Lord Xue Ying
46 Forbidden Technique!
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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46 Forbidden Technique!

Xue Ying’s expression changed a little. Even though he was currently at an advantage, the monster-looking man was still extremely confident. Something was wrong…

"This young Great Spear Master! Your strength has already reached a boundary higher than I have. Killing you is definitely not easy!" The monster-looking man grinned.

The spectators were all extremely shocked at what was happening.

From the skirmish before, they could see that Xue Ying was actually at an advantage!

Actually, what happened could be easily explained. Xue Ying having his understanding of being ‘One with the World,’ and his opponent having his control of the Laws of Nature, meant that they ended up being more or less equally matched. However, what had helped Xue Ying overcome this balance in power was his Transcendent Dark Ice Spear Technique, and the weapon in his hands – the Flying Snow God Spear. These, coupled with him being a Great Spear master of the Power Perfectly as One realm, meant that Xue Ying could definitely triumph over his opponent.

As for the monster-looking man, he certainly had many strengths as well, though none of them had reached the Power Perfectly as One realm. It was precisely because of this that he was unable to trample all over Xue Ying.

"Whatever other techniques you still have, come! Display all of them before me!" Xue Ying coldly shouted. He was still feeling that his opponent was acting strange.

"Hahaha! Having just escaped the Infernal World recently, I’ve only recovered half of my strength at most! Yet for you… you are definitely worthy of me utilising one of the Forbidden techniques created by the Great Devil." Right at the moment he finished saying that, his body suddenly shrunk in size! From the height of 2.45 meters before, he turned into a man of about 1.8 meters in height.

The previously thick waist and huge arms were also shrinking continuously.

All the blood, muscles and bones had actually turned into a frightening, strange-looking black Qi. This black Qi could be seen surrounding his entire body.

"This… How could this be possible?" Bai Rong stared at the weird scene.

"The mighty Demon God Forbidden Technique."Lu Huai Ru’s eyes were shining in reverence.

"Formidable. No doubt he is a Demonic Emissary. Having such a deep understanding of flesh sanctification has allowed him to triumph over many mages in the world." Jing Qiu was amazed. Frequently, mages would try to understand the laws governing the fleshy body and the soul, and some even tried to create a Frankenstein. An example would be Si Clan’s Si Liang Hong who transformed his own fleshy body into a Demonic one, increasing his lifespan tremendously.

"Kakaka…" The Demonic Emissary slightly stretched his neck, and produced a terrifying sound. With the black Qi surrounding him, he looked like an actual Demon.

"This is what I call strength." The Demonic Emissary looked towards Xue Ying. "If it’s not because of this strength that I seek, I would never want to strive towards becoming a Demon God! Young spear master, I shall let you have a taste of true strength."


Xue Ying stared at his opponent’s black Qi, thoroughly observing it. "So much blood, flesh and bone turning into Qi instantaneously… No doubt, this is the work of some Great Demon’s Forbidden technique. If I’m not wrong, this should be your genuine appearance."

"That’s right. In order to utilise this forbidden technique, there’s a requirement for me to eat as much as possible. The more I eat, the bigger I become, and the more strength I can produce from the gained energy. Otherwise, how could any ordinary human become so strong?" the Demonic Emissary replied casually, as if there was no harm in telling others.

Xue Ying nodded.

He had felt that something was amiss from the first time he had seen the monster-looking man. After all, nobody would be able to grow to a height of 2.45-meters, with their body size being as thick as a tank, through natural means. Usually, those who could reach such heights were not as big as the monster-looking man’s previous form. He hadn’t even seen a Snowstrider Horse as tall as this man in all of the Azure River County.

"Is this the end?" Jing Qiu was feeling worried.

"Lunatics… These two are definitely some horrifying lunatics," Bai Rong concluded.

"My Divine Lord will definitely win this battle." Lu Huai Ru was becoming more and more confident with the current change in situation.

The black Qi surrounding the body of the Demonic Emissary was radiating a horrifying pressure.

"Good. Very good." Xue Ying suddenly opened his mouth and said, "I thought your strength was somewhat weak as a Legend ranker, being entirely suppressed by me. What challenge was there in fighting against you? Now this is what I call a battle! I, Dong Bo Xue Ying, will have my very first exhilarating battle against a Legend ranker. Don’t let me down! If I kill you too early, it won’t be fun at all!"

"I will make you change your thoughts shortly." the Demonic Emissary coldly snorted. "Die for me." Instantaneously, he charged towards Xue Ying, his speed noticeably much faster than before. At the same time, he was using his understanding of the laws of nature to suppress Xue Ying. Even though it did not have much of an effect on a Great Spear Master, why not use it to reduce some of the opponent’s strength?"

"Is that so?" Xue Ying reacted, charging towards his opponent as well. With his strength, he directly struck at the Demonic Emissary with his spear.

"Hu."The Demonic Emissary strangely halted his charge, moving one step backwards. Peng! Xue Ying’s long spear hit the floor in front of him, breaking the entire floor of the Great Hall.

Debris from the spear’s damage flew all over the place, and when some pieces of rocks were about to hit the Demonic Emissary, they bounced back on the black Qi surrounding him.

He sneered. This time, he was finally utilising his real strength, which meant that his power and speed had increased tremendously. Now, even he wasn’t relying on his two axes, he could still easily dodge Xue Ying’s attack.Hu.

After hitting the ground, the spear abruptly borrowed on the rebounding force and came stabbing towards the Demonic Emissary at an even faster speed.

"So fast?!" The Demonic Emissary was greatly shocked. Xue Ying’s skill in rapidly chaining techniques with his spear was too effective! He could utilise every single thread of rebound energy from its surroundings and opponent, absorbing everything and then releasing it at with a force multiple times the initial strength.

Dang! The Demonic Emissary took out a pair of axes straight away, in order to block the strike.

Spear-head and axe-face met head-to-head.

Xue Ying immediately twisted away. With the spear in his hands, he continued stabbing towards the Demonic Emissary. It was so fast that only shadows of his moves could be seen.

Drifting Snow of Dark Ice Spear Technique!

Many snowflakes were seen floating, invisible spear-qi hiding within.

"Such a fast spear technique!" The Demonic Emissary parried the attacks with his two axes.

"Faster, faster, faster!" There was some kind of scary intent within Xue Ying’s eyes. His spear was flashing at such a rapid pace that the shadows formed were overwhelming his opponent completely. Within just a single second, he stabbed right at his opponent’s head, throat, right and left legs, wrists… every single part of his body. The Demonic Emissary could only defend himself from the rapid attacks.

"Too fast! This Xue Ying is seriously moving too fast! I can not even see the shadows of his spear clearly. Is this his true strength? With just one move, he could simply kill me if i didn’t parry!" Si Bai Rong was shocked. Yu Jing Qiu was hyperventilating. She thought that having the status of a Silver Moon mage at such a young age meant that she was on the top of the world. Yet today, she was seeing a peak-Legend rank battle for the first time.

In such circumstances, how much could a Silver Moon mage mean? Even if a Legend ranked mage was given enough time to prepare one’s spells, if there was a sudden ambush, one would die before even blinking.

"So fast." Everyone witnessing the scene had the same impression of Xue Ying’s spear technique.

Could a spear move this fast?

Definitely. That was precisely what Xue Ying had been learning so far – a speed-oriented technique.

With the strength of a peak-Legend ranker, a divine weapon like his Flying Snow God Spear, plus having achieved the Great Spear Mastery and the Dark Ice Spear Technique, all these were amassed by a single person. This situation was an occasion to see how fast he become become.

"Ah ah ah! Damn this! Get away from me!" The Demonic Emissary, his entire strength employed in defending against Xue Ying’s attacks, decided to utilise his agility technique, and at the same time use his entire explosive strength to hack at Xue Ying with his two axes.


Spear tip and axe-blade met once again.

Xue Ying’s Flying Snow God Spear was being bent by the axe, but due to the suppleness in its body, it could withstand such a clash of force. Without wasting any of the energy, Xue Ying utilised the force contained in his bent spear against the Demonic Emissary, and whipped it out!

"Die for me! Die, die, die for me!" The Demonic Emissary was now crazily attacking Xue Ying with his dual axes. He was using up the energy stored in his body, which caused him to become smaller in size, and at the same time his two axes acted as shields that protected him on each side. Thus, it was hard for Xue Ying to penetrate through his defence.

Peng, peng, peng …

Every time they exchanged a move, Xue Ying would be forced to change his tactics.

Even if he was being forced to retreat, he would simply twist his body in order to borrow energy from the incoming force, as a sort of reflector.

Even though he was being continuously suppressed … Xue Ying still gave his best to attack relentlessly.

"Blood Axe – The Destroyer!" The Demonic Emissary screamed out in anger. The black Qi that was previously surrounding his body went onto the two axes.

"Not good!" Xue Ying’s expression changed once he saw that. Even before touching the face of the axe, the moment his spear reached the black Qi, he could feel the slippery toughness of the Qi. What was worse, the entire surface area of the blood axe had now become even greater, and its prowess had increased dramatically.


With a sweep, the black Qi’s area of effect became even greater.


Xue Ying was startled by that hit, so much so that he had to retreat a few steps.

"Die!" The Demonic Emissary suddenly charged towards him. His speed was much faster than Xue Ying’s now. Coupled with his even more powerful weapon, he swung right towards his opponent.

Xue Ying did not dare to parry against it. He could only hurry to dodge that attack.

Hong!!! Under the power of the axe, the ground split up with a crack, creating a gap of at least 20-30 meters.

"Hack, hack hack!" The Demonic Emissary was entirely focused on annihilating his opponent. Ultimately, the Forbidden Technique he used had a limited time. Currently, he was fully utilising the black Qi by imbuing it into his weapon. However, even though he had become more powerful, the consumption rate of his Qi was without a doubt greater as well. Thus, he had to kill Xue Ying as soon as possible.

Dang, dang, dang! Xue Ying’s agility movement was not as good as his opponent’s. He was barely defending himself with his spear against the Demonic Emissary. It was a fact that his opponent was physically stronger than him, even more so after using a Forbidden Technique.


With another step, Xue Ying’s back hit against the wall, causing a crack to spread across it.

With the next attack, he swiftly dodged to the sides.

"He shouldn’t die… right?" Jing Qiu’s heart was beating very fast. Bai Rong was looking very anxious as well.

"My Divine Lord is definitely going to win this battle." Lu Huai Ru was hiding in a corner, far away from the rest. Due to the fact that previously, he had trapped everyone within the Great Hall by enclosing it with the three huge gates, he knew that if his divine lord was to die, then he would die as well.


Move by move, Xue Ying was having a harder and harder time dodging the attacks.

Hu. Xue Ying threw in a sudden unexpected roll before dodging yet another dangerous attack.

"The difference in strength between us is too huge! If it wasn’t for me dodging the attacks, I’d have died many times over. Guess the only way ahead is for me to use my primordial bloodline." Xue Ying suddenly retreated and jumped into the air. Before he had even reached the highest point, some blood-red Qi had already appeared over his body. With the appearance of his primordial bloodline, the killing intent in his eyes became even more biting-cold…


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