Lord Xue Ying
54 One with the World
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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54 One with the World

After receiving the young mage from the Si Clan, ‘Si Chen’, Xue Ying nodded silently, ‘Becoming a Meteor mage at such a young age, how extraordinary. He is totally different from Si Bai Rong! But of course, with the hundreds of years of history behind the Si Clan in Azure River County, there are certainly many descendents left behind – some are good, while some are evil. For that arrogant playboy Si Bai Rong to appear, there would certainly exist his counterpart, the genius Si Chen.’

‘As a knight, before one enters the Legend ranks, one focuses entirely on sculpting their physique. With a good physique, and a good Qi cultivation method, one could cultivate all the way up to the Silver Moon rank smoothly. Thus, among these Silver Moon Knights, there would be some who are good for nothing.’

‘As for mages, they are required to have wisdom. To discover the laws of nature, mages require a thirst for knowledge. Powerful mages are not be belittled.’

Xue Ying sighed.

None of the mages he had met were idiots. All of them were intelligent.

Knights, though, were different. There were many different kinds of knights – some who were brave, some who were reckless, and some who were foolish.

‘However, regardless of whether one being a mage or a knight, entering the ranks of Legend is indubitably an arduous task.’ Xue Ying nodded lightly. Becoming a Legend ranker was surely very difficult. It was not merely dependent on how good a person’s innate talent was. A ‘Legend ranker’… required one to have a powerful spirit as well. Xue Ying had been a Great Spear Master for many years, yet he had not achieved the state of being One with the World.

He merely depended on his primordial bloodline in order to have the strength of a Legend ranker.

Any Legend ranker, regardless of whether they were a knight or a mage, were people to be revered – be it a hero, a lord, or a demon.

Only these sorts of existences had the hope of becoming a Transcendent! By then, they would not be mortals anymore. Even deities were afraid of them.


Timed passed day by day as Xue Ying silently meditated instead of accepting more missions. He could feel his spirit reaching a critical point.

"Such joy!"

After meditating, Xue Ying entered the martial fields and practiced his spear techniques, making him feel extremely refreshed.


After finishing his practice, he leapt to the roof of the adjacent castle .

The main castle covered a huge area with a wide roof of stone. Xue Ying sat by a ladder, leaning against a big rock as he enjoyed the scenery in front of him. This was the highest point on the castle. With a single sweep of his eyes… he could see the peak of the neighbouring mountains, unblemished by the low-lying walls of his castle.

He could clearly see the Great Mage’s manor as well.

At the foot of the mountain, there were farmlands, with civilians living in the villages.

"Hong hong hong~~~"

Far off in the distance and at the foot of the mountains was a huge white streak. This was in fact, the namesake of the county, the Azure River!

The Azure River spanned over thousands of kilometers, and was the mother of all of the other rivers in Azure River County!

Even though Xue Ying was overlooking the river from the distance, he could still hear the river surging by.

"So beautiful."

Xue Ying had a pleasant expression.

The castle, the peak of the mountain, the villages at the foot of the mountain, and the meandering silk-like Azure River all painted a beautiful dream-like scenery.

From youth , Xue Ying had always loved the scenery overlooking his hometown. It was so beautiful. This was his home. A home he loved a lot!

He took out a jug of wine and lightly sipped a mouthful of it. The wine was very spicy. He could feel it at the tip of his tongue. Usually, Xue Ying would just drink some fruit wine instead of hard liquor. Only when he was feeling really good, or really bad would he drink a bit of the liquor. Apparently, he was having a pleasant feeling now.

After killing the Demonic God Emissary, Xue Ying understood more about his power.

There was hope in saving his parents!

His little brother was already so big. Everything was making Xue Ying feel so happy! As for the trivial matters, he did not care at all. Under his absolute power, whoever dared to obstruct his path, would die!

"Hu… Xi… Hu…"

Xue Ying’s breath rate began slowing down over time, along with his heartbeat. Even the blood flow in his veins started slowing down so much that it seemed stagnant.

Xue Ying became calmer and calmer.

But his sense of the surroundings became even clearer! The movement of servants in the castle, the far-away soldiers talking among themselves — he could clearly hear it all..

The wind around him! At the peak of the mountain, the gust of wind was very strong, blowing comfortably on his body.

The fragrance from the flowers.

The fresh smell of the grass.

"This is nature. Truly beautiful," This feeling was something that Xue Ying loved a lot.


Suddenly, within his senses, he could feel the world quivering, or rather, his heart was stirring!

Just like how a chick broke out from the shell, or like how the grass broke out from the soil to grow…

Xue Ying was currently feeling that his spirit finally broke through the physical confinement of his body. He could feel his spirit breaking out of this shell, merging with the nature around him as one! Initially, he thought that nature was beautiful, but this was merely like looking at nature with a thinly veiled layer in between . Now, he could feel his spirit finally breaking through this layer, allowing him to be One with the World!

The wind was blowing, and he became the wind. Countless types of wind were trying to catch up with one another, either mixing or spreading out.

Xue Ying’s ability to feel greatly increased in detail and fidelity, with boundless power –

Power from fire, water, earth, wind, lightning, light, dark… Various different fundamental elemental powers belonging to the world. This was truly the genuine energy from the world! Mages required to utilise matrices in order to guide these power from the world to cast their spells.

Yet after being One with the World, he could directly control all these powers! This was the fundamental difference! That was why in front of a Legend ranker, any mage would unable be able to cast a spell.

"So comfortable."

After his spirit broke through the physical shell, being One with the World, Xue Ying immediately received the essence from nature.

Just like how a sprout grows as it receives water.

Since birth, this was the first time his spirit received the essence from nature, inducing a transmogrifying change! This change was extremely fast, so fast that the transformation ended before Xue Ying could truly savor the feeling of entering the state of One with the World for the first time. But even still, his spirit was already stronger than before by at least ten times, possibly even a hundred times!

Essence of nature, powerful spirit, this was the first step of his dream towards Transcendence.

"One with the World!"

With just a small thought from Xue Ying…


At that moment, fire elemental energy came rushing into his body without the need of any spell matrix. The flame came so much faster than if one were to use a spell to cast it. Xue Ying’s reduced rate of improvement of his physical body suddenly increased tremendously under the aid of the fire elemental power, tempering it immediately! This was something that he could clearly feel.

"No wonder… Those knights who did not awake their primordial bloodline, the moment they become One with the World, they could borrow the forces of energy to complete the transformation, boosting their Qi and entering the ranks of Legend." Xue Ying rejoiced. .

Currently, the essence of nature nourished his body.

The essence of nature even nourished the Qi within his body, causing his liquefied Qi to thicken.

Within the time taken to brew a cup of tea, the qi sea within his dantian was full of energy! Half an hour later, even his primordial bloodline-activated body could no longer receive any more nourishment from the essence of nature. Just as a person could not become fat from one meal, due to the unlimited essence of nature present, with a single absorption, his qi sea and body were already filled to the brim. A period of time was required for his body to transform naturally.

‘Based on what I just experienced, I estimate that I’ll need half a month for my Qi to reach the level of Legend Knight’s.’ Xue Ying was extremely elated, ‘My physical body is also being strengthened slowly, reaching twice the strength in about two months time!’

After attaining One with the World…

Xue Ying’s physical body would continuously improve itself until reaching that of a Transcendent’s – the limit of his primordial bloodline! This was indeed a very frightening ability of his!

"One with the World."

"I, Dong Bo Xue Ying, have finally attained the state of One with the World at 22 years old!" Xue Ying stood up on top of the roof, proudly looking down at the world below and the far-reaching Azure River, "There’s hope in me becoming a Transcendent! The life of a Transcendent, flying around the world, drinking with the deities, instantaneously shredding apart demons…"

After looking through the top 3000 Legend rankers in the Dragon Mountain’s Book, Xue Ying understood that being able to stand side by side with all these powerful rankers at the age of 22, was something that went against the heavens!

The growth of his spirit was extremely rapid.

He had over 100 years of time to search for his own path to become a Transcendent!


After releasing his spirit and understanding the state of One with the World, the surroundings became much clearer than before. Xue Ying could clearly sense the soldiers outside his castle eating with their family. Immediately feeling embarrassed at invading their privacy, he cast his senses towards another place – sensing the dwelling of You Yue! She was actually within her house talking with another guy.

"Eh? You Yue’s brother came?" Xue Ying was surprised.


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