Lord Xue Ying
88 Meeting between Mother and Son
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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88 Meeting between Mother and Son

Xue Ying’s face changed after spreading his senses.


His figure quickly arrived at the thick, heavy door of a cavern located in the middle of Thunder Tide Shore. Xue Ying grabbed the heavy door’s lock, his hands trembling slightly.

Chi… a Legend ranker would barely be able to destroy this lock, but Xue Ying easily crushed it into fine powder with his bare hands.

Clang… Xue Ying gently opened the door.

Inside the damp and gloomy cavern there was a white-haired, purple-robed figure, quietly sitting in the corner.

Because the cavern was located beside the ocean, the air was very high in humidity. At first, Mo Yang Yu had used her magic to dispel the humidity, but now the condition inside was terrible.

Hong long long… the seawater outside seemed to rumble non-stop.

Xue Ying slowly walked closer, and silently sat beside that figure.

Looking at the purple-robed woman in front of him… Xue Ying’s heart was pounding.

When he had been small, his mother was beautiful and graceful.

But the woman in front of him… her hair was white and messy, her complexion was dull, the purple robe she wore was also dirty, and there was no hint of magic fluctuation from her body… she had changed into an ordinary mortal.

Xue Ying’s eyes silently became moist.

He stretched his hand, gently grasping hers. His mother’s hand was rough.

"Mother," Xue Ying softly said.

This white-haired, purple-robed woman turned her head around. When she saw the black-robed youngster in front of her, she still hesitated slightly. Because… the year when the couple was arrested, Xue Ying had been only eight years old!

"I am Xue Ying! Your son, Dong Bo Xue Ying!" His voice trembled slightly.

"Xue Ying?" Mo Yang Yu lightly shook her head.

"I’m really Xue Ying. Look! Here, on my face! There are two small birthmarks." Xue Ying pointed under his eyes. The birthmarks were really light and small. Usually, people wouldn’t notice them. Only after careful scrutiny would they be noticed.

Mo Yang Yu’s eyes look spirited. She carefully studied Xue Ying’s face.

Eyes, nose, ears…

A mother would always know her child. The eight-year-old Xue Ying truly resembled the Xue Ying in front of her. And, after a careful look, in some parts, Xue Ying even slightly resembled his father, Dong Bo Lie.

When Mo Yang Yu’s trembling hand touched her son’s head, her eyes become red and tears flowed down her cheeks.

"Xue Ying, it’s really you? Really you, you’re not dead?!" Mo Yang Yu was excited.

"I’m not dead. I, your son, fell into the Black-Wind Abyss, but I truly got out alive!" Xue Ying was also crying. Words couldn’t express the mother and son’s excitement.

At this moment——

A ferocious guard, suspicious, came to Mo Yang Yu’s cavern door, muttering to himself, "The mage said that Mo Yang Yu’s prison door has been opened? But it isn’t time for the food to be delivered yet, and also, there’s no report of anyone coming to see this crazy woman. This crazy woman obsessively studies magic, and ignores her elder brother, Mo Yang Chen. Who would actually come to see her?"

He quickly arrived at the cavern’s entrance.

The thick, heavy door was really open. The guard looked inside and saw a white-haired, purple-robed woman and a black-clothed youth sitting together.

"Brat, who are you? Who allowed you in here?!" shouted the guard.

Xue Ying had been talking to his mother. Moreover, he had already become furious when seeing his mother’s poor condition. Upon hearing the noisy guard, he turned his head, a cold, murderous look visible in his eyes.


Unintentionally, his willpower fluctuated for a moment.

When Xue Ying had comprehended One with the World, his spirit had also obtained a kind of nourishment. It further improved after his comprehension of the Realm of Myriad Existences. But the most significant improvement had occurred when he had become a Transcendent; aside from body transcension, his spirit had also undergone a qualitative change. The time when Xue Ying had comprehended the state of One with the World, his gaze had become the equivalent of a thousand stares.

Xue Ying’s gaze now contained a considerable amount of pressure.

Once someone stepped into the way of the Transcendent, their whole being would evolve and transform into an entirely different level of existence. The soul was the one part that changed the most, and in the end, could even become God-like!

"Ah!" the guard’s vision blurred, his ears ringing, his entire soul trembling, while his body weakly tumbled down and directly fell from Thunder Tide Shore onto the rocks below. Fortunately, his body was strong enough, so he only coughed a bit of blood before tumbling down into the sea. The impact woke him up and he immediately dashed out as if his life depended on it.


With a glance, Xue Ying watched the guard fall down and run out of sight, then he turned back to continue looking at his mother. Xue Ying held his mother’s hand, saying, "Mother, I will wash your hair."

"Mn, very well. It’s been dirty for so long, anyway." Mo Yang Yu continued to look at her child, as if she couldn’t fully believe he was truly right in front of her

With a gentle wave of Xue Ying’s hand, a golden basin appeared. The golden basin was one of the miscellaneous items inside Xiang Pang Yun’s storage ring.

Water appeared out of nowhere, quickly filling the basin.

Right now, only Xue Ying existed in Mo Yang Yu’s eyes. She did not pay attention to the mystery of where the water had come from. She simply lowered her head, letting Xue Ying wash her dirty hair… Xue Ying washed carefully, water surrounding his fingers as he twined the filth from his mother’s hair. In a short while, Mo Yang Yu’s hair had become clean.

Hu~ World Energy circled around the cavern, making it look brand new. The purple robe that Mo Yang Yu wore was a refiner item. With a light vibration of the World Energy, the filth, dust and stains on the robe completely disappeared.

"Mother. Come, eat something."

Some pastries and fruit appeared on the table, along with a bottle of the Stone of Oceanic World’s spiritual liquid.

Xue Ying gave the spiritual liquid to his mother.

"Try it," happily offered Xue Ying.

"Mn." Mo Yang Yu smiled, receiving the cup, and slowly took a sip. After she drank it, her dull skin started glowing, and her eyes started to sparkle. This Stone of Oceanic World was a treasured core of a Minor World, it could nourish a Trancendent’s soul. Its effect on the mortals was even more magical.

"What’s this? The injury from when my magic went rampant has healed a little!" his mother exclaimed in surprise.

"It is a spirit liquid. Drink some more since it’s good for you, mother. Just drink it freely." Xue Ying then asked, "Mother, your magic went rampant? How come? Before, I heard you’d already had a breakthrough into Meteor rank, how could your magic have gone rampant?"

Rationally, it was relatively safe for a mage to cultivate until one became a Legend ranker.

It was very rare for their magic to go rampant.

Mo Yang Yu slightly smiled, "When I heard about your death, I was full of grief and anger, so I wanted to quickly become stronger, to slaughter my way out. But my heart was too chaotic, too impatient to breakthrough, and become a Silver Moon ranker. When I finally had a breakthrough, the spell matrices broke, and my magic power collapsed, resulting in an injury to my soul."

Xue Ying gently held his mother’s hand, comforting her.


The poor guard who had escaped from the sea had already arrived at the campsite near the forbidden area. He yelled, "Big news! Big news!"


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