Isekai Blacksmith
51 50 Harry and The Spiritual Being
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Isekai Blacksmith
Author :hnharima
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51 50 Harry and The Spiritual Being

I never thought involved in duel make me felt more excitedly than ever. Facing this seventh Princess who actually a newbie in fighting make me remember about my past. When I entered the world of martial arts, I was 5 years old at that time, received the guidance from my first teacher, who excel in Win Chun Kung Fu. He never seriously taught me how to practice with the arts, but I managed to learn it by looking other disciples in that place. After a while, I managed to defeat him and ended few months training with them.

My journey continue when I have travelled a lot of places to practice several martial arts in Japan. From hand combat to weaponry skill, my parents passion in martial influenced me to master it. I facing the same problem each time I try new martial arts, which I always been underestimate by the so called Masters. That never weaken my spirit so eventually I will stunning them with my ability every time this moment happened. The Masters, that defeated by me, always making excuses like never going all out or pretend to lose because I am a child. My parents understand my ability only smile and bring me to other places after I conquer the martial arts. Well, my journey stopped after my parents decided to move to a new place, in South East Asia, Malaysia, to learn more about the martial arts there. They really tempted to learn ancient martial art like Silat which the root of cultures in that country. I also have learned a few move in Silat, but my teacher said to me that what I learned is only a piece of whole picture. Damn, I have derived from the actual story.

Anyway, the morale of my story is never underestimate others and like the lions, they hunt the prey with all it's might, even the prey is small little rabbit. Even now, I face this Princess with seriously and never looked down her ability. I just avoid her attack not because she is not my worthy opponent but I want her to know that I am not her enemy or hostile to her. The lookers might think that I easily avoid her but it doesn't. I using one of the Aikido technic, reading the enemy movements and predict the next action. This skill need lots of practice which I still training hard even today to master it. I managed to use it in this duel so I feel very happy. I don't know how much time have been passed after receiving the attack of that little princess, but finally she stopped. She taking a deep breath and try to recover from her losing stamina after attacking me non-stop.

"Give up, little princess. I will leave this country, so you don't need to care about me anymore..." I really wanted this farce to stop right now. She is not well and depleted lots of her Mana and stamina. That seventh Princess suddenly open her mouth, with a loud voice, saying something like a magic spell.

"I am the justice, and the justice is me!"

(Master, I need to warn you that the spell is not ordinary one. She going to use the highest ranked magic to attack you) Suddenly the Aeriss voice coming out from nowhere.

"Where are you?"

(I'm talking in your mind right now. Just think this is telepatic magic. Please summon me right now.)

"Are you insane Lavender?! Don't tell me you want to use the last rite!?" I looked up at the voice which so loud and see a beautiful lady shouting to this fellow. Ah, she is the first Princess, I think.

"Aeriss, come forth!" Suddenly, a shining sword appear in my left hand. I'm holding dual swords, Aeriss and Esthia.

(Hey, don't ruin my moment! I should enough to face that brat girl!) Said Esthia.

(Shut up you old hag, we need to cooperate for this!) Aeriss reply with annoying voice.

(Who is the old hag?!)

"Can you both keep silent for a while. We need to face the super attack from her..."

"The evil shalt destroyed, and the peace will restore!" The little princess continue her spell without caring her sister warning.

(Master, you want to counter the spell or just defend like the first attack?) Ask Aeriss.

"Of course, defending the attack..."

(I thought so. That's why we need to cooperate, Esthia ol....)

(I will kill you if you continue that sentence, Aeriss....)

(Let's do it, my dear little sister, Esthia...)

"Don't do it, Lavender!!!" I can see that the first Princess tried to stop her, but by that distance, it's already too late. It's up to me for facing her attack.

"I have no regrets, so I walk into the justice way...."

(The attack is coming now, master! Let's execute our ultimate move!) Said Aeriss.

(I'm ready now!)

"The Sword of Revealing Judgement!" The seventh Princess spoke those attack spell and suddenly lots of Sword appear from the sky that made from light. Like the arrows, the sword flew so fast targeting me in every side. It's impossible to me to avoid it so I used the power that bestowed upon me by my both beloved swords.

"Appear now, Cosmic Shield, Aegis!" My whole body now been protected by a grey sphere, too strong even the attack of that Princess can scratch this. The shield never got broken and withstand the attack until the end.

"Impossible! Why my justice too shallow?!" Said the seventh Princess, after realizing her attack are being naught at all. After saying those words, her body fall like the puppet lost the string. I moved quickly to her so I can catch before falling to the earth.

"She not breathing?!" I can feel that she already lost her life. I don't panic but calmly taking out my special elixir, which I already upgrade to +20. Oh, shit. I need to feed her but she already lifeless, so I put the elixir in my mouth and feed her by kissing. After receiving my elixir mouth on mouth, she regained her life back. Even though this medicine can't revive the dead, but I still can save her because she only losing her HP, not died in natural way like sickness or being killed. You know, "you will die if you been killed" right?

"Lavender....." The first Princess arrived with pale face.

"Don't worry, I already save her..."

"But you taken her first kiss! It's should be me!" What the hell that this stupid Princess talking about.

"Dear sister..." The seventh Princess, oh yeah, Lavender open her eyes after the heard the shout of her idiot sister.

"Oh, Lavender, are you okay?" The first Princess push me away from her and holding the Lavender in her hug.

"I am not okay with you hug and it's hurting me. Dear mister, I thankful for your help. You have saved me even you shouldn't." This polite Princess making me smile with her cute voice.

"Ney, I don't think you should thanking me for that. Stop attacking me..."

"But my country have debt with Miss Grey, so I need to repay my benevolent guardian..." After listening to Lavender, I walk forward to Miss Grey that not far from our location.

"How much that this country owned you?" I face that lady with scary face. My killing intent became sharper and sharper.

"10 billion golds including the interest..."

"Can I see the proofs?"

"Here the contract. You can't fake or change it, and this contract only can been resolved by paying the debts...." She show up the magic paper that written the contract of this country debt.

"I'll pay it, right now!"

"Are kidding me? How you going to pay it? Directly or card transactions?"

"Card. Show me yours..."

"Here." She bring out her card and show to me. I taking out my card and touch hers.

"Paying this country debt. Transfer 10 billion golds." After I said those words, the contract paper that she holds disappear and reappear in my hand.

"It's impossible!?" Miss Grey shocked by my ability to pay her all the debts accumulated by this stupid country.

"From today, the country will free from Spectre Syndicate and all the debts shall be transferred to the Artos Store immediately. Yamtom, you here right?! Take this contract now." I declare loudly, as the representative of the Spectre Syndicate face keep paling.

"I'm here, Harry-sama." Yamtom arrive in few minutes, stand beside me.

"Here, a present for you..."

"I appreciate that, my lord."

"No, I'm not a lord here or something."

"I'm sorry, your majesty..."

"Oh crap, I forget about that... Whatever. Please take care of that contract."

"Yes, your majesty...." Yamtom bow to me politely bringing more mystery to Miss Grey. She too speechless to ask anything, looking to me with fear eyes.

"No, I don't interested in this country, so you shouldn't worry about it." I turned my back to her, and walk back to the Lavender position.

"So, no debt anymore. You are free now..." I speak to Lavender and hope she feels better soon and leave me alone.

"Yes, my darling..." Reply Lavender with sweet tone.

"Okay.... I going to.... wait, what did you say just now?"

"I love you my darling, please marry me now!" Lavender hold her hand, wanted me to hold her. She can't move right now, so I walk hastily to my slaves and followers group.

"""""Master!!!""""" All of them hugging me, relieved that I returned safe and sound from the duel.

"I'm so happy for your victory in the duel. I been worrying for you at all time!" Said Lilithies.

"No shit, you only keep relaxing, drinking my master tea and finished his snack without care of the world..." My cute and polite Yuna scold the muscle brain that acting like a maiden in damsel.

"I have resolved the problem, so it's not important anymore to keep our asset as a secret. We will move to our new country by my flying ship. Ichiko, it's your turn."

"Yes my master..." For you that forgotten about Ichiko, she is my flying ship that I already upgraded to +21 and become a spiritual being. Her code is HH 01. She turned herself into majestic flying ship in front of everyone.

"Okay guys, let's go. We wasted 50 chapters for this journey! Finally we can say goodbye to this shitty country!"

"50 chapters?" Ask Daisille.

"Hey, this is my country! Don't bad-mouthed her!" Lilithies get angry.

"You stay..." I pointed my finger to Lilithies.

"Who wants to live in this shitty country!" Said Lilithies, shamelessly.

"...." Daisille became speechless with her sister attitude. By the way, I won't answer your questions, Daisille.

Joke aside, we began our preparations before our departure from this country. Yuna have give instructions to all the slave and the passenger on board while supervise our move. The Princesses that brought their own knights have given order to pledge loyalty to me by the curse of oath. Their only brought the women knights, and all of them agreed to follow my order. After few arrangements, all of them ready to go with me. While I'm waiting outside the ship, Yamtom came near to me with puppy eyes.

"No, you stay here..."

"Can you bring my daughter as you promised?"

"I welcome that, but you stay."


"No problem."

"Can you please consider...."

"No, it's big NO!"
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    《Isekai Blacksmith》