Isekai Blacksmith
53 52 Journey to the Eas
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Isekai Blacksmith
Author :hnharima
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53 52 Journey to the Eas

My flying ship finally started to leave the country after all of us aboard. The three Princesses accompanied by their respective knights, a head company daughter, slaves and my magical spirit beings have join me for my ambitious plan, already finished saying goodbye to this country. I don't feel sad or anything because I only been here awhile and hated this country. While my flying ship already in the air waiting for my order to move forward, I heard few loudly voices that came from the below us and saying like;

"Don't leave me darling!!! I want to join you too!!!" (a certain youngest Princess)

"I also want to leave this place!!! Take me with you!!!" (unknown guild master in this country)

"You should consider to let me join you!!!!" (a certain owner of a biggest company in the country right now)

"You taken my little sister kiss!!! Let me kiss you back!!!!" (a certain siscon Princess)

"Hey, Ichiko, punch it!" Like a certain captain of the space fleet, I instruct my flying ship to depart from here.

"As you wish, master...."

Finally I escaped from their complaint and begging to follow me. I couldn't do anything about it even you all shouting at me. Actually, I literally can't do it because my body have been paralyze and can't make any movement right now. It's caused by the muscle pains for your information. I never expected by using the dual swords at once caused my body have to withstand lots of burden especially after I being buffed up by it. Yes, my stat increasing drastically, but it seems like my physical couldn't cope with that kind of power. It's like a normal person suddenly playing sports with the might of professional athletes, you eventually get the backlash of it. Right now, I lay myself in sofa, enduring the pain. We at it, I didn't rest well because I been showered by the envious sight of my followers.

"How long you want lap pillow him?! I feel so jeal.... I mean it's not a proper for you as Princess to done such a thing!" Said Lilithies.

Oh, by the way, Daisille let me lay my head on her lap, after I almost fainted after releasing the power of my equipments and weapons. By unequipping it, my stat returned to normal and in that moment, my whole body attacked by the muscle pain and I got paralyzed by it. She helped me when I lost all my strength to stand. With her meager strength, she support my body and brought me to sofa for letting me rest.

"Daisy, are listening or not?!" It's seemed like the arguments still continue with Rosellete has join the tray. I didn't see Yuna, maybe she busy with her job as my head maid. Same like her, none of my other slaves appear in my sight, as well as another passengers.

"It's not that I really want to let him rest on my lap. He weakened and tired after the duel, so just helping him without any hidden motive. It's can't be helped, you know..." Said Daisille with her classic tsundere remark.

"Then, change with me." Ask Lilithies.

"No, thank you. He deserves rest in my soft and lovely lap, not your hard muscler leg!"

".... Fufufu.... hey, are you trying to let me kill you?" I can feel Lilithies anger there but I can't agree more with Daisille point. Well, Lilithies actually not bad at all, as she is not a hentai 'mazo' tanker with the out of world endurance body. She just a fanatic follower of mine.

"Stop Lilithies. Daisille got a point there. So he needs my gorgeous lady type lap to rest, not your hard lap or a money grubber lap. So, please let me take your role now." Said Rosellete, with her hand touching my face.

"Who is money grubber, you stalking Princess!"

"You rephrasing it wrongly, it's the hunter of love. Yeah, that's me...."

"You are freaking stalker, you stalker!" Daisille and Rosellete are continuing theirs argument.

"I'm not that hard, right master?"

"Zzzz..." I not going to answer it, Lilithies.

My muscles pain take about two days to fully recovered. In that time, my slaves attend my needs with care and I forbid the Princesses to join them. It was disaster for me, if I allowed them to nurse me, after all, they only noob in this field. My decision to let their respective knights to taste the food that they cook are the wisest things I have done. All of them have fallen because of the food, that prepared by their master.

The estimated time arrival to my new founded kingdom in three days, so I managed to recover before I reached there. It's not my beloved Ichiko is a slowpoke, but I have to stop by at the temporary sea port that built by Artos Store. The Artos Store have hired lot of workers in order to accomplish that. The port that supposed to be temporary, became a small city, given the employees number up to five thousand peoples. The opportunity to get a job created by Artos Store attracted many human, beastmen and elf, and they came to the port and settled down. I decided to develop the port after reconsider the situation on the side. Furthermore, I have supplied the management team of that located there with all the things that they needed to make the port become new city in Feuerengel continent, which will be the territory under my new kingdom.

The administrator of this place of course will be managed by Artos Store. But isn't that Yamtom in Tiamat? Who will manage this place? Ah, I decided to name this port as Kubera. As a thanks to someone, if you know what I mean. The answer of our questions is the wife of Yamtom, Bleu Gordon. She's been out from city when I first met Yamtom. She tried to convince the branch store in Nachi but failed. I sent my slaves to pick up her in the middle of her journey to return home, and send her directly to the port, now known as Kubera. She has been actively working on my project by develop the port and as the results of her effort bore fruits. Even though she at her forty, she still looks like a mature beauty and elegant woman. Well, I don't have any interest of her, just hoping she would managed my port efficiently.

"Oh my, what happened to you?" After reaching the port, she greet me at my room at the flying ship. I can't entertain her because of my condition.

"I got muscleache after my duel with the seventh Princess..."

"Ma ma ma.... ara ara ara..... You still alive after facing her?"

"As you see, I barely alive..."

"Fufufu.... Luckily my daughter first love still alive."

"I thought my ears listening something outrageous there...."

"Well, I waiting for my grandchildren now..."

"She just in charge of my country financial in future. Don't sell your daughter off..."

"Give my daughter plenty of love and seeds, especially. I need my grandchildren to inherit our business in the future..."

"Mom! What are you talking about!?" Suddenly Rycur rush into my bedroom and become angry with her mother. Are you listening to our conversation just now?

"Ma ma ma... I guess this old lady will leave from here and let the youngsters spend time together to tighten up their love..."

"No.... I'm sorry that my mother always teasing people around...." After Bleu Gordon left, Rycur apologize to me, with blushing face.

"Nah, I'm okay with that. Well, after my recovery, I'll proceed with our plan."

"Yes, my lord. As you wish."

The next day, my body feels better and I resume my schedule to establish a new city here. The only reason why this port can't develop as a city are they lack of a city core. In order to create a country or a city in this world, they need to register the city core as main component of the administration. The government of one country or city only can be recognized by the installation of the city core. That is the reason why this world have a few countries and cities. The city core are too rare to find it.

The main reason why the demon started the war is their revenge on human themselves. The city core are made of the heart of the demon king clan. The demon want to destroy human city in order to retrieve their lord heart. I don't need to hunt them for city core, as my slaves have taken it from the abandoned city. My ability is to multiple it, so I got plenty of it. The most interesting is my city core are the highest quality because I already upgraded the core to +20. So, this port will eventually become a biggest city, as the core can handle more than 1 billion citizens. Even though Tiamat population reached 100 million peoples but the city core in that country only can hold not more than ten million citizens. That's why that country are not stabilize and the people over there suffering from lack of government concern.

The Tiamat Kingdom only have one city, and few towns surround the city. Only peoples that live in the city been registered as the citizens, but the others are known as immigrant with permission to stay. So the towns became undeveloped and the people can't improve their lifestyles as being left out from the country. This new established city will be useful for the people who doesn't have any citizenship. I will have them to settle down here so they also can live without any worries. As for you information, people without citizenship are prone to be hunted by slave market. In this world, the free people or humanoid that never received citizenship doesn't have human rights and the crime that fall or being done on them will not judge by the law.

I'm hoping that some of the people in the town near Tiamat will emigrate to this new port city, Kubera. Luckily that Daisille is a noble with territory in Tiamat, so I asked her to transfer all of her citizens here. She managed one of the town there, which she developed by herself after given the noble rank. Lilithies and Rosellete unfortunately doesn't received any rank, but they convince their respective knights to bring their families to Kubera.

Today is the moment of new port city arise. All of us gathered together to witness the historical moment. I bring out one of my core, and begun the ritual.

"Commercing the city core!" I hold the core and place it in the middle of the the port. The core shine brightly and a voice coming-out from the core.

"The order been received." Suddenly a great Wall appear out of nowhere and covered the port area, about 10 kilometer squares.

"Please input the name of this city."


"Kubera registered. Please state the status of this city; are the city is capital of new country or normal city?"

"Normal one."
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    《Isekai Blacksmith》