Isekai Blacksmith
54 53 Amaterasu
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Isekai Blacksmith
Author :hnharima
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54 53 Amaterasu

After completion of the Kubera Port City registration and establishment, I prepared for my departure from here to my country. My country still yet to be created. The country itself still not established because the lack of the city core of mine. Therefore, without me, the country will remain as a planning in progress. I registered Bleu as the feudal lord here to govern this city. I hope that she could handle the city, but her charisma make my worries goes nothing. She always enjoyed teasing her daughter and hoping that I will give her my affection, but it will not happen for awhile. I can't knock out her with babies because she is the essential person in my new country. Without my main piece, how come I would create a good country?

After saying goodbye to Bleu, I continued my journey to my longed destination. Just about two hours of flight, I can see my own country location which has been planned earlier. The place already have plenty of buildings and a big harbor that already busy with people, so making the place more lively. When my ship enter the special base to land my flying ship, I heard some noise, mostly come from my slaves that welcoming my arrival here. All my slaves that been tasked by me to complete my order here have coming to greet and hug me on turn, and it take plenty of time to calm down the situation of my slaves. Most of them saying that they miss me a lot, while some of them being tsundere.

After controlling the situation, I started my first step for new country with creating my castle. My slaves guide me to the planned location and I bring out my special building scroll that I already upgraded into +21. As you expected, it's has already reached the spiritual being. The scroll that I summoned has change into a small girl, which I named her, Avalon. I ordered her to manifest the castle here and suddenly out of nowhere, my outstanding and marvelous palace appear, much bigger than the castle of Tiamat kingdom.

All of my slaves and retainers are in awe and shocked, but I can understand what they feel right now. Firstly, my castle not only so gigantic and majestic, but it's have a ultimate defensive and offensive systems. The castle equipped with a lots of magic cannon, that I extract from my extra flying ship and upgrade it until +20. Then, I equip it on my castle, as much as Avalon can afford to hold it. I lost my count after the 100 cannons that installed on the castle. It's also surrounded by a wall, also the part of my castle.

The surprise moment doesn't end here. I bring out my city core, which already +21, and also have reached the spiritual being. My city core also changed into a small girl, and make all of the audiences here, suspicious of me being hardcore lolicon. The spiritual beings of mine actually are so young, literally their just born today. Don't expect it became a busty babe, you hentai yarou! Even I love the dreamy mountain. By the way, Shiro, don't rub your boobs behind me. You too Cuddle!

Luckily my sword girls managed to separate my slaves from me. I continue the ritual in order to create my new country. The process quite same when I created Kubera, except instead of city core, I will operate the ceremony with my new spirit girl. I put my hand on her head, as you know, she is my new spiritual being, that born from city core.

"Commercing the city core!" My spirit girl body suddenly shine brightly and she answered me with robotic voice.

"The order been received." Like Kubera city, a great wall appear out of nowhere and covered the country area, which about 10 times from my port city, around 1000 kilometer squares. Unlike the city core that I used in Kubera, this core, which is my city core girl can afford to support unlimited population of citizens.

"Please input the name of this country." The next question appear.

"Your name now is Amaterasu. This is the name of the country! The capital city will be named after the moon goddess, Tsukiyomi. Here the other city core for that."

"Order received, the city core has consumed and capital city has created."

"Please register Kubera city as part of our country."

"Waiting for confirmation.... Confirmation received. Completing the order.... All green, already completed. Automatically register Harry as the king... Registered. The name of the king will be announced as Harry King de Amaterasu."

I'm yet to appoint my retainers to fill the seat of my ministers. I have one more thing to be done, to create my own adventure guild here. For starter, I bring out my special guild core. Why always species huh? Well, it's already upgraded to +21, and also become a spiritual being. I named her Benten.

"Here, building scroll. I order you to create a new guild building and managed it."

"By your will, your majesty." She disappear from my sight and went ahead choosing the best place in my country to created the adventurer base.

I entered the palace together with my slaves and retainers in order to discuss the details of the country. The discussion take a few hours, so I ordered Yuna, that I pointed earlier as my official head maid in the first thing on our discussion to prepare food for our lunch. In the meeting, I been introduced to the former princess and royal family of elves country, which are included in the second batch of my slaves. The first batch of my slave, 60 persons given the task to lead second batch slaves in serving me as their master.

After long discussion, I have made a few decision about my country management. All of us having our dinner first before I announced my final say on this matter.

King and The Head of Law Department : Harry King de Amaterasu.

Prime Minister :

Rosellete Prime de Amaterasu

Financial, Trade and Tax Minister :

Daisille de Amaterasu

Rycur Artos de Amaterasu (Vice)

Military, Defense, and Safety Minister : Lilithies de Amaterasu
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Domestic Affairs and Head Maid : Yuna de Amaterasu

Samurai General and Head of Security :

Ilya Shiro de Amaterasu

Cuddle de Amaterasu (vice)

Education, Housing and Welfare Minister : Seira Elmira de Amaterasu

Health Department and Head of Hospital : Kaeira Elmira de Amaterasu

All first batch slaves (except Yuna, Cuddle and Shiro) have given tasks and working under the new minister departments that been created by me after the long discussions. The second batch slaves (except Seira and Kaeira) will become the first batch helper and become their apprentice.

From this day, my new kingdom, Amaterasu have born in this world!

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    《Isekai Blacksmith》