Isekai Blacksmith
45 44 Princess x Princess
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Isekai Blacksmith
Author :hnharima
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45 44 Princess x Princess

""Halt, we need to speak a bit!"" Two beautiful ladies, which always stalk me these days, stopped me from behind. Their voices quite loud and surprise me little bit. I never expected that their will ever approached me after all. The only thing that they do are looking at me from far away and keep that distance. Lilithies sisters quite weirdo like her, so I don't expect anything less than her.

"Sisters!? What are doing?!"

"No, I return that words to you!" One of the Princess, I think the eldest one replied back what Lilithies said.

"Yeah, what are you planning for, getting closer to that man!" The spectacle girls also bashing Lilithies, who actually getting close relationship with me.

"I am his follower now! I will always follow him forever!" Lilithies proudly say that to her sisters.

"For the God sake, you are the princess of this country! Why you should bow to this commoner!" The spectacle girl scolded her.

"Well, I don't mind follow him..." The other sister said it with gentler voice. I don't think that's a good idea though.

"Daisille, it's my own choices and freedoms to follow or bowing to someone. Do you really think he is only the ordinary people? Even you my sister, I will never forgive you!" Lilithies became more aggressive lately. Even though she herself mocking me in our earlier encounter.

"Please don't talk about me while I'm in present. Why not you introduce your sisters to me? By the way girls, I am Harry. A normal everyday person. Well, you should know where I came from..."

"Ah, master! Sorry for my ignorance about that. Firstly, the red hair and slut one is Rosellete, the second Princess and the spectacle girl with a black merchant heart and money monger is Daisille. They are my lousy sisters that I hope I never know them." Explain Lilithies.

"Who a slut, you only muscle in the brain woman!?" Rosellete yell.

"Shut up, boot licking masculine girl!" Wow, that's hurt Daisille but I couldn't deny that.

"I think we should talk about this in private place, peoples are looking at you all, talking vulgar things even though you are the Princesses. Let's go to my place, I think it's more convenient for us to discuss with. If you two still want to talk here, than I'm not entitled to lend my ears."

"I agree with you...." Said Daisille.

"I second that." Rosellete agreed too.

"My master after all, a wise man. Let's us proceed to my master place..." Lilithies leads the group and walking forward to my building. I pet Athena head as to calm her after being hostile to both Princesses. I will not kill them even they making trouble to me, so stop trying to assassinate them with your earth magic. I can feel magical movement now, maybe the effect of the girls.

Both Princesses that follow us, lost their breath after walking to my place. The distance itself not too far, still following me and Athena with our pace, both Princesses stamina can't keep up with that. Exception for Lilithies, the SS adventurer, those two Princesses never train themselves to adapt this situation.

When we arrive in my place, some of my slaves have welcome us. They already prepared the tea and snacks for us after I sending my thoughts to my sword girls that guarding my place. It's so convenient for me to have this abilities, as I can contact all of them.

"Please take your seat. I hope my humble home doesn't inconvenience you."

"This building price is over the roof. Why shouldn't I not comfortable coming to this place...." Said Daisille. As expected, money monger girl.

"I can sense that you thinking something rude."

"No.... way I could do that...." Are she an esper? I have to be more careful about it.

"You pause suggest that you are thinking about it... Well, firstly I would like to know what is your ability when you been summoned here. My speculation are you have some power to duplicate any thing. But It's doesn't make sense..." What?! I almost shown a shock reactions in my face, but I praise myself because I managed to control it.

"Why not? Maybe I have that power..." She looks at me and says;

"Of course, you are not born here, so you don't know this world common sense. In this world, the money doesn't produce by anyone but it came suddenly with the power of "Violence of Numbers" which create the monetary systems in this world. The money itself flow around the world and used by everyone. So, it's sounds illogically for you to duplicate the money as the currency that been falsely made will automatically out of value." I listened to her with full of smile. Even that power can't stop me to renumber the quantity of what I want to.

"So troublesome..." I act like disappointed but in monotonous voice.

"Ah, can I ask you to contribute for our country with your mighty power.... I pleading to you with all my heart and soul...."

"Your father and some old man beside him already thrown out me from that castle. Should I help you with that after what you have done?" She when silent at the moment, mostly thinking how to trick me.

"No,no... I not trying to trick or do anything to you. Just by spending god knows how much you have, our economic situation will improving a lot." Is my face really easy to be read by others.

"Yes, sure..." She replied to my monologue.

"I would like to help you out with that, but I planning to leave this country tommorow. So, I guess it's your lucky day to meet me today. If tommorow, I will disappear from this country, I think the name is Tiamat and go far away from here."

"No,no,no.... Outside there is full of the monsters and the place never suitable for human. Ah, if you thinking about going to the Nachi and Honni, you better forget it became the countries are worst and lead by the tyrant king."

"It's not a big deal for me. I never wanted to go there."

"Yes, my master will founded his own country!" Shit, Lilithies like always sprouting those secret things without any care, and make me do the 'palm face' pose. Esthia, that join us in this discussion stare dagger her, and creating a dark aura.

"Ah, I have to kill both of you, my sisters. You have known too much!" She brought out her sword, which one of my lowest Divine ranked Adamantium Sword that I give to her, pointed it to those Princesses.

"Damnit, you telling me that by yourself!" Said Daisille, panicking about her younger sister action.

"Just kill Daisille, I don't hear anything at all." Stop lying Rosellete! She sits next to Lilithies and sure enough to hear all the things that been spoken.

"Oh, really. That's good! I don't need to kill you. Just Daisille..."

"Stop, she lied! I now she can hear you loud and clear!"

"Girls, stop it! Yes, I will leave this country and create a new kingdom for myself. Satisfied?"

"Wait, you are not jest or messing around with me right? I never see you make any preparations for the.... Ah! I get it, Artos Store!" That girl truly a genius person.

"I flattered by your praise..." I take that back.

"If I said that I would like to offer myself as your wife so you can stay here, can you please accept it?"

"No, you money hyenas!" Not me, the person said it is Rosellete. She suddenly standing up from the sofa and stated her denial.

"He going to marry me!" Et tu, Rosellete!?

"Nope, he will and always be my master or rather, the sound of the master (Danna) itself is quite same as husband (Danna)." No, I don't think so. As long as you all can wear my divine maid clothes, I will consider it.

"No, thank you. I never intended to married one of you, or to live here until the end of my life. I will not changing my mind and this is the only thing that I want to do!"

"But at least, let me follow you sir!" Rosellete hold my hand, and begging for my sympathies.

"Can I join you too? I so tired dealing with the stupid and greedy nobles. Let me be your financial minister!" Said Daisille.

"Hahaha, only I, the future guild master, allowed to follow my master to his new country. No way you two can follow us, you uselessly Princesses!" If I knew that you couldn't keep my secret, I will not pick you earlier! Wait, a minister huh?

"Sure, sworn your loyalty to me first. Ask Esthia for more information about the oath. As for you Rosellete, I don't think you need to come along with us...."

"I know you have a lot of slaves, and most of them are illiterate, so a teacher might solve the problem. I am the President of the national library in this country and already read all of the books. I can also rewrite back all the words because I can memorize all the things that I have read before."

"Really?! Welcome aboard with us, Rosellete. I really need people like you. You too, Daisille. Really appreciate it."

"What about me....". Lilithies ask me, with worried face.

"Yes, you too (in monotonous voice)"
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    《Isekai Blacksmith》