Isekai Blacksmith
48 47 Last Boss
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Isekai Blacksmith
Author :hnharima
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48 47 Last Boss

After finishing my jog routine, I take my bath to refresh myself and clean away the sweat. Then, like always I have my breakfast together with my slaves. It's still too early for me to leave this place as I plan, but I have my slaves to pack up our things and belongings before leaving this place. Well, I don't have any problem to place our things because I have the storage rings. I gave all of my slave the ring, there shouldn't be any problem on tidy up the belongings and clearing my building.

The Princesses that following me on my journey to my country still doesn't show up, because it still early for our promise time. My plans is to use my special flying ship after leaving this country. I don't want people to know about the existent of my flying ship as to avoid any coming problems and of course, the jealousy of idiot nobles. So, I will use my magic bus first when I started my travel before using it.

Yuna, my favorite maid, as she is the king of maid among my slaves, instruct the other maids to clean the house and make sure nothing left here. Even though she quite small in size, her ability in maid are outstanding so she recently became my most trusted maid. I plan to let her become the head of maid and managing the domestic affairs when we arrive at my country. Not even an hour, all the things on the building cleared by her and my maid squad. I don't want this country to have any of my things, especially my divine monster core, that is the rarest thing in this world. Well, I actually have countless numbers of it, but better to make it secret to others.

"Darling, I mean my master, we already finished our preparations for the our travel." Do my ears hearing something weird about her early sentences. Well, maybe I just imagining something.

"Thanks Yuna, let's wait for the Princesses arrival..."

"Okay, my master. Let's wait for the sluts arrival..." Said Yuna, before leaving me to do her maid job. Wait, do I heard something weird? My cute little Yuna always polite and kind, so maybe my imagination.

I went out and pull out my table and chair in front my building. I also open my big umbrella so I can avoid direct sunlight when I chill out here. All of the things that I brought are the equipment that I 'borrowed' from the fancy restaurant in the city before I returned it back to them. Right now I have plenty of it and I will provide it at my country for enjoyment and relaxation. Not even a minute I sit on the chair, Yuna brought me tea and snacks, mostly sweet that I bought recently for my slaves reward in the future. What a nice timing. Well, as you expected, I also have unlimited supplies of it, after buying that at the famous pastries restaurant in this country, named 'The Royal Gourmet'. The restaurant only sold limited quantities and I have to order and make reservation for all item that been sold by the restaurant. Luckily, I managed to get them all before I left this country, and I have let my king of maid, Yuna to manage the goods. I can persevere the pastries in my ring, so I never have to worry about the goods being spoilt.

"Master, we got big problem!"

"Tch...." My rest disturb by the voice of Lilithies, but why I felt that Yuna being annoyed by the arrival of Lilithies. Ah, maybe my imagination.

"What? You can't stop your youngest sister?"

"Yes, my master! She plans to duel with master. She plans to make you surrender to this country and became a retainer here."

"Are you joking around?" I quite mad about the sentences that came out from Lilithies.

"No, she doesn't. I can confirm that..." The voice of Rosellete heard by me suddenly. She and Daisille arrive earlier than I thought, with their respective team of knights.

"Both of you are early today, do you want to hasten our plan?"

"Yeah, it's sounds great. We should go right now...." Reply Daisille. I never thought she became so nervous as she have cold and serious personality.

"Too bad, you all too late for that now..." The main problem, the seventh Princess arrive on our location, with fierce smile. I don't know how to respond to that, because she so short and her size like a kindergarten kid.

"Hey, you! You thinking something bad, don't you?!" She looks at me and says that.

"No, not really...." I just answered that monotonously.

"My name is Lavenderisse, I am the justice, and shalt punished the wrongness, as you, the criminal!"

"You are the cancer of this country! Someday you will destroyed it!" Said someone behind the seventh Princess, whom is a mature woman that wear like secretary suit.

"Who is this annoying woman?" I ask Lilithies who beside me.

"Miss Grey, the owner of the Spectre Syndicate. She is the Lavenderisse tutor and caretaker. Our old man have big debts with her company and she has demand us to let her become the guardian of our little sister. Thanks to that, she has control Lavenderisse with her own propaganda in so called justice." Rosellete explain to me instead of Lilithies. It's a stupid of me to ask this muscle brain Princess.

"Ah, the rival of Artos Store. I heard from Yamtom about her. She is my last hurdle that I have to face eventually. I never thought that I would face her this early...."

"Come now, bow before our country or I will defeat you with my justice!" Suddenly the whole body of seventh justice freak Princess shine bright light, as she prepare to fight.

"Come, I will teach you little girl, about the true power of justice!" As I speak, my whole body covered with my +20 Adamantium equipments. Esthia and all my sword girls appear as I declare my trash talk. They actually hiding and prepare for the ambush before I depart from this place.

"Esthia, come!" My dark element girl turn into sword and surprise Lavenderisse and the odd secretary, Grey. The face of Grey turned into hideous, maybe afraid of my supreme power.

"Take this, justice slash!" Lavenderisse attack me after pull out her sword, but quite a low grade material. I think her sword made from Mithril ore, the material below my Adamantium and the second best, Orchalcum ore.

"Maybe not..." I avoid her attack easily. My reflect is out of world because my understanding of the martial art essence.

"Damn, how about this!" She continues send her slash to me, but never once her attack reach me. I don't want to unleash my attack, as I face this little girl. Well, her attack is quite direct and her experience in actual fighting is too shabby.

"The judgement light!" Suddenly the sky become so bright and attack me with light pillar. My whole body have covered by that light, blowing a loud sound of explosion.

"Master!!!" All of my slave and follower shouting loudly as the attack of the seventh Princess fall directly on me.

"Haha... I have done it!" Lavenderisse shout happily after managed to hurt me with her attack. The Grey woman also showing her delighted smile as she assumed that I died in that attack.

Are kidding me? I still have plenty of things to be done. And shitty Princess, you actually set your own death flag by saying that, you know?
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    《Isekai Blacksmith》