Living In One Piece
1 CH1 Raining at 1:00 a.m. PROLOGUE
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Living In One Piece
Author :Ainz_02
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1 CH1 Raining at 1:00 a.m. PROLOGUE



Attitude: Calm/Demon

Skills:(Cooking and Boxing)

Looks: all average(think of a person who's all average)

hobbies: ( reading novel, manga, and watching anime.)


I was a chef and married elise she was as simple as me that's why I married her plus she's a beauty. Robert my best friend is rich but that's, not the reason I'm friends with him we were childhood friends before his father succeeded in his business.

Robert visited me last year I introduced elise to Robert he was so shocked that I got married without even inviting him he was quite disappointed in me hahaha sorry. Honestly, my parents were opposed because they felt elise is hiding her true self but I followed my heart. You know what I felt after that was freedom not caring about the consequences. after hearing my side Robert started to come down. I treat him as a brother he was there when I was so fucked up helping me stand in my own 2 feet. I started working in Bob's 24-hour restaurant as a chef the pay was good Man... I am living an honest life, my life was average and simple. Evening came I started cooking dinner for me and my wife.

Later I took a bath and go to work at 8:00 p.m and got home at 4:00 a.m. at Bob's 24hour restaurant after that I got home to bathe later on I drank a can of beer to sleep faster.

I woke up at 3:00 p.m. and clean myself up before eating the food prepared by my beloved wife. Then watch one-piece read novels and mangas.

Stopping at 5:00 pm which my wife finishes her work and returns home. My wife Elise is a P.E. teacher sexy and beautiful. Until...


Laying on the floor bleeding with 2 dead bodies laying on the ground dead and bloody.

Before the aftermath:

(Weatherman)" There's a heavy rain starting at 1:00 a.m. be prepared".

(Boss bob)" listen up were closing at 4:00 a.m. today it's raining so hard that we got no customers coming start packing up understand".

(Employees): "Yes boss".

opening the umbrella walking the to the train station.I'm really lucky today I get to go home early lately we haven't had the chance to release our urges. Going home takes about 20 minutes by train since it's raining the train had to slow down a bit for safety reasons you never know. I arrive in front of my house going in and is it me or is just cold I felt a shiver running through my spine there for a moment. Forgetting to use the key to open the door but the door is stupidly not locked.

(Ainz): "Mmmm the doors not locked? maybe Elise left for a jog or something it's unusually early she jogs at exactly 5:00 a.m. strange".

I was about to step inside but to see an odd and unfamiliar pair of shoes. The size of the shoes is of a fully grown man.l mean who visits at this hour, suddenly got a bad feeling while slowly going in. First, I check the first floor I didn't see anything suspicious.

My heart was pounding so hard that you can heart it drums. Checking On the second floor, before I go up there I equip my old brass knuckles hidden in my old drawer. Slowly tiptoed while making no noises as possible.

Then I heard a moaning that was so familiar that it could make any husband turn into a mass murderer. The world went dark consumed by the devil within. I saw 2 people and guess what. They did not even notice me while consumed by there lust and is truly in were in heaven. Not knowing that they will burn in hell for eternity. I stood motionless void with anger waiting for them to finish the greatest sin of all(at least for me I don't know about you people).

(Robert): "You know elise leave that loser I will satisfy you forever and live in luxury. You don't have to worry about anything".

(Elise):" Rob I'm still married and I feel guilty we should stop this while we can and forget everything although...your d*ck can satisfy me heh heh ahh!! fuck it let's do it again ahh! ahh! ahh!".

Suddenly someone interrupted them which froze the 2 pieces of shits.

(Ainz): "You f*cking traitors I'll bring you 2 in the deepest pits to hell and burn forever!".

I punch the mother fucker who fucked my wife his face is a mess blood splattered everywhere. The bitch tried to block me from killing that bastard *SLAPP! the bitch falls to the stairs and her head smashed on the floor bloodied and not moving. I was about to kill the other shit but...

(Robert):" You f*cking piece of trash you don't deserve elise die I only visited you because of your hot wife hahaha I f*cked her real good".

The bastard manages to find sharp long scissors which the bitch used to cut cloth or some shit. I felt a cold metal piercing my back hot red liquid oozed in my back getting and it's hard to breathe my left lung probably got clogged by my blood. But for a moment I didn't feel any pain for a tiny second probably because of the adrenaline. I used this opportunity turning around ducked and pull up all my strength in that left uppercut and hit straight to his throat (crackkkk!!) Roberts neck bend in an inhumane way his neck broke.

(Ainz):" hahaha Joining the boxing club wasn't for nothing I thought while remembering the past"


(Mentor): Kid you got a hell of a power punch hahaha wanna be a legend in the ring?

(Ainz): Nah I wanna be a chef sorry to disappoint. Boxing is just for self-defense at least for me.

(Mentor): What a waste kid but I respect your decision.


As I was slowly dying thinking about my life. I came to a realization. I haven't even got the chance to watch the latest episode of one piece such a shame. Suddenly- to be continued.

Readers P.O.V("What in the actual fuck is this!?")


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