Isekai Blacksmith
49 48 Justice League
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Isekai Blacksmith
Author :hnharima
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49 48 Justice League

I am the justice, and forever justice with me. Therefore, all of the action that I done will always connected to my justice.

I, Lavenderisse, the last born Princess, granted with the most powerful ability, the violence of law. My mother is the previous user of this ability. Once you were granted by this power, you will never lose to the evil. Even though I have this ability, I only have it after my dear mother died in the war against the demon. There always only one user of this ability in this world, so after the last user deceased, the ability will transfer to their next owner with same bloodlines. Which means that the chosen one of this ability, goes to me, my dearest mother last daughter.

I'm too young to have this power, so my lord father appoint Miss Grey as my guardian. Unlike my others sister and brother, I only spent little time with my dear mother. So, Miss Grey act as my nanny and my tutor before I became an adult. The weird things about Miss Grey is she is the owner of the Spectre Syndicate, one of the biggest company in this country, rivalling the Artos Store, that actually become decline and passive recently. When I asked her why she wanted to become my nanny and guardian, she always said;

"I want to raise your highness the princess became a great person and hold the pride as the hero of justice!"

I heard from my eldest sister, Cynthiatte, later known as Titania, the only reason our Lord father agreed to make Miss Grey as my guardian is because my country have large debts with Spectre Syndicate. The only reason that the Syndicate agreed to lend lots of gold because they required me the Princess to receive Miss Grey as my guardian. My siscon sister also said that the deal of Spectre Syndicate made is too suspicious and reek of hidden agenda.

My guardian, Miss Grey always teach me that the justice is the form of gratitude, hence every kindness must repay by the same kindness. My country have owned plenty from Miss Grey, so it's much obliged for me to repay by listening to her. People who helps other always been a justice side, so as vise versa.

That's why I hate the Artos Store. They never contribute to the country when the economic situation getting worst and in the brink of bankruptcy. Lot of the nobles fall because of debt and the reason is the Artos Store. They trapped the nobles into the hell of debt by tricking them. When I said how they tricking them, she always said;

"The only evil does, making the human fall. Tricking is the only reason people succumbed into hell...."

"Can I punished them?"

"No my dear Princess, we should patient and wait for them to fall by themselves."

Miss Grey always the kind person. She never resolve anything with violent. The only time she asked me to fight when one of commoner tried to sabotage the Spectre Syndicate headquarter. The guy claim that the Syndicate have kidnapped her family and tried to threatened him. He has followed the orders given but still not allowed to met his family. At the end, he claims that the Syndicate already killed his family and wanted to get his revenge.

Miss Grey told me that the guy actually from Artos Store and tried to shame the Syndicate. They planned to ruin the business by fanning bad rumors. The reputation of the Syndicate in this country is good so they tried to destroyed it by all means. I confronted the guy, and big fight happened. The guy is the sword master and quite powerful person. But, my justice are greater so at the end, the guy lost miserably. The guy that can't except his defeat, and choose to commit suicide. I was too shock for his action, but Miss Grey said;

"He wanted to shut his mouth about Artos Store action, this is the proof of that..."

"I lead him to commit suicide..."

"Justice brought smile to others but for the justice enforcer itself, they always a sacrifice to make... It's not your fault or anything. You should accept it."

"Yes, Miss Grey, you are always correct, an ally of justice..."

"Sure I am. That's why I wanted to raise your as a guardian and a close friend, right?"

Yeah... Thanks for that..." She always supportive to me and teach me how to become greatest champion of justice!

My dear lord father summoned me after that and become angry to me. I surprised by how mad my father is, but my guardian, Miss Grey never concerned or feel intimidated about his anger. My father just directed his anger only to me about my action, and never blame her. I feel my father really afraid of her, hence our country owned her lots.

"Lavenderisse, you know that the guy that you beat is one of our few master swordman? We lose one of greatest warrior in our country?!"

"But lord father, he lost to me, still a greatest?"

"You use your ability, not your true skill or potential!" My lord father rise his voice making me silent.

"Your majesty, the lady quite tired and having her bad time today, can your majesty dismiss us for our break," said Miss Grey, with monotonous voice.

"Well, we will allowed both you to dismiss. We hope to avoid this kind of action to happened again..."

"As you wish, your majesty..."

After leaving my lord father and going to my room, Miss Grey speak to me;

"I shouldn't let you enter the fray but the milk already spilled. From this moment, I will not allow you to take any action until we meet a true evilness..."

"Yes, Miss Grey."

"Don't worry, we will have a moment to show your prowess of justice..."


After few years, my old freak, I mean dear lord father has summon the heroes from the other world. Miss Grey that being happy recently shocked with the news. The Spectre Syndicate already topped the Artos Store in this country economics and become a major business company in our nation. But, the arrival of the heroes change her mood suddenly. I don't think that the girly heroes can do anything to Miss Grey or me.

I take it back. After few days, the Artos Store rise dramatically and their financial situation become much stronger. I heard other branches of Artos Store cut ties to the headquarter and let the main became more weaker, but how the chairman rise it's funds to this extend? I don't think this were cause by those heroes. I heard they depart to battlefield to help first Princess Titania, so I don't think they related to this.

My bad, there is one more person whom been summoned but not a hero. He is the real cause of suddenly distraction. He attracted two of my sisters, Rosellete, the most wisest Princess in this country and Daisille, the most important person in the country that control our financial as a minister. Both of them became too obsessed with him, and eventually my muscles brain sister Lilithies also join the chase. Miss Grey report to me how sneaky that person that plotting to ruin the country. He bought plenty of slave, a building and give a lot of funds to Artos Store.

The news became worst after his slaves managed to conquer one the abandoned city which the place where my mother died. The Artos Store have build a new port in far from the country and manage to hire a lot of workers. The person in question finally encounter my sisters directly and gained their cooperation and support. Miss Grey that I think losing lots of her hair, finally decided to let me face that dangerous element in my country.

I report it to my lord father, but he disagree with me. Same as my eldest sister, whom been called by my father to stop me but still failed to do so. With support from my guardian, Miss Grey, I will face that evil guys in the name of justice. So in the early of morning, I prepare myself and silently follow my sisters to that man place. I were shocked when I heard Daisille will quit being a minister while Rosellete were granted a permission to travel away from the castle like Lilithies who became a adventurer. It's must be the results of that man doing. The Princesses are so important in our country, if we exclude Lilithies that only care about battle. As I near the location, I see my sisters have planning to run away, but it's futile.

"Too bad, you all too late for that now..." I spoke those word to that guy, as he annoyed to see me here. He looking at me for awhile and then sigh.

"Hey, you! You thinking something bad, don't you?!"

"No, not really...." I don't believe what you said, you evil creature!

"My name is Lavenderisse, I am the justice, and shalt punished the wrongness, as you, the criminal!"

"You are the cancer of this country! Someday you will destroyed it!" Miss Grey said it, supporting me from my back. The man whispering to my sisters casually, as never consent about ourselves.

"Come now, bow before our country or I will defeat you with my justice!" I get angry and focus on activate my ability, the violence of law. My body feels so much energy on it, and I getting stronger and stronger. It's been awhile since I used this power of mine.

"Come, I will teach you little girl, about the true power of justice!" That guys casually trash talk to me while summoning his equipment, which looks too powerful. Suddenly, six little girls appear from nowhere, helping that guy.

"Esthia, come!" I become shocked to see that the girls actually a spiritual being in form of sword, handle by that guy, to face me. My guardian face became more worried as she saw that guy prowess.

"Take this, justice slash!" I never felt surrendering to that guy, so I slash him with my full power.

"Maybe not..." He avoid my attack like nothing. He never counter or defend my attack, but only keep avoiding slash. I don't think if my sword could withstand the attack if that guy taking offensive strike to me. The quality of our sword is like Heaven and Earth, and his full set equipments in his body also is out of the world level.

"Damn, how about this!" I confronted him seriously and slash him like a thousand times, but the fight look like a child play to him. The more I fight him, to more that I can feel his bottomless potential and skills. He like a true master in many martial arts and his movement is so unreadable. His fighting way is far too different from what I've seen or face before. My Mana became less and less so any longer fight will only bring me a disadvantage. I started focusing my ultimate magic attack before attacking the opponent.

"The judgement light!" The light pillar directly hit that guy. He is so dead, I confirm it.

"Master!!!" All of his slave and follower shouting loudly as the attack of mine landed directly to him.

"Haha... I have done it!" I shout happily and relieved that the guy fallen after using my triump card.

"Well done, your highness, Princess Lavenderisse..." Miss Grey giving her compliment to me. Honestly, I quite proud because she rarely praise someone even me.

"Do you think so?" The voice of that guy making my heart jumped. He not even get scratches from that ultimate attack. What the hell, are you a cheater?!
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    《Isekai Blacksmith》