Isekai Blacksmith
46 45 The Calm Before The Storm
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Isekai Blacksmith
Author :hnharima
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46 45 The Calm Before The Storm

Let me get it straight. When we playing a MMO game, what is the most important thing to become a superb gamer and so called pro player? Most definitely people will said the equipment, of course. Then, skill set of the characters and maybe a helpful guild or clan. Attributes also quite important for the players.

But, for me, the man who like to play war strategy games, it's the helper, that lead my army. In the war strategy games, the helper like general or hero is a must, so eventually people spend their money to get the general or hero to win the game. You know the gacha things. When I arrive in this world, I need this kind of people to help me build my own kingdom. Thats why I brought the slaves as my hands and legs for my ultimate plans. But, the slave that I got mostly Rare and Uncommon one if compare to these helper in gacha things. Nevertheless, the character's of my helper that I seek is the super rare (SR) one. The more the better.

These two Princesses, Daisille and Rosellete are like the SR character in the game. After I heard that they would like to join me for my conquest, I felt very delighted. The fourth Princess that become my follower earlier is not bad, but she like a free SR character that given to all players after a week or month play time. As expected, this world literate is still low and not many of my slaves can read and count. So, I rather have lots of high level helper so I can ask them to educate other so my human resources become more better.

Speak about my slaves, all of them look like a devout cult member, which try to get the new believers by giving soap like some isekai anime. The difference is it's me the target for God position and the divine one. All of them always speak with same dialogue if I done something, like "as expected Harry-sama". Are you a froggy like monster who have a skeleton master?! If I ask them to give suggestions, the answers will be; "as long as master wish..." and "the God hath spoketh".

That's why I always have a headache when I thinking about the management of my country, if my plan works well. So the princesses that join me is like a great reforcement to my new country. Ah, not to forget, Rycur also will stay in my new country as representative of the Artos Store. She is like a SR character that you have to top up at first time in game to get it. Her father begged me to receive her in my country and actually I was surprised by that, you know, which father would let her daughter to the harem bastard place?

"Well, I glad all of you will join me, but I need you to make an oath for loyalty. My girl here, Esthia will guide you about that.

"How about our knights? Do you allowed us to bring them too?" Ask Daisille.

"Yes, but please do same procedure."

"I have no problem to submit my loyalty to you, my love..." Rosellete bow with elegantly.

""Who is your love?!"" Why Lilithies and Daisille sounds angry? I don't think they also fall in love with manly me. Well, whatever.

After finishing the oath that conducted by Esthia, we gather in dining room and having our dinner. The princesses join us with pleasure and surprise with the meals that being served. It seemed that the inn that I stayed in the first day when I send out from the palace, is quite popular and serve the best food here. I really want to kidnap the owner, so I can have more variety food in my country but I'm holding myself.

"You always dine with your slaves?" Ask Daisille.

"Yeah, what's wrong?"

"I hope you will restraint that when you become a king. You should prepare to be king with dignity," she warned me.

"If I want to be the stereotype king like that, I don't have to waste my time building a new kingdom. I should conquer this country instead..."

"Well, you got a point there." Daisille nodded my word.

"The authority fruits of wisdom not pride, you know?" Rosellete break her silent and said it.

"I'm surprised by your intelligence." Daisille tone more like sarcasm.

"What are you talking about?" As always, this muscle brain lost in our conversation. Lilithies tried to join our discussion but instead full of question marks on her face.

"Just an idle talking... No need to worry about it. By the way, I have to warn you something, Harry-sama...." Daisille tone change into serious one, waiting my attention.

"Warning?" I not a simpleton person who believe my plan will gone smoothly. I really expected something will come up on my plan, which is a template for every story, don't you think guys?

"Our seventh sister will eventually came and hinder your plans. I heard that she aiming for you." Daisille said it with worried sounds. The youngest one is my biggest trouble? I assumed that the main problem would be the king himself.

"Our Lord father will not hinder you, as he already decree that anyone can't touch you, Harry-sama. That's why we can only stalk you before. Fortunately, we approach you today. If not, I will never have opportunity to work with you in the your own kingdom." Like always, Daisille read my mind and explain to me why they act like that recently.

"Do you know who is the strongest person in this country right now? Well, I don't know about that heroes which been summoned, but the strongest one is our first sister, Titania. Then, this dumbass princess that become S ranked adventurer, Lilithies." Rosellete open her mouth to explain to me about the strongest person. Isn't only me that thinking about who weird this situation where the strongest person is the country belong to the Princess? What the knight actually do in this country oi?!

"That remark is not necessary...." Lilithies protests but Rosellete continue her explanation.

"The third one is our youngest sister, Lavenderisse, the seventh Princess..." Oi, all top three belongs to Princesses, and most sad things is, all of them are females. No, I not a sexiest person, but.....

"The most worried things are she also the strongest person, IF she use her power." What?! A hidden boss? The word that Rosellete said bring some suspense to me.

"You know in this world, there are some mysterious power that controlling us. I already told you about the 'violent of number' that control our monetary value. Our sister have inherited our mother power, the 'violent of law' which drawn up power from justice. Our mother is true monster and undefeated because of this power. I heard your slaves have reclaimed the abandoned city which full of monsters. The real reason for your success is our mother effort." Explain Daisille.

"Say what?"

"Well, your slaves are strong and powerful, but before your group attack that place, my mother already invaded that city and destroyed 75% of the monsters there. She actually has a poor health and face a weird illness, so she doesn't have much longer time to live. So, she using her power of justice, to battle the evil of her target. Like my mother power, my youngest sister unique skill, violent of law, the justice, if she mark you as an evil or wrong doer, she will gain powerful might to defeat you until the bitter end. I heard my lord Father recall our eldest sister in order to stop her using her power to stop you!"

No, I think she is the last boss that I have to face. Rosellete explanation of her overpowered heroin of justice little sister is actually a biggest problem that I have to face.

"How to stop her?"

"Kill her, which I don't think you should, so let her Mana exhausted. But, even her Mana gone, she will fight until her life spirit wear off. So, it's death match for you and her." Daisille reply with the worst possible if I fight that girl.

"I hope Titania will stop her." Said Rosellete.

"I will join the tray if that happens!" Lilithies happily said that, but both her sisters stare her like a rubbish.

"Are you forget about her power?! She more stronger if she face more enemies?!" Rosellete scold Lilithies.

"Ah, damnit!" This muscle brain princess should train her mind with knowledge and common sense.

"If she attack you, please face her alone and don't die. I don't want to be a widow at this young age..." Rosellete, I'm not your husband.

"Don't kill her. Let her die by her own cause, not yours." Oi Daisille, that's your little sister.

"Good luck. I envied her because she can fight master all out..." Damn, stupid Lilithies, you battle freak girl!

After listening to the suggestion, that mostly useless, all of three Princesses return back to their respective homes. They will arrive here after breakfast tomorrow morning, before we leave this country for good. Thanks for the warning, I have prepared myself with worst possible tomorrow before I sleep. Tonight, I will avoid having happy night time for my preparations.

Eh, what happens my sword girls? Why all of you looking so meek and hugging me so tight. Ah, I forget. The effect of my skill make all spirit attracted to me. I guess it's can't be avoided. I will cuddle with you all tonight. Sweet dreams.
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    《Isekai Blacksmith》