Isekai Blacksmith
44 43 Beyond The Momen
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Isekai Blacksmith
Author :hnharima
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44 43 Beyond The Momen

Spending my night with Yuna remind me why the main reason why should I leave this hideous country. I, who been summoned to this world, care less about anything happens or related to it and planning on living with my own pace. That's was my first plan, granted that I will not involved in the heroes activity. But that piece of thought changed after I stepped out from the castle, where the king and his ministers live in prosperous. When I left the palace, I really looking forward to see the eventfully and lively capital city, with it's populations have reached 100 million citizens. I can relate it with Tokyo or other biggest city in my world, full of excitement and experience. While I began my journey to the biggest human city in this world, my expectations betrayed me, completely. All that I can see from my carriage is the abandoned child everywhere. The children living in crook of the city corners and begging for foods. The place looks like slums, where homeless people gather and live there.

The ugly moment doesn't stop there. All the citizens of the city look so lifeless and desperately to live their life. I feel their suffering as I entered the city centre, which full of hypocrite. The status of the people in this country like heaven and earth. The rich live on very comfortable places but the poor vice versa.

I can see with my eyes how the hideous culture that been practice by the higher status people in this world. For example, the man with nice clothes, I assumed a noble, enjoyed his lunch in very prestigious restaurant, drinking wine proudly while kicked the his slave that kneeling in front him. He enjoyed it and laughing without any care in the world. I felt the wrath in my heart as the cute Nekomimi girl been treated like a rag. I control my rage as not to show it from my guards. The two guards, from the palace, which the taxpayers money thief are laughing too, watching the situation. They are my escort to guide me to guild building. Both of them never shown any respect to me, as I'm not the hero that will gain fame and honor someday. I treated like the extra character, or known as a Mob.

I promise to crush their face that enjoy my Nekomimi suffering one day. I need to do something but I don't know what to do or to act. The only thing I can think of right now is to manipulate my cheat so I can change this hypocrite country. But, the kindness that being forced is tyranny. The only way is to create a new kingdom which rules by myself. The first thing I need is the slaves, that full of loyalty and respect for me as their master. I will have all of slaves as my helper and my right hand to govern my country.

I will pick only the females as they never have ambitious instinct like the males. The interior problem are the most problem that I want to avoid at all costs. While I registered in the guild, a old hag, which the guild receptionist in that time, recommended me to visit the Artos Store. She said that place can granted anything that I want as long as I afford it. The guards left me without any word after the registration, so I asked the receptionist about the guild situations.

I curious about the other adventurers because the guild look so quiet and none of them relaxing in the guild tavern waiting for a quest. The guild quest board also empty and none of quest notice appear on it. She explained to me that the biggest reason is the economic situation problem that happens in this country. The country financials actually in deficit and couldn't afford to hire the adventurers for the quest. The budgets for the guild decreasing and like what I see, they even can't afford to hire new staff anymore. After listening to the receptionist complaint and story, I went to the inn that recommended by the guild.

My plans for the new kingdom started with the help of the Artos Store owner, Yamtom. He and his daughter lend a hand on my ambitiously plans by seeking the new place for my country. This world have same geography situation exactly like the maps in my world, the Earth. When I asked Yamtom about the island that located same location like Japan, he said that that island is undiscovered by others and the rumor said that the place was packed by the strong monsters. So it's almost possible to create my country without any good preparations. The most important part is the money. Fear not, with my ultimate cheat, I present him with a lot of money in order to achieve my own target, which is a paradise.

I have reading some books, a philosophical one, that said the strongest fortress for the king is his own peoples. I have to gather a lot of slaves to build my own ultimate fortress. Yamtom brought me my first batch of slaves, 60 persons, with all of them are female and difference species. But I really never thought making my own harems by including all my slaves, until my first girl, Cuddle lighten up my night by the never ended pleasure. While spending night with my slaves, I listened theirs history and past, until become the slaves. For example, Shiro, my beautiful little kitten, I mean a white tiger Princess, come from royalty and betrayed by it's own kind. I promise her that I will change the world when I gained power. She so excited and sworn to me for her entire life loyalty forever.

Spending my time with Yuna reignited back my wrath and ambition to crush this hypocrite world by creating my own paradise. I feel bad that Yuna by her own have to accept countless of my love, even though in her first night. I don't do it yesterday and my stamina already in max that night. When I wake up early morning, her whole body in the mess. I leave her for my routine jog and when I return, she already gone.

Because of yesterday matter, I can't practice any of my daily Blacksmith skill training, so I have to do that for today. As for my plan, I will created a new spiritual creature today, using yesterday present that given by Yamtom. He bought me a flying ship, the rarest things in this world. There only five flying ship in this world, and all of it are owned by the elves. The elves kingdom in turmoil and need fund to survive after the fallen of the royalty families in the country.

The elves kingdom now been rule by the nobles but the financial situation in the red so they sold the royal captives and families to slave market. Unfortunately, that still not enough to stabilize the economic development, so the only way to sell one of the most precious asset that they have, the flying ship. I grateful for the opportunity to create my own 'Air Force One', the personal aeroplane, or flying ship for the king, which is me. It's not that hard to build it as I have unlimited resources for upgrading and fusing my ship.

Around one hour, finally my work bore the fruit. I successfully created a new ship girl, which can fly, and named her HH 01, and her pet name is Ichiko. Like the day before yesterday, my sword girls clings to me and repeated the sentence; "how fragrance the master smell". I finally understand that if I created a new magical life-form, I will release a nice odor from my body that attractive to the sword girls. Because of that, the girls can't control their desire and keep clinging to me until the smell gone.

After a few hours, I managed to calm down the sword girls group and having my lunch afterwards. I went out from my place and like usual, visiting Artos Store to show him my new creation, Ichiko. I escorted by Athena today and my only follower Lilithies. She is my future guild master so she will follow me to my new country. I have only two days for my departure from this country, so I will use all the time wisely and efficiently.

When Yamtom see the true form of Ichiko, he actually too shocked and faint while standing, before I smacked his head to regain his concious again. Suddenly, he approached me and held my shoulder with his serious face.

"Sir Harry, can I ask you for something..."

"Sure, why not? Name your wish..." I replied that sudden request of Yamtom.

"I want to open the new branch of my store in your country..."

"Well, that's a good idea! Why not?"

"Really? Can I send my daughter as the representative? She is my best bet for the new branch."

"Okay. Do you really want to send your daughter?"

"Yes, I hope you don't mind about it."

"Okay... But please ask her first. I don't want to force her...."

I agreed to accept Rycur as the representative of the branch manager for Artos Store in my country. Otherwise, I actually tried to scout her for that job, but she always moody when she meet me. I listened to Yamtom about the success of my slaves in creating new harbor in the undiscovered island that I plan to create my country there. More surprised thing is about 3 thousand slaves being gather there. Looks like Yamtom doing a great job and I reward him with a +20 Divine flying ship for his efforts.

After the meeting, I planning to return to my place. Suddenly my foot steps stopped by the voice of two women;

""Halt, we need to speak a bit!"

"Sisters!? What are doing?!" Lilithies open her mouth and let her angry voice loudly. Wait, that women really your sisters? Never in my wild dream that I believe that those two lovely dressed Princess have a blood connection to you.
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    《Isekai Blacksmith》