the lack of food. Yuna always smile when seeing Yuna mama and papa coming home alive, even there are no hunting prey for that day. Yuna can smile without any concerns.

Yuna have three siblings, and Yuna is the old one. Yuna always in charge of the siblings, if Yuna mom and papa go hunting. Yuna always hope one day, Yuna will living among human who understands us and all races so everyone will not deserve the disaster and war that brought by greediness. Yuna wish doesn't granted by the God. Yuna papa killed by humans when papa tried to protect us. Mama been violenced by the humans until mama became lifeless. Yuna and two siblings been caught up and send us to slave market. They don't touch Yuna because the virgins price much higher and valuable. Yuna knew it after listening to humans talk.

Yuna little brother died in our way to the slave market. He fallen sick suddenly and became so weak. Yuna can't help him because we in different cage. When Yuna brother died, they just thrown out his body in middle of our travel, out of nowhere. Yuna cannot cry anymore. Yuna so tired to respond anything happens in Yuna life. Yuna little sister separated from Yuna after we arrive at the store. Some old rich fat guy brought Yuna little sister when he at look at her. He doesn't buy Yuna because Yuna already broken and he wanted a toy with more much resistance so he can enjoyed it. Yuna doesn't understand but Yuna hope little sister save with her new master.

A few months flew fast, Yuna still inside this cage waiting for a new master. Near Yuna cage is a white tiger beastmen tribe Princess, Shiro. She always said to me to wait for revenge and keep Yuna ownself alive. What a revenge? Shiro said, it got lots of form. Still living strongly is one of Yuna revenge. But Yuna little sister gone because she still trying to live. Yuna little brother couldn't have any chance to get his revenge. Shiro tell me about her life, betrayed by it's own kind, so it's doesn't matter you are weak or not, Yuna can't just accepted her fate. Yuna listen to her, but the clock keep ticking without paused. Our life here could end in the mines if no buyer came.

One day, came a young man who Yuna think a crazy guy, come buying the slaves here. The first slave that he picked is Shiro. He also buy Yuna without hesitation. The young man assistant, Yuna don't know about her but maybe, said to him;

"Do you really want to buy her? She looks like a toy without life.... A lifeless girl...."

"Yeah, I'm dying to buy her...."

"Could you not doing some lame joke like puns already?" The miss assistant getting angry, but the man still with his nonchalant attitude, ignore her wrath.

After the young man, I mean my new master doing clearance buy at the slave market, Yuna and the others were sent to big building which own by our master. All slaves are given a shared room for two people. Yuna roommate is a human, Irina she is. Yuna quite scared with human but she is a good person. Yuna remembered Yuna mama always said, there are no such thing as a bad human, only a bad person. The races or species are not to be blamed but the person to responsible about it.

"One day if you meet a good human, be nicer to them. The circle of hatred must be stopped. I believe Yuna will do it..." Mama always repeated that sentence, and Yuna still heard it in Yuna dreams. The difference is mama no longer here, same as papa, little brother and little sister. Yuna already alone in this world.

Irina and Yuna becoming best buddy. Yuna live here so happily because Yuna never get starve, sleep in very comfortable bed, and doing the job that Yuna master asked. The Yuna master embracing the slaves, but he never forced us to serve him. The most scary slave, Shiro fallen in to the grace of Yuna master. It's weird to see her so meek went she face our master. The 'nya' sound that Shiro said also make Yuna shiver. Where is the avenger woman that will seek her revenge one day! She said to Yuna;

"By the way, living in happiness also count as a revenge. And it's the best one too!" Shiro smile so brightly as Yuna going to blind just watching her.

Shiro and all stronger slaves have left us to do big mission that Yuna master instruct. He will leaving this country in the few days. He will bring all his slaves. Yuna always thought that we going to stay here forever but he want us to live in his own country, in the undiscovered island. He said in that country, we can live more peaceful and happy than living here. Are Yuna family waiting there?

No, Yuna can't think like this. So Yuna gather her courage to meet and serve Yuna master. So at the night Yuna came alone and knocked Yuna master door. Yesterday, Yuna master prevent any slaves to enter his room because his closed retainers, the sword girls, making ruckus at that time. Today Yuna hope master available for Yuna. Yuna never serve master at night so this is a first for Yuna. Yuna really master thinking that Yuna is a bad girl. Yuna always been haunted by Yuna mother helplessness screaming, while being violenced by the cruel peoples. Yuna so scared.

"Oh, hi there, little girl, do you come to visit me? Come in, cutie pie...." Said master suddenly open the door, while Yuna so nervous to knock it.

"Yes... Master..." Yuna entered the room, and suddenly felt a killing intents around the room. Yuna see a dark aura come out from little girl that same body size like Yuna.

"Master, you said that you won't touch the little girls like us! You lie to me!" Said the dark girl.

"Yuna is 18 years old now."

"What?! You older than me?!" Yuna master shocked by my sentence.

"""""Legal loli!!!""""" The other small girls said it at the same time. Yuna don't know what they say about.

"Uh? What?" The dark girl confused.

"What is your name?" My master ask me.

"Yuna, master...."

"Come here, sit in the bed beside me." Master points the spot while saying that. I follow master order and sit beside him.

"Yuna, don't force yourself to serve me..."

"No, Yuna don't force herself..."

"Your body shivering and your eyes empty with emotion. I never want to see a girl that been together with me suffering alone." What master mean? Yuna feel happy now.

"I hated this country. I hated the hollow of humanity passion here. The only thing that I see are greediness and selfishness."


"I will create our new country, where the elves sing, the drawfs playing, the beastmen dancing, the Hobbits helping and humans harmonising. That my promise..." Master hug Yuna. Yuna feel like Yuna dreaming right now. How many times that flew away when Yuna felt this warmth for the last time.

"Master, why you don't come earlier to save Yuna family?"

"I'm sorry..."

"Yuna mama and papa killed by humans..."

"I'm sorry, really...."

"Master, why? Why I have to see my little brother died and his body throw like rubbish!?"

"I sorry...."

"Yuna... Yuna little sister... She became plaything to perverted old man...."

"I know. Soon enough, we will kill him..."


"Don't worry, I will seek out the justice for all your family. Let me build our hegemony first, and I will show them our might..."

"Master...." Yuna hug master tightly. Master is my biggest hope for me to get my revenge. We spent our moments of love together, even it's hurt for one time, but the pleasure let Yuna forget her suffering for the first time. Mama, Papa, Yuon, and Yani, Yuna always love you all and miss you all so much.

The next day, Yuna went back to Yuna room and meet Irina on the way. Irina smile cheerfully after looking at Yuna, and said;

"I glad you finally smile, Yuna..."

"Thanks Irina, Yuna will always try to live Yuna life at fullest and getting herself the happiness, with Yuna master!"

"Okay, but you should clean yourself and take a shower first. You reek with weird smell!?"

"Irina, it's master........."
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    《Isekai Blacksmith》