Isekai Blacksmith
52 51 Tomorrow Never Die
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Isekai Blacksmith
Author :hnharima
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52 51 Tomorrow Never Die

Miss Grey has decided to leave the Tiamat kingdom and returned back to the secret place of Spectre Syndicate headquarters. She has no choice but to do it after losing to Harry, her nemesis at her own game. She lost her ultimate shield and her protege, the seventh Princess, Lavenderisse after she lost the duel against Harry. The worst part of her failure is she lost her most important key to chain and control the Tiamat kingdom; the accumulated debt that this country owned to her over years. Who can imagine that the otherworld person, Harry could afford to pay for the debt with that such amount of money?! The person himself just arrived in this world less than a month time. The amount of the debt is not just in five of six digits, but it already reaches 11 digits, which cost 10 billion golds to cleared up the loan! But Harry without any hesitation, just paid it to Miss Grey like a customer who went shopping and paid to the cashier his bill. This is the finishing blow that Harry done to her too strong cause her Spectre Syndicate already lost their place in that country.

Actually, the disaster doesn't end up just like that. She also lost her big investment in order to fully control the kingdom. Miss Grey has lost her special connection with the new secret ninja organization, the Shinigami Syndicate, that she build up with lots of gold. The secret spies and assassins organization have been destroyed thanks to the Artos Store. They helped Harry and support him from behind the scene. The arc rival of Spectre Syndicate, Artos Store suddenly rise their influence and monetary prowess, managed to hire the one of oldest secret ninja organization called Shinobu Corp and caused Miss Grey headache after ruining her plan. The almost bankrupt company, Artos Store now can held their pride high as they already hold the power in business now and already done fully comeback to control Tiamat markets. Miss Grey has done creating a speculation for the issue and decided that Artos Store actually funded by that guy. She also believe that the guy has a special power to create or gaining gold as his ability. But, it can't be possible because of this world law. What on Thrae the guy is? Even if he got that ability, why he also weld the power to beat all powerful justice of Lavenderisse. Not to mention that he easily beat her in the duel. Are there actually exists a human who gifted 2 abilities by heaven?

The headquarter of the Spectre Syndicate are quite far from the kingdom. If you want to compare the location of the place based on earth maps, it's located at around Turkey. So it take few days for Miss Grey to travel back from the Tiamat Kingdom to the main base of this dark organization. She using special transportation called magic bus, which the most expensive and inefficiency transporter if people compare the fuel cost. But because of the emergency moment that she having now, she chooses to speed up the travel and report the situation to higher-ups in the syndicate. The Syndicate have grown powerful and owns this base, which the location itself far from human city and hidden from another human civilization. With limited transportation in this world, lot of places in this world called Thrae still undiscovered by human. The name of the place that locate the Spectre Syndicate headquarter is called Cocolithophore.

Cocolithophore situation is like a small country with the population reached out to 100 thousand peoples and 70 percent of them are slaves and orphans. This place actually founded by a small merchant who been sabotage by the past head of Artos Store in business. He left Tiamat kingdom with his loyal follower and finally settled in at Cocolithophore. Don't make mistake, the founder himself is not necessary a good person. He tried to manipulate things in dark way to ensure his success. On other hand, the past head of Artos Store decision are good, but lack of decisive move. They should finished off the Spectre Syndicate as early as possible, but the milk already spilled.

Cocolithophore actually is the name of the former village before Spectre Syndicate taking over the place. It was established by the beastmen tribe, and known as holy place to them. Spectre Syndicate head at that time were helped by the beastmen and giving them a place there to stay. They given by the leader of the beastmen tribe at that time with full hospitality and respect as a guest, but of course, the Syndicate want more of that. With knowledge and experience in economics, they not need much time before conquering the beastmen in economics. The human greed blind them to be thankful and appreciate the kindness, yet seeking chances to fulfill his dark desire.

After a few decades, finally the holy place for beastmen tribe fall from disgrace and fully become the Spectre Syndicate base of operations. The beastmen tried to reclaim the land but the Syndicate already have build they own fortress and solid defense to face them. Series of confrontation from the beastmen tribe have met failure as the Syndicate continue their dominance. They manage to kidnap the childrens around the world and enslaved them as their manpower for Spectre Syndicate ambitious. From small fortress, they became a big city before changing into small country. The beastmen tribe finally give up their homeland and start to move to a new place to live more securely. The kidnapping cases become more severe as the Spectre Syndicate looking to add their manpower by forced them to be slaves. The beastmen tribe choose to move far further from the Cocolithophore and settled down in their new cities in unknown continent (around Europe to compare with Earth map).

The Hobbits that originally living near Cocolithophore also decided to abandoned their home town because of slaves trafficking that been caused by Spectre Syndicate. Above of that, their kinds are main target for the slave hunters because the Hobbits are gentle in nature. The Hobbits became a nomadic tribe, living in fear, afraid of one day, they become slaves to the Spectre Syndicate. Their move place to place in order to survive from the Spectre Syndicate. This organization become purely evil, and start to extend their claw to three biggest human country in Feuerengel continent.

Three person who represent the Syndicate are send to Tiamat, Nachi and Honni in order to achieve their mission to conquer the world. Miss Grey is one of the representative that responsible for Tiamat. She was trained by organization specially for conducted business and trade. The reason why Spectre Syndicate gained a lot of money because of the lost technologies that they found and salvage in Cocolithophore. That also the reason why the beastmen make this place as a holy ground. The technologies quite advance, but not efficiently in economic terms. The maintainance and fuel cost so high, but Spectre Syndicate managed to fool the nobles by selling the technology such as magic bus, in high price. Magic bus itself need lots of monster core to fuel it for transportation. At first sight, the magic bus viewed by peoples as one of luxurious things, but the nobles doesn't know that the product slowly cost them both arm and leg.

Artos Store been trapped by Spectre Syndicate by letting them because the official distributors for the product. They stocked lot of useless high technology items that produced by Spectre Syndicate as they want to monopolize the market. The nobles who buy from Artos Store with credit and installment can't afford to pay, eventually fallen and went bankruptcy. Artos Store forced to hold lot of debts that the noble create and having deficits in their financial situation. Until Yamtom take over the rein, Artos Store almost bankrupt and the branch company have made decision to spilt from the main store. But like a wheel, life doesn't also on the top, as Harry has save the day for Artos Store. Miss Grey has failed her mission.

Miss Grey went to main office straight away after arrive at Cocolithophore. She doesn't waste her time to meet the most powerful man on the syndicate, Mr. Black. Miss Grey knocked the door waiting the permission to enter her boss room.

"Enter...." The deep voice heard from inside and she let herself to enter it. She found out that two of her colleagues, Miss Blue and Miss Green also meeting her boss in that room.

"Hah, loser. I want to praise your bravely for showing your face after failing the mission..." Said Miss Green.

"Hey, don't green in envy with her failure. You not much better than her..." Said Miss Blue.

"Hey, I know you managed to get profit net around 100 million golds, but I have also raise the money in my company around 75 million golds!" Miss Green tried to defend herself.

"Shut up both of you."

""Sorry sir..."" After their boss open his mouth, two of them apologize and silent their mouths.

"I already informed that we have failed our conquest in Tiamat, but you managed to raise 10 billion golds, isn't it right, Miss Grey?" Mr Black with evil smile, said that words to her.

""What?!"" Both Miss Blue and Miss Green shocked with their boss statement. Miss Grey just flashing her sarcasm smile to her colleagues.

"Yes, my lord. I lost the war, but still win the battle." Miss Grey explain to her boss about Harry existent and her plans before fall apart by that guy. Although her boss already been alerted by the news, but he still amused by the story of her, while both of her colleagues speechless with her story.

"Harry huh? We shouldn't provoke him anymore. I glad he already gone from that country. But Grey, there is a flaw in your plans by the way...." Said Mr. Black.

"Enlighten me on this matter sir....."

"You should gone for kill at the moment he left the castle. Didn't I already told you that the guy from other world full of mystery and can't be ignore at all...."

"But, sir...."

"Don't worry. I also will face same dilemma if I been in your shoes. The 10 billion golds actually not a bad achievement. Therefore, we can start our biggest plans..." The three girls in front him can feel his delighted feeling, as they waiting orders by Mr Black.

"We will take over all Artos Store branches in other countries at once!"

"Yes boss!"
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    《Isekai Blacksmith》