Isekai Blacksmith
56 00 Epilogue
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Isekai Blacksmith
Author :hnharima
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56 00 Epilogue

There are 5 books for summoning heroes from the other world. The books were said that it's can bring victory for the country or anyone whom used it. The heroes that summoned will be granted with a special power to fight their enemy.

1st book fall in the hand of the Barbarians tribe. The book can summon a single person from the other world. The person that been summoned has created a new country for the tribe so they can hold their heads up and become new power in this world.

2nd book held by the demon clans. The book summoned a pair of otherworlder peers and trying to help the demon to achieve their vengeance to human that kill their ancestors for cores.
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3nd book located far from Feuerengel continent, and held by monster tribe. That place is undiscovered continent and isolated from human being. The population in that place (In South America continent compare to the Earth) only contains the monsters like goblins, orges, kobolds, and etc. The Orge King, the current leader of monsters alliance, managed to summon three people with that book in order to help him strengthen the alliance. That three otherworlder person have given their cooperation and support the Orge King and the alliance become more prosperous and develop their technologies as par as human tribe.

4th book, which held by the Tiamat kingdom, has successfully summon the four heroes of the country. Well, the correct statement should be three heroes and one innocent bystander. Not so innocent by the way, the bystander eventually become king of his own kingdom.

The last book, the fifth one has been stolen by the pirates from dark elves tribe, after they ransack the dark elves tribe village and slaved plenty of them. The slaves suddenly become demanded by Artos Store, that suddenly active once more as the king of world trade market. The pirates usually dealing with slaves with Spectre Syndicate, but the price that Artos Store offer more attractive. The pirate king managed to summon the five otherworlder persons, and try to slave them for his ambition. Yet, those summoned persons, the girls have ended his life and descending the throne as new queen and Princesses of the pirates in Land of Pirate.

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    《Isekai Blacksmith》