Lord Xue Ying
79 Please Forgive Me Senior
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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79 Please Forgive Me Senior

Xue Ying held onto the Flying God Snow Spear as he walked towards the two golden sculptures.

The golden ape opened its eyes, "Mortal, why did you come back? With your combat power, you have no hopes of winning."

"Maybe there will be some surprises this time." Finishing his sentence, with a ‘hong’, a faint red coloured stream of Qi appeared as his Power Bloodline began activating!


Xue Ying leapt outwards with his entire body bathed in flames. This tempestuous flame began shrouding the surroundings, enveloping both the golden ape and that golden roc who was faking sleep. At the same time, the long spear in his hands was brought up with it great ferocity, akin to two stars clashing with each other, right down at the opposing golden ape.

"Clashing head-on? Mortal, you sure are reckless!" Seeing Xue Ying’s incoming move when he was at mid-air, the golden ape immediately waved its hands confidently, slapping its large palm right against the attack.

The ape was quite confident of its strength.


The long spear hacked down furiously at the big palms of that golden ape, bringing with it a turbulent and valiant shockwave. The golden ape’s arms inevitably bent inwards as its body was pushed back three heavy steps and emitted a loud, heavy sound with each step; its eyes were full of shock.

Although Xue Ying issued out a move readily and the ape parried the attack with a flippant attitude, the fact that the force of the attack was able to make the ape move back three steps… implied that their strengths were relatively equal!

"You, this monkey, sure has great strength. However, this time, you will surely lose!" Xue Ying was filled with confidence. The moment he touched ground, Xue Ying dashed forward as if he were a ghost.

"So fast." The golden ape hurriedly took out its long chain, waving it in the air as it tried to stop Xue Ying.

Dang dang dang~~~

Xue Ying’s speed was distinctly faster than before. The quality of his physique had been raised sharply, allowing his flexibility and many other areas to achieve new heights. Previously, his flexibility was already extremely dominating, yet now, this advantage of his was even greater! The golden ape and its chain had no way of stopping Xue Ying as he easily dodged the counter attacks, and occasionally, defended against the ape with his long spear.

Bang bang bang!!!

The long spear consecutively lashed right at the golden ape’s joints, causing it to stumble.

"Little Bird, I can’t defend any longer!" The golden ape hurriedly shouted out.

"Monkey, you sure are useless." A golden phantom whizzed out.

Xue Ying’s expression was serious. With an exertion of strength in his waist, the long spear suddenly swept outwards, hong– With the grandeur of the spear, it swept right at the wings of the golden roc, startling it for a moment; Xue Ying, too, retreated a step.

"Truly a great improvement." The golden roc continued, "Monkey, together."

"Yes." The golden ape replied.

At that moment, the golden roc took the initiative to attack, raising out its wings as if they were both blades cutting out and fans slapping out. This huge roc’s speed was extremely fast, but its strength was still weaker than Xue Ying’s by just a bit. Through the profoundness of his spear technique, Xue Ying was able to completely suppress the roc. However, there was still the golden ape behind it, repeatedly waving the strange the unpredictable chain at him.

The golden ape wielded the chain with both its hands; the ends of the chain were unpredictable – at times striking out, at times lashing out, and at times trying to wrap around him.

With that single chain… teaming together with the huge roc, even though Xue Ying obviously had the upperhand, he was still unable to break through the entrapment of that golden roc!

"Damn." Xue Ying gritted his teeth.

"We’ve teamed up together for many years. Entrapping others is our expertise. Even if it was some other Transcendents, they would still have a hard time breaking through our obstruction," the golden ape said confidently.

"Even though the two of us are unable to defeat you, obstructing you is way too simple." The golden roc was filled with confidence as well.

With a single spear, Xue Ying fought with the two Transcendent refiner organisms.

Though the spear technique was profound, he was still unable to break through the obstruction.

"Their creator is surely some powerful Transcendent mage." Xue Ying understood, "As a mage, their individual physiques are quite weak. I reckon that the reason for crafting these two refiner organisms is for the sake of having a shield to obstruct the enemies. This way, the mages would be able to easily display their powerful spells!"

Although these live shields had weak attacks…

Their defense and entrapment capabilities were top grade.

For instance, these two Transcendent refiner organisms… were made of extraordinary materials. Xue Ying could not injure them at all. They were huge, with one of them being fast as well as having a wingspan of twenty to thirty meters. As for the other, its chain was unpredictable, and had speed much faster than his own, striking out at him continuously to damage and disturb him.

"Is it to say that I cannot defeat these two fellows." Xue Ying felt anxious, "I’ve already reached my limit in combat power. It would be very difficult for my power to rise even further."


Xue Ying exhausted his entire strength, yet with the teamwork of the golden roc and golden ape, one in front and the other behind, it was like a wall obstructed Xue Ying. Even when they utilised their body to defend and obstruct, being refiner organisms, every single part of their bodies could be treated as a weapon.

"With the food I have, I can only sustain myself through a little more than half a year."

"The only hope I have of escaping lies here within the remains of this Transcendent’s abode." Xue Ying’s eyes were filled with a strong desire, "There is no other way left. This is my only route!"

Xue Ying retreated until he was beyond the boundary.

"Giving up already?" The golden roc sneered.

"Mortal, you actually have some skills. Yet to defeat us, you are still far from that goal." The golden ape added on.

"Give up? How could I give up?" Xue Ying laughed, "You are just some refiner organisms. To battle, you will certainly waste some energy, I guess! The more ferocious the battle, the greater the energy consumption! Even if you might be able to absorb energy from the world, your energy consumption would surely exceed that of your absorption. The moment you’ve depleted all your energy, I reckon you guys would be unable to move."

Both the golden ape and golden roc trembled slightly.

"Receive this move!"

Xue Ying held onto his long spear. The vast and mighty flames surrounded him as he once again moved forward to attack. However, this time around, he did not activate his Power Bloodline.

Actually, even if his Power Bloodline was not activated, Xue Ying’s physical strength was still much stronger by several times that it was five months ago! As for his speed and flexibility, they were also much greater than before. Currently, his fleshy body would not lose out to Xiang Pang Yun’s mutated beast’s fleshy body. In fact, as a human, Xue Ying’s physique was much smaller and would thus, is more flexible than any mutated beast by more than a level.

"Hong long long~~~" Without his Power Bloodline, Xue Ying was unable to gain an upperhand in the battle. However, with the profoundness of his spear technique and flexible body, he was still able to battle against the golden roc and ape without having either side become a victor from the clash.

"Mortal, are you sure you want to continue fighting?" The golden ape was anxious.

"Of course!" This was the only way of escaping. Why would Xue Ying even want to give that up?

Any refiner organisms must have an energy source contained within. Of course, by borrowing from the arrays placed on their body, they would be able to absorb the world energy to recover, yet this kind of absorption… would be much slower as compared to an anima.

"Monkey, it seems our days as protectors will be coming to an end," the golden roc said.

In the eyes of the golden ape, there was a strand of complex feelings. Presently, it lashed out with its chain right at Xue Ying, "Mortal, if you have the capability to exhaust our energy, then do so. Regardless of what happens, we will still comply with our master’s orders to obstruct you with all our strength!"

"In that case, bring it on!"

Xue Ying saw some hope. Naturally, he was filled with fighting spirit.

An hour, two hours, three hours…

This time, they exchanged moves for a full nine hours. Only after that did Xue Ying take a rest from exhaustion. The crucial point was that when he activated his Power Bloodline, he would naturally consumed energy at a much faster rate. Otherwise, he would be able to persist for an even longer period of time.

Following that, he ate some food and absorbed the energy of the Universe Flame to rapidly recover his energy while meditating to recover his mental strength.

Just three hours later, Xue Ying was once again full of vigor like a dragon and a tiger!

"Let’s continue!"

This second battle lasted through a full three days!

After resting for three hours, he was once again full of vigor.

"Continue." Xue Ying held onto his long spear with flames enveloping him as he once again started fighting.


Fifteen days later.

The golden ape and golden roc sat down dispiritedly.

"You win." The voice of the golden ape was much weaker than before, "Humans are such freaks to recover energy at such a fast pace. Three hours was enough for a full recovery! I’m afraid for us, it would take at least three months. There is no hope for us to persist."

"You are an anima, and we are merely refiner organisms." The golden roc said. The breaths felt from the two of them were much weaker. They only had enough energy to speak and had no more energy to continue fighting on.

Xue Ying was filled with excitement, smiling, "The two of you, I won’t be polite then."

"Actually, our master has been waiting for a long time for a successor, just who would have thought he would be a mortal," The golden ape shook its head while whispering.

Xue Ying walked ahead.

He first observed the octagonal pool. Within the pool, there was a crystal clear liquid with a faint mist floating about on its surface. Lightly taking a whiff, he could already smell that fresh aroma that lifted up his entire spirit and reduced the fatigue of his body. At the same time, his mind improved quite a bit, causing Xue Ying to brighten up, "Such a treasure."

After which, he looked at the skeleton who was seated cross legged on the stone bed ahead of him. On its right hand, there was a silver wristband. By just lightly touching it with his senses, he could feel that it was a storage wristband.

"This junior Dong Bo Xue Ying meets this senior." Xue Ying knelt down to give his respect. Having attained a Transcendent treasure, he ought to kneel down with respect for him, "Please forgive this junior."

Having said that, with a wave of his hands…

Under the coercion of the World Energy, the silver wristband flew from the stone bed and onto Xue Ying’s hands, his Qi immediately refining it. Following that, he began a thorough observation of everything within.

"Such a big space!" With just a look, Xue Ying was startled at the humongous space within this silver wristband.


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