Isekai Blacksmith
50 49 Artos vs Spectre
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Isekai Blacksmith
Author :hnharima
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50 49 Artos vs Spectre

"Sir, the targets have compromise." A man with ninja suit suddenly appear in front of Yamtom to report their works. Yamtom with serious face, let his sigh.

"It's begun, huh..."

"Your order, sir?"

"Eliminate all of them..." The cruel order coming out from his mouth. This is do or die situation.

After Harry begun his plan, Yamtom funded by him to ensure his success. Yamtom has hired the secret organization called 'Shinobu Corp'. This organization have exists after the Tiamat Kingdom founded by the heroes. This organization actually created for information gathering and espionage by the ancient king, but eventually become an independent agency that can be hired by anyone. This organization have been divide by two after several decades, one seeking for justice and another value the monetary.

The Shinobu Corp eventually effected by the economic situation, which the rightness one getting less and less jobs. Artos Store can't afford to hire them make things more difficult. The dark side of the organization become more and more dominant as the Spectre Syndicate often using their services. Plenty of Shinobu Corp members support the left wing ideology and new organization called Shinigami Syndicate have been formed. They tried to convert the old traditional organization members became theirs but luckily, the loyalist members still have not swayed by the difficulty moment. They tried to survive by doing adventurer jobs but the situation still not getting any better.

The moment that Harry using Artos Store service is the rise of the Shinobu Corp. With unlimited fund provided by Harry such as foods, golds, best equipments and a most importantly, transportations, the Shinobu Corp have revive once more and suppressed the Shinigami Syndicate. Shinobu Corp have been responsible for the safety of the Harry projects, killed plenty of spies and keeping their most respected customer far from the dangerous.

The man himself, Harry also taking care of the spies by using his slaves and his ultimate weapons, the sword girls. The Shinigami Syndicate have been crippled by two sides as lots of their member died in the process. The Spectre Syndicate have lost plenty of their investment and suddenly growing weaker after the Artos Store have control the market once more. Yamtom has predicted that the Syndicate will eventually drag the seventh Princess, so he has warned Harry in the past.

Today, is the most important moment for both of the company as Spectre Syndicate using their last card to defeat the Artos Store. Harry facing the seventh Princess in the duel that decide the fate of himself in the future. Yamtom and his daughter, hasten their movement to the location of the duel. He always praying that Harry will overcome his obstacles and defeats the seventh Princess smoothly.

The location of the duel have been control by the knights and city guardsmen, leads by the first princess, Titania. Titania has ordered the her soldiers to isolate the place from the citizens. What a great move by the war goddess as they can avoid any speculations from others and especially the citizens.

"Oh, what a pleasant surprise, Yamtom himself has arrived in this place..." Titania that spotted Yamtom, has greeted him by making her horse move near to him.

"Your highness the first Princess, I beg your forgiveness for sudden visit. I pray for your well being and happiness, my princess."

"Stop that shit, why are you here?"

"For my benevolent customer, my princess."

"Hoo, no more secret, aren't you?"

"Your highness should know the motive when your cute sister getting involved with this mess?"

"Damn you right, old fellow Yamtom." The dialogue of the two important people stopped after suddenly the bright light shine from the sky and creating a pillar of light falling to the earth.

"Shit, Lavender really want to kill him!" The first princess scream, making Yamtom face lost his blood.

"Father, Harry-sama received the attack directly!" Rycur cried after looking at the duel situation. The voice of Harry slaves and followers also can be heard by them, response to their master situation. But the worries is not necessary. After a few moments, their true hero, have not effected even a little, by the so called ultimate attack.

"Do you think so?" Harry said that sentence with sarcasm. He smiles and taunt the seventh Princess by showing 'bring it on' hand sign to her.

"Don't blame me if you're mistakely killed by me. You asking for this!!!" Lavenderisse continues her attack, but doesn't use the ultimate attack anymore. She using her sword to slash him, but not even once the attack connected.

"Damn, even the third strongest person in this country not good enough to be his opponent. I am shocked right now..." Titania spoke those words, while watching the duel.

"What do you mean by that, my princess?" Ask Yamtom, after hearing that statement.

"The normal attack input that she have is not necessary powerful, even after using the her ability. She is not yet to mature in martial art or sword skill and her basic potential such as stats not even close to ordinary knight. Even her ability increase her stat, she still can't defect Lily and me in normal fight. The only reason she became very powerful is because of her ultimate attack..."

"But that attack failed to defeat that guy?"

"Yeah, and not even a moment that guy counter or attack her back. The worst is, he only avoiding the attacks at all times. Never a time his block or parry it!"

"What on Tiamat that guy really is? Are he the true hero after all?!" Yamtom can't hide his surprise anymore.

"He more better than those girly boys who claims as a true heroes..." Said Titania while sighing.

Not far from them, the Harry slaves and followers watching the duel with nervous and suspense feeling. The sword girls are calm, never showed theirs worries about Harry, as they fully believe of their beloved master.

"Well, master will win eventually. He capable of received the ultimate attack, so he only need to weaken Lavenderisse by depleted her Mana." Said Lilithies, enjoying the leftover snack that unfinished by Harry before the fight begin.

"Hey slut, that's my master snack!" Yuna get angry.

"Who is the slut?! I just having indirect kiss with my master, tee hee...." Lilithies showing her cute reaction, but Yuna looking her like a garbage with full of crap on it.

"Can't you all be serious?" Said Rosellete while drinking the tea from Harry cup. She also licked the cup cleanly, and enjoy it very much.

"Are you both a pervert?!" Daisille look at her sisters with envy mood. She tried to seek any Harry leftovers but failed. She so upset, but she knows that she has behave more like Princess than the two dimwits.

"Want the cake that have been bitten by Harry-sama?" Said Rosellete, who manages to snatch some snack from Lilithies.

"Well, if you insist..."

"Just joking...." Rosellete actually tried to make fun with Daisille but the cake suddenly disappear and enter Daisille mouth in one breath.

"Nom nom nom.... I don't want to waste food, it's not that I really want it..."

""Shut up, your tsundere princess!!"" Rosellete and Lilithies both voice it in the same time.

"....." Yuna were speechless looking at the three Princesses. She just worries about her master. The one who save her sole.

"Don't worry Yuna, he will be find. He with Esthia, the strongest elemental spirit. Nothing can happen to him." Said Aeriss, the light element spirit sword. She knows better than anyone the ability of her "younger" sister after all. Esthia can even face her mother one on one, while never contracted with any master in the past. Now, she has master as her contracter, so Aeriss can't even think anyone would beat her face to face again. Aeriss also knew that the "Judgement Light", used by that seventh Princess is the higher ranked magic attack, but it never beaten the defense magic of Esthia, "Black Holes". Even though the defense magic can't be seen at normal sight, but she can feel the vibe of that skill, while received the light base attack.

After exchanging attack, or more correctly, the seventh Princess attacking all her might while avoided by Harry in half an hour or so, the duel suddenly stopped. Lavenderisse breathing heavily and try to calm herself while Harry condition look like he just finished his daily jog and wipe his little sweat with his hand. The face of Miss Grey become more crooked as she already knows that she will lose the duel.

Actually, Miss Grey become more and more impatient after receiving some news about the Shinigami Syndicate. The group that she raised were destroyed by the old organization called Shinobu Corp and almost meet their doom. The Spectre Syndicate are also effected with someone sabotage their underground business. The dark side of the business that taken care by the knights, have been exposed. The corrupt nobles also have been arrested suddenly, while the duel begin.

She knows that the three Princesses always hated her, but she never know that they brave enough to take action on that. Miss Grey looking to the three Princesses on opposite side with full of wrath. The three Princesses just enjoying their own time there without any care. Her sight focusing on the first Princess, Titania, and surprise that her business rival, Yamtom beside the Princess. Miss Grey always thought that Titania dislike Artos Store very much as the company full of bad reputation. This miscalculation of her bitten her back. By the way, Titania hate both of them, but she always thought that "the enemy of my enemy is my friend".

"Give up, little princess. I will leave this country, so you don't need to care about me anymore..." Harry broke the silent.

"I am the justice, and the justice is me!" Suddenly Lavenderisse shouted the sentence.

"Are you insane Lavender?! Don't tell me you want to use the last rite!?" Titania face change and scolded her youngest sister.

"The evil shalt destroyed, and the peace will restore!" Lavenderisse still continue her spell loudly.

"Don't do it, Lavender!!!" Titania move her horse fast as she want to stop her sister doing stupid things. That attack already taken her mother lives, so she doesn't want her sister to meet the same fate.

"I have no regrets, so I walk into the justice way...." (I'm sorry sister)

"The Sword of Revealing Judgement!"
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    《Isekai Blacksmith》