Lord Xue Ying
34 Six Years Later
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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34 Six Years Later

After the New Year.

Lord Si An had returned to Snowrock castle.

"The mission was successfully accomplished." said Lord Si An happily, "East Fragrant Lake Workshop’s Master Refiner already received 100,000 gold coins. Based on our intelligence, your father, Dong Bo Lie, is currently working inside the mage tower. Although some of the work is still strenuous, it’s not something your father’s Heaven Rank Knight’s body can’t endure. After all, what the Master Refiner had done to protect your father’s life didn’t go against the Mo Yang clan’s punishment for your father’s 100 years of hard labor. He didn’t go against it, he just made it a little easier.

"It’s okay. As long it can protect my father’s life." Xue Ying suddenly said " Is it really safe inside the mage tower? Could something unexpected happen to my father there?"

"You can rest assured" guaranteed Lord Si An. "A Master Refiner’s mage tower is a restricted area! Even for the Mo Yang clan’s Pseudo-Transcendent.... if he wants to get inside the mage tower, even he would still need permission from the Master Refiner, to give said Master Refiner enough respect. Moreover, inside the mage tower there is some dangerous heavy equipment and the Master Refiner’s lifetime research material. No one dares to go in without permission. What position does Mo Yang Chen Bai have? Not to mentioned his hired men, even he himself wouldn’t dare! Your father is completely safe there!"

"Thank you Lord Si An." Xue Ying said gratefully, he felt like a weight has been lifted off of his chest.

For him, gold coins were just another worldly possession.

It was more important to protect his father’s life.

"Luckily we have Lord Si An’s help, if not, our Dong Bo family would be in trouble." Zong Ling also felt grateful. He and Tong San were both slightly relieved.

"Haha, merely a small deed." replied Lord Si An, "After all Dong Bo Lie is a citizen of Water Rites Town. If there is something I can do to save him, of course I will do it."

Xue Ying’s heart suddenly felt warm.

However, Xue Ying was still not satisfied at all with his parents’ situation.

‘Mother, she is forever living alone in confinement. This kind of long imprisonment, is usually accompanied with boredom too. Moreover she has only her....just herself, alone inside the prison!’

‘Father after all this time, you still have to do hard labour.’

‘I’m still too weak.’

‘I‘m still not even at Legend Rank!’

"Right now I still have no hope to get the Honorary Marquis title. After my primordial bloodline awakened, my body has been improving significantly. The more I practice, the faster my body improves." Xue Ying thought.

Just like the Legendary Dragons.

This was a Transcendents life. When the dragon matured, the dragon would become Transcendent! And a dragon who cultivated would have the power to surpass all other dragons.

This was the principle!

It’s the same logic for those who awakened a Primordial Bloodline. If cultivated diligently, compared with others who live and cultivated lazily, the difference in power would be incomparable.

Xue Ying just wanted to further improve his power!


In the Mountain Bamboo House on the rear mountain, there were two refiner dummies in an open field. These dummies were worth 5,000 gold coins each, anyone below Legend rank would absolutely be unable to harm these refiner dummies! Even if someone at the Legend rank managed to damage them, with its self-repair ability, the dummies would not be destroyed! With this ability, this type of refiner dummy was usually used by mages for their experiments.

These dummies were specially ordered from Water Rites Town, and was crafted by an expert master! Both of them were nearly impossible to budge. Even Xue Ying’s spear attacks couldn’t shake it, indicating just how stable the dummy was.



The long spear struck light lightning. Sweeping, hitting, chopping and thrusting. With every move, Xue Ying’s spear become even more powerful.

Although he already reached the realm of a Great Spear Master and could afford to spend minimal effort to practice his spear technique, pushing his body to the limit with practice could still benefit him greatly. After awakening his Primordial Bloodline, he possessed an amazing recovery ability. Every time he recovered, his muscle, bones and physique would slightly evolve. The accumulation of these countless evolutions greatly boosted his strength. In order for his exhausted body to recover, he would practice the "Three Stage Flame Technique". His exhausted state enabled him to absorb even more fire­-attributed energy from his surroundings.


He could comprehend the nature of the Heavens and the Earth while practicing his spear.

"Hu hu hu..." sweat damped his clothes as Xue Ying felt satisfied. He could feel every part of his body became exhausted. When the exercise no longer made him exhausted enough, he would immediately increase the intensity.

Pushing his body to the limit like this, enabled him to continuously exploit his bloodline’s potential.

A cycle of growth and withering grass on Snowrock Mountain, meant another year passed. With every cycle things would come and go...

In a blink of eye, 6 years already passed.

The little girl Kong You Yue, the playful Dong Bo Qing Shi, and the talented young Dong Bo Xue Ying were now all grown up!

"Hua hua hua~~~"

Spring water flowed into the pond, its sound harmonizing with the tranquil scenery.

A youth wearing black motionlessly sat cross-legged on a stone with his eyes closed. His face looked as if it was carved with a chisel, partially resembling his father. His looks were quite ordinary, nothing that could be regarded as handsome! But his poised demeanor which resembled a mountain, was obviously extraordinary. At the moment he breathed very slowly, making it hard to detect whether he was breathing or not. His heartbeat also abnormally slow, only beating once every minute. His blood also circulated extremely slow.

‘Xi~~~ Hu~~~’

He suddenly opened his eyes, his breathing made his spine undulate like a great dragon. When he inhaled, his abdomen slightly expanded like he was inhaling an endless supply of air.


When he exhaled, a violent gust of air came rushing out of his mouth and directly struck the surface of the pond in front of him. The previously calm pond explode with a loud crash, its surface suddenly sunk, with large amount of water dispersing, and splashing into the sky.

With one breath, his prior calm and slow bodily functions started to accelerate, his heartbeat also quickly returned to normal.

He stood up, dou qi surging from within his body, the red colored fire dou qi condensed, forming a protective layer that made him look like a blazing flame. After cultivating all these years, he had already lost count of the number of times he practiced "Three Stage Flame Technique". It was only a dou qi technique, but when he practiced it, the technique was able to astonishingly able to couple strength with gentleness.

Sometimes it’s motions were slow, other times the tempo would suddenly erupt.

"Boom!" His palm suddenly slashed out, a high-pressure air blast rolling out from his palm. A blade of high pressure air shot across the sky, splitting a stone in the distance. With a cracking sound, the stone immediately split, crushed into countless pieces of gravel and tumbled down the hill.

Xue Ying then practiced his fist technique.

One motion lead into another.

A high-pressured air blast produced by his palm could already easily break apart a slab of stone.

‘Stop’ As he stopped, his breathing slowly returned to calmness. At this point, his dou qi had also completely vanished.

"My strength has been slowly growing." Xue Ying pondered, "After my dou qi breaks through to Silver Moon rank, then my body will improve by leaps and bounds again."

"But it’s still not enough!"

Diligently cultivating, and by continuously exploiting his primordial bloodline’s potential, had already given Xue Ying unfathomable power.

Because he had enough power, he didn’t experience any bottlenecks upon breaking through from Heaven rank to Meteor rank. Since he accumulated enough dou qi, naturally he was able to breakthrough! Reaching Meteor rank allowed him to condensed his dou qi into liquid dou qi. This liquid dou qi was a great aid with his body transformation. In this half year period, Xue Ying’s body continuously improved but lately the speed has started to slow down.

‘Although my dou qi only reached Meteor Rank, but with the addition of my awakened primordial bloodline, my body’s improvements already renders it above those within the same rank.’

‘6 years after awakening my primordial bloodline, my strength is already at the peak of Meteor Rank. According to my trial with the refined dummies, under normal circumstances, my strength would be equivalent with the ordinary peak level of Legend Rank.’ thought Xue Ying. ‘ Although I still can’t reach the realm of being One with the World, that’s the only difference between me and a Legend Rank Knight. But my body is powerful enough, and once I activate the primordial bloodline, my power will be doubled.’

With absolute power.

No one within Legend Rank would be a match for him. Unfortunately he was still unable to reach the realm of being One with the World.

‘It’s time for the next step.’ Xue Ying thought.

"Brother Xue Ying, Brother Xue Ying."

Suddenly a warm and beautiful voice could be heard from a distance.


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