Lord Xue Ying
87 Passing on the Message
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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87 Passing on the Message

Early in the morning, the air was fresh and crisp.

Xue Ying exited the castle through the main entrance, and the soldiers guarding the door excitedly puffed up their chests, greeting, "My Lord!"

Xue Ying recognized several familiar faces among them.

He wandered without purpose towards the peak of Snowrock Mountain, admiring the beautiful scenery below the rocky cliffs, with its many villages and the rushing Azure River, like a band of white silk spread across the distance.

Xue Ying took a deep breath, relishing the fresh, familiar air. It was so much cleaner than the one he’d had to breathe underground, in the great hall of Black-Wind Deity Palace. He could smell the fragrance of flowers and the earthy scent of the ground.

"My Lord," said a voice.

Xue Ying turned around to look at the Great Mage Bai Yuan Zhi, who was coming his way.

"Great Mage." Xue Ying still held deep respect for his little brother’s teacher.

"In front of My Lord, I do not dare to be called Great Mage," Bai Yuan Zhi hurriedly said. Although he did not know of Xue Ying’s recent breakthrough into Transcendence, the fact that he had been able to kill Xiang Pang Yun… told him enough to know that his status was lower when compared to Dong Bo Xue Ying. "My Lord, if you would truly think highly of this old decrepit, then it is enough to call me simply Mage Bai Yuan Zhi."

Xue Ying nodded mildly.

"Actually, I already knew that My Lord had returned last night, it’s just that I wouldn’t dare to disturb you at such a late hour." Bai Yuan Zhi laughed, saying, "Congratulations My Lord, for coming back alive from the Black-Wind Abyss! That Black-Wind Abyss is an extremely dangerous place according to the records written many ages ago. It’s said that not even a single Legend ranker has ever come back out alive, My Lord possibly being the very first to do this!"

"Really." Xue Ying did not say much.

He was a Transcendent as of now. Escaping from that place with merely the power of a Legend ranked expert would be much too difficult, as he had personally experienced.

"Oh yes, what happened with Ji Rong and You Yue?" Xue Ying asked. Even though he had chatted with his little brother for a very long time the previous night, he had not asked him about Ji Rong. After all, she was his ex.

"I see that My Lord hasn’t been informed, as you‘ve just came back after all." Bai Yuan Zhi sighed, "That Ji Rong is now unexpectedly a follower of the Demonic God cult. It was only after a thorough investigation led by Manor Lord Si An that I find out about it."

"Cult of the Demonic God?" Xue Ying nodded. The Dragon Mountain Manor’s investigation skills were indeed very proficient.

"As for Kong You Yue… Approximately half a year after My Lord fell into the Black-Wind Abyss, she went along with mage Si Chen towards the Azure River County," Mage Bai Yuan Zhi continued, taking notice of Xue Ying’s expression. He was, after all, an aged and wise person, and had long ago known of the complicated relationship between Kong You Yue, Si Chen and Dong Bo Xue Ying.

Xue Ying laughed, "So shrewd."

To him right now, he treated such matters quite aloofly and did not hold on to much hatred for Kong You Yue, just that he felt that this girl was really opportunistic in her heart. She should have entered the Si Clan by now.

Clatter! Clatter! Clatter!

The grounded trembled mildly. Xue Ying turned his head towards the source of the sound, finding at the distant path on the hill, a group of riders riding rapidly towards him. As for the person leading the group, it was none other than Manor Lord Si An.

"It’s Manor Lord Si An." Bai Yuan Zhi said, "So early and he has already reached here. It seems Manor Lord Si An departed from Water Rites Town before the sky was even bright. He must have some urgent matters. I’ll be on my way then." Having said that, Bai Yuan Zhi smiled as he retreated.

From the distance, Manor Lord Si An could see Dong Bo Xue Ying standing at the fringes of the mountain peak. Thus, he rode on the horse without slowing down, heading straight towards Xue Ying.

"Lu lu lu~~~"

The horses’ hooves were brought upwards as the horses stopped.

Manor Lord Si An came down with a leap, leaving his horse behind recklessly for his men to look after.

"Lord Dong Bo." Si An had a joyful expression, "Heard that you have came back. Initially, I still held onto some doubts, but this is really such a miracle, a miracle! I’ve already brought the news upwards and I believe that not long afterwards, there will be some Transcendents coming to invite Lord Dong Bo to join their Transcendent power!"

For those who were ranked top 3000 within the Dragon Mountain Book and those who were worthy of being cultivated would usually attract several Transcendent powers interested in cultivating them.

Despite the special treatment, those who were able to step into Transcendence were still only a minority of people.

Like Si Liang Hong, Xiang Pang Yun and many others, despite joining some Transcendent powers before in the past, they were still unable to step into Transcendence.

"Mn?" Xue Ying frowned, "I want to take a trip to Eastfield Province to bring back my parents! You said that there would be Transcendents coming, what is their estimated time of arrival?"

"Lord Dong Bo, please do not! It would be better for you to remain here at Snowrock Castle. My Dragon Mountain Manor’s method of conveying messages is extremely fast. I believe that in about one or two days, there should be Transcendents coming." Si An said. What a joke it would be if Transcendent experts were to be lead here in a wild goose chase!

Xue Ying mildly nodded, "In one or two days time? That’s enough time. I’ll be heading out later towards Eastfield province, Bellfeather County! Before the skies darken, I’ll definitely be back."

"You… You…" Si An was startled, "You’ll be back before dark?"

That was two different provinces.

If he were to follow the path and walk on it, with the roads curving here and there, it would be many ten thousands kilometers long! To say that he would be back before dark?

"From here to Eastfield Province, Bellfeather County, the distance in flying there would just be about 40,000 kilometers long." Xue Ying said.

"Going there and back should be a total of 80,000 kilometers. Even with a top-notch refiner ship, flying at its max speed, that would be 2500 kilometers per hour! Twelve hours in a day… would only allow one to fly to 30,000 kilometers. There’s still quite a distance to cover." Manor Lord Si An was still quite confused.

"No. I’m saying, I’ll be flying there myself." Xue Ying smiled.

Manor Lord Si An was startled. In his eyes, an expression of doubt formed as he looked towards Xue Ying, "Lord Dong Bo, you’ve already…"


On the surface of Xue Ying’s body, a layer of flame-like Qi appeared. That unseen pressure caused Manor Lord Si An difficulties in breathing.

Following that, Xue Ying began absorbing the Qi on the surface.

"Do you believe now?" Xue Ying looked at him.

"I believe." In his mind, Manor Lord Si An waas still in a daze. Dong Bo Xue Ying was just 28 years old and he had already become a Transcendent? Such a monster… for the past thousand years, onl theEternal Wind Knight ‘Chi Qiu Bai’ was comparable! Who was Chi Qiu Bai? That was the number one expert of the entire Tranquil Sun province. Every single power was was very hopeful in Chi Qiu Bai becoming the number one expert under the heavens.

For example, some of the protectors within Black-Wind Deity Palace had high hopes for Chi Qiu Bai, believing that he had hopes of breaking through the arrays.

"Territory lord Dong Bo, Lord Dong Bo." Manor Lord Si An was quite nervous. As the most basic director of the Dragon Mountain Manor in such an isolated place, what would his status be when faced with a Transcendent? If it was the Si Clan or the Mo Yang Clan, they still threaten him with their power. But those clans would still shudder in front of a true Transcendent.

From this, one could see how large the difference in their status was.

"I’ve known you since I was 15." Xue Ying smiled, "You don’t have to be that modest."

"Yes. Yes." Manor Lord Si An was flustering. That was because within the area he was governing, there actually appeared a Transcendent. Such matters never happened for countless of basic directors in the entire world. That was because most Legend rankers would have entered a Transcendent power long before that! Why would a Transcendent actually appear so suddenly that required them to report to the Dragon Mountain Manor?

"I’ll report this matter right at this moment. This matter is really too big." Manor Lord Si An quipped, "Lord Dong Bo, I believe that the six big Transcendent organisations, such as the Demonic Faction and Sorcerer’s Palace, will soon be sending some representatives over."

Having said that, Manor Lord Si An flipped over his hand. Within it, a squarish crystal tablet appeared. Manor Lord Si An immediately carved a few words onto the crystal tablet.

Xue Ying attentively watched this scene.

This was the most low-end message transmission refiner tool, and would most likely be able to transmit the news to the Dragon Mountain Manor in Azure River County! For Transcendents… the transmission crystal tablet they used would enable one to pour one’s consciousness within as a form of message transmission. Even the possible area that the message could be transmitted would cover almost every place under the heavens.

"The news has been transmitted!" Manor Lord Si An’s fingers were still somewhat shaking as he pressed on the transfer button. Thereafter, he raised his head towards Xue Ying.

"Sorry to trouble you." Xue Ying said.

"This is my job." Manor Lord Si An grinned, "And it is my honor. Lord Dong Bo, your matter is really too important. I believe this will certainly be transmitted to the higher-ups amongst the Transcendent organisations! I’m afraid that there will be some delay. It should take about one or two days before the Bloodshed Tavern and Temple of Earth God arrive. As for other organisations, you will have to wait a little longer. Because of the fact that you are a new Transcendent, I’m afraid that the number of Transcendent organisations coming to invite you will be huge."

Xue YIng lightly nodded.

This was within the parameters of the predictions he had made long ago. Having chatted with Monkey and Little Bird for such a long time, he understood more or less about matters regarding the Transcendents’ organisations.

This was why he decided to take the initiative in leaking out the news of him Transcending to Manor Lord Si An and letting him pass on the message! That would allow more organisations to come and invite him themselves. After all, on the road of cultivation… external resources would still be quite important. Only when there was more competition would he be able to make a better decision in choosing a Transcendent organisation.

"I’ll first take a trip to Eastfield province to visit the Mo Yang Clan. After that, I’ll come back to wait for the various Transcendents." Having finished his sentence, with a ‘sou’, he transformed into a stream of flame, rushing up to into the skies. Within moments, he disappeared from the vision of Manor Lord Si An.

Manor Lord Si An was still in a daze as he looked upwards. Murmuring to himself, "A Transcendent actually appeared in our Water Rites Town?"



Among the clouds, a meteor-like streamer flew at top speed. He had left early in the morning. Just two hours later, before it was even noon, Dong Bo Xue Ying had reached the easternmost area that was closest to the sea, Bellfeather County of Eastfield province, Thunder Tide Cliff.

"Mother." The flames in mid-air began agglomerating into a black-robed teenager. He looked downwards.

Borrowing the fluctuations brought by the World Energy…

Xue Ying found out where his mother was being kept.


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