Lord Xue Ying
85 I’m home
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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85 I’m home

"Haha, it seems that having clothes when flying is quite troublesome." Regardless, Xue Ying still felt quite happy.

Beforehand, whenever he flew, he would keep his clothes in his storage wristband. As for the storage wristband itself, since it was a Transcendent Saint lower-grade treasure left behind by Elder Lei Zhen, it could transform into particulates.

But it would not be appropriate to battle in particulate form.

With no armor protecting his body, no protective treasures, and no weapons for parrying, he would certainly lose out when fighting against an enemy of similar level. Thus, battling in the human form would still be his strongest form.

"When master decides to join a Transcendent organisation, master will certainly be bestowed with the most basic of Transcendent goods," The golden ape said.

"Mn." Xue Ying nodded.

Six years had come and gone. All that time, he had lived with these two Transcendent Refiner Organisms. During that time, they had chatted much about various matters regarding Transcendents.

For instance, amongst the many Transcendent organisations – Sorcerer’s Palace, Demonic Faction, the Temple of the Earth God, and Bloodshed Tavern… Xue Ying had more or less, a brief understanding about them.

Of course, Monkey and Little Bird were, after all, just refiner organisms and only knew the most superficial information.

"Let’s go have a look at the entrance to the Major World." Xue Ying smiled.

"The entrance to the Major World is right there!" The golden ape and roc pointed the way for him.

Having studied the map, Xue Ying clearly knew, long ago, where the entrance to the Major World was.

Looking at the ordinary-looking crystal clear walls in the great hall, Xue Ying raised his right hand, bringing forth a blazing faint red-coloured Qi from his palm, easily shrouding and entering that wall. Following that, the wall began transforming into an enormous, quaint-looking door that was about a hundred meters high. A fluctuation ,appeared to be emitted from the door, transferring itself into Xue Ying’s mind.

"I, Black Wind."

"On the other side of the door is a Major Transcendent World. Do not enter before achieving the combat power of a Saint." That fluctuating transmission imprinted a map and several annotations into Xue Ying.

The map represented the Major World behind the enormous door.

"Indeed, it matches its reputation as a Major World. There are actually traces of Demigod inheritances." Having understood the annotations on the map, Xue Ying felt fear. Countless of ten thousands years ago, there was a Demigod within the Major World before the master of Black-Wind Deity Palace died! The master of Black-Wind Deity Palace was extremely powerful at that time, causing the other Demigod to be so frightened that he hid himself. As of today, that Demigod would most likely be dead from old age. However, there might be other Demigods born into this world. Such a world was considered to be extremely dangerous. But it would similarly be a treasure trove of such value that could shake Xue Ying’s world!

"My combat power right now is too weak. If I were to enter, I’d be sending myself to death." Xue Ying shook his head before deciding to turn away and leave the place.

Within the underground great hall.

There was actually another proper door as an entrance, just that it would require the power of a Transcendent before it could be opened.

"Hong long long~~~" Xue Ying’s Transcendent Qi penetrated through, starting the operation of some hidden gears, resulting in an enormous door appearing right on the otherwise utterly smooth crystal wall. The enormous door raised upwards as it revealed behind it azure-coloured stair steps.

"The late master actually swept through this entire area with his senses. The golden ape helplessly said, "Just nearing some slightly important places… would have protectors guarding them. He could not move forward thereafter."

"What did Ancestor Lei Zhen find after sweeping through the entire area?" Xue Ying asked.

"There were many miscellaneous material goods placed around by the master of Black-Wind Deity Palace. However, already acquiring those items was considered as making a fortune for the late master," The ape replied.

The layout of this Deity Palace was relatively complex.

Many places were obviously areas where the master of the Deity Palace used for testing purposes. Thus, not even a single precious miscellaneous material item could be found there. It seems likely that these goods were taken away by Elder Lei Zhen when he was alive."

"There will be no roads further ahead," The golden ape said.

"Is it because of these two?" Xue Ying pointed ahead of him. Within a spacious corridor, there were two sculptures that looked like lions.

"It is because of those two." The golden roc actually spoke for once. Its eyes filled with cold calmness, "The two of them have peak Saint combat power. That year, the late master could not even breakthrough this obstacle they created."

"Peak Saint?" Xue Ying was tongue-tied.

So extravagant.

Refiner organisms were different from humans. Humans would certainly age and die! Yet refiner organisms would never truly age, never die. They could even be passed down to the future generations.

Like Lei Zhen, being the Elder of Sea Deity Palace, a peak Saint expert, he was only able to leave behind two Sky rank refiner organisms. But of course, Lei Zhen hadn’t left much behind when he died because he had decided to sell off most of his treasures for the sake of entering closed door cultivation! But for those at the level of Lei Zhen… it would be really hard to even obtain a single refiner organism with the combat power of a Saint.

"Why would the two peak Saint refiner organisms be placed so freely here within the palace?" Xue Ying thought back to the time when he killed the Black-scaled soldier. That Black-scaled soldier was actually formed by some Black fog and could not be considered to be a refiner organism.

"Our late master said that in the past the Black-Wind Deity Palace master was actually an extremely frightening Demigod Mage. The Deity Palace array that he arranged had not been broken even once by any of the Transcendents!" The golden ape said, "The difficulty of breaking through this array is much harder than sweeping across a Transcendent World. The two refiner organisms you see in front are just merely the tip of an iceberg of the protectors within the entire Black-Wind Deity Palace!"

Beside it, the golden roc continued, "Does master see that? There is the faint marking of an arc over there?"

"I already knew. Ancestor Lei Zhen wrote in his account before." Xue Ying nodded. There were many places above ground that were marked on the map. Within the surroundings of the corridor, there was indeed a big arc of a circle that was left behind by the master of Black-Wind Deity Palace. It was a mark to warn his assistants not to enter the arc, for they would be attacked the moment they did so.

"Let’s try it out." Xue Ying took out a spindle-like dart and threw it!


The dart, shrouded by Flame Qi, turned into a burning meteor as it flew right at one of the lion mutated beast sculptures.

That lion mutated-beast sculpture suddenly opened its eyes, Xiu! Xiu! Two scarlet ray shot out from its eyes right at the darts. With a ‘chi’, the dart was instantly incinerated into ashes.

Xue Ying looked at the scene dumbfounded.

The lion mutated-beast sculpture gave Xue Ying a cold look before closing its eyes once again, with no living breathe as if it were an ordinary sculpture.

"So fortunate that it is extremely loyal in following the orders given by the Deity Palace master, and that it will not attack any living thing outside the arc." Xue Ying laughed, "Alright. I’ve taken a look. Monkey, Little Bird, it’s time for us to leave."

He was merely just trying to understand and investigate…

With his current combat power, forget about trying to seize this Deity Palace, he did not even meet the criteria of entering the Major Transcendent World.

After all…

He had just merely stepped into the rank of Transcendent.


Walking to one of the cracks in the wall within the underground great hall…

"It’s time to go home." Xue Ying waved his hands, coercing the World energy into bringing both the golden ape and golden roc beside him into his storage wristband. This storage wristband was unable to keep an living beings, but for items like the body of a dead men or refiner organisms, they could be safely placed inside.

"Let’s go!"


Within moments, Xue Ying turned into flame as he flew through the cracks.

Following deeper along the wide cracks, the area became narrower, though Xue Ying’s speed of flying was still kept fast.

As the crack became narrower and narrower, it started converging with some of the existing cracks underground, forming an eventual split-road! If not for this, he was able to just concentrate on flying for a full 500 kilometers straight with just one movement.

It was fortunate that Xue Ying had memorised diligently the map left behind by Lei Zhen. Thus, this fork was unable to make him lose his way anyway whatsoever.

As he flew, there were some areas that were extremely narrow! Regardless, the flame was able to flow through them.

Roughly about the time it takes to brew a cup of tea.

"Hu hu hu~~~" A blazing lava river was seen slowly flowing about. Beside it, there were cracks within the mountain rock that were blocked by magma.


A stream of flame flew out from the crack blocked by magma. Above this lava river, in mid-air, the figure of a black-robed young man was seen.

"Lava River!" Xue Ying looked towards the lava river in front of him. At that point of time, delight appeared on his expression, "I’m out!"

Within the time taken to brew a cup of tea, he flew past 500 kilometers of distance before arriving at this lava river.

"Right here is Crow Volcano."

Following that, with a ‘Sou’, Xue Ying turned himself into a stream of water as he flew. Even though his speed was much slower as compared to his flame, it was stealthier.

Within a few breaths of time, a stream of water flew out of a hole within the volcano, before rapidly heading up to the clouds in the high skies.

This volcano was only about 500-1000 kilometers away from Water Rites Town, Snowrock Mountain. It was a relatively famous volcano within the Azure River County, called ‘Crow Volcano’, and a place Xue Ying was extremely familiar with.


Within the night sky, there was a bright and round moon within.

A stream of water flew past quickly amongst the clouds in the high skies. Very quickly, it covered the 500-1000 kilometers of distance.


The stream of water transformed into a black-robed young man.

This black-robed man slowly descended, passing through the cloud-layer. He overlooked the entire place beneath him, that mountain that he rose up at, and the extremely familiar castle on top of it.

"I’m back." A smile broke out on his face.


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