Lord Xue Ying
98 Little Brother’s Decision
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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98 Little Brother’s Decision

That same night.

News began to spread like a hurricane throughout the entire Azure River County and everywhere else.

The news was – the Lord of the Snow Eagle Territory of the Azure River County’s Water Rites Town, ‘Dong Bo Xue Ying’ had become a Transcendent!

Many people were shocked by this news.

There were many people within the county who were celebrating this occasion, with people in the various restaurants and pubs discussing this issue. They felt proud over the fact that a Transcendent had appeared within their homeland! Regardless of the location, within the entire Dragon Mountain Empire, any news about a Transcendent would attract the attention of the masses.

A Transcendent once disguised himself as a beggar, and due to the dandyism of some powerful clan who bullied this old beggar… their entire clan was annihilated.

Another time, a person had a fortunate encounter with a Transcendent, who did not disclose his identity, actually rode on the Transcendent’s shoulder, becoming a famous character.

And the conclusion!

Amongst the fables, anything that was related to Transcendents would be something miraculous like the involvement of a huge clan, a frightening and powerful evil-being within the abyss, or something related to deities, and so on.

"Our Azure River County has produced a Transcendent as well."

"I knew it. Dong Bo Xue Ying could match Xiang Pang Yun’s abilities at 22. Should he survive, he would surely become a Transcendent. Guess what happened? The Black-Wind Abyss could never stop a Transcendent!"

"From what I heard, Dong Bo Xue Ying started training spear techniques like a devil at a young age, attaining a deep mastery over them. At 15 years of age, he already had the combat powers of a Silver Moon knight."

"You look down on Dong Bo Xue Ying too much. He killed Xiang Pang Yun at 22 years! I’m afraid that he already became a Legend ranker at the age 15!"


As the stories circulated, they gradually became more and more exaggerated.

But this was very normal. Stories regarding Transcendents were after all, ambiguous by nature.


Before noon on the second day.

A Refiner Flying ship descended at the foot of Snowrock Mountain. After which, a group of people climbed out and started to ascend by foot."We’re Legend-ranked knights and mages from the Azure River County, and are here today to meet Lord Dong Bo Xue Ying." Six figures were standing at the gate to the castle. All of them were Legend rankers, with the beautiful and enchanting red haired woman, Si Liang Hong, leading them. Si Liang Hong had the body of a Blood Devil, causing her charm to reach a shocking level as all the ordinary guards at the castle gate flushed with excitement upon gazing at her.

After hearing the words of Si Liang Hong, they were startled.

All of them were Legend rankers?

Just a moment later, the six of them including Si Liang Hong were granted access.

"Our Lord is right over here." A maidservant led the group.

The six of them looked towards the distant pavilion with two men sitting underneath. One of them looked handsome and extraordinary and had the makings of a dragon amongst men. As for the other young man who was dressed in a black robe… he looked ordinary. But the six of them had comprehended One with the World and could faintly feel the unseen suppressive force being emitted from this black-robed young man, which caused their hearts to palpitate with fear.

"Greetings protector." Si Liang Hong and the others saluted respectfully.

Xue Ying turned his head over, gazing at them, "What’s the matter?"

The leading Si Liang Hong respectfully replied, "We’ve received the orders from the Water Daoist Faction that from today onwards, the entire Azure River County will be managed by protector’s clan. We’ll all support you with our utmost efforts. Whatever the Dong Bo Clan requires us to do, we’ll put in our utmost effort to follow your orders!"

"I understand." Xue Ying nodded.

"Protector." Si Liang Hong suddenly lowered her voice, using the World Energy to transmit it beside Xue Ying’s ears, "Our Si Clan has this girl called Kong You Yue. I understand that the both of you were somewhat involved romantically in the past. I wonder how do you want to handle this girl?"

Si Liang Hong was extremely clear about Xue Ying’s past and future prospects!

In the past, Si Liang Hong did not care much about Kong You Yue. However, right now, Si Liang Hong did not dare to make her own decision regarding Kong You Yue – holding her or killing her.

"You Yue?" Xue Ying began recalling that insignifigant woman.

You Yue was an opportunist, taking the most beneficial actions for personal gain. That year, she had made him so frustrated, and the reason being that Kong You Yue had acted like she was interested in him while staying inside the Snowrock Castle for over six years. He had watched this woman grow up from a young girl, and despite there never being any romantic love between them, there had once been some feelings of friendship. But who would have thought that it was all just a facade?

"Let nature take its course," Xue Ying answered.

"Let nature take its course?" Si Liang Hong dared not to ask any further. She could only obey and let things move on their own accord.

Soon, the six of them left.

Xue Ying did not have much to say to the rest of them. They came this time only to show their attitude of submission! As for the custom of gifting, what kind of gift would a Transcendent want? Attempting to gift Xue Ying would only cause them to be seen as foolish people!

"Brother, how old is that group’s leader, Si Liang Hong, from before?" Qing Shi softly asked. He felt kind of nervous and exhilarated in her presence earlier.

"Having turned her body into that of a Blood Devil, she has a lifespan of 800 years," Xue Ying said; "Qing Shi, let me ask you once again, do you really want to go to the Eternal Wind Academy?"

"Mn," Qing Shi nodded, "As a mage, I would still need a teacher to guide me. I really want to walk further down the path of a mage. Actually, when you fell into the Black-Wind Abyss the other time, I felt regret and remorse over the fact that I did not cultivate properly. That time, I understood that any external power brings only vanity. Only one’s true combat power is true strength. I want to become stronger."

That feeling of helplessness was something Qing Shi would never want to experience again.

"That’s good." Xue Ying nodded. He certainly approved of this, "Father and Mother just came back. For now, you should spend a few more months with them. Going to Eternal Wind Academy shouldn’t be too late by then. When the time comes, I’ll help you arrange your stay at Eternal Wind Academy, along with inviting a Transcendent mage to guide you."

"Mn. Thank you brother." Qing Shi nodded. He was not against someone finding a teacher for him.

After all, he was definitely willing to have a Transcendent guiding him.


Soon, Dong Bo Lie and his wife knew about the matter regarding their son wanting to go to Eternal Wind Academy. Although they were sad about it, they understood since they were in many life and death situations before! They understood that it would benefit their younger son to go to the Eternal Wind Academy. Furthermore, he was not going immediately and would leave a few months later. In the future, they could similarly visit him at the academy itself.

If the distance was far? There was always a Refiner Flying Ship that quickened the journey.

Xue Ying gave the gold notes and treasures left behind by Xiang Pang Yun to his parents. That year, the gold notes within Xiang Pang Yun’s storage treasure had actually piled up quite high. This beast disguised as a human had taken killing as a form of pleasure. He had received countless bounty missions from the Bloodshed Tavern, and thus, obtained a huge amount of gold pieces. After the many years of accumulation, even after being spent on other things, a full eight million was still left behind.

That sum seemed too extravagant! In the entire Azure River County, only some big clans like the Si Clan could compete in wealth.

As the time passed…

Xue Ying spent most of his time with his parents. After all, the moment he decided to leave for the Water Daoist Faction, he would find himself entering the Infernal World soon after, spending anywhere from a few years, to decades, before returning.

This made the Dong Bo couple extremely distressed.

The family had been united together just recently and yet both their sons would be leaving to chase after their dreams. At least their younger son would be at Eternal Wind Academy, allowing them to visit him at times.

But Xue Ying would be entering the Infernal World, and they had no chance of following him or visiting him!


A Refiner Flying ship descended at the foot of Snowrock Mountain, with a large group of people coming out from it. The person leading them was the silver-garbed female Mo Yang Qi! There were elders and various elites behind her, and all of them felt nervous.

Looking at the winding path up the mountain and the faint-looking castle at the peak…

Mo Yang Qi took in a deep breath.

The others could feel their hearts beating erratically.

"The moment that decides the fate of our Mo Yang Clan has arrived." Mo Yang Qi tried her utmost to calm herself down, before sending out the commands, "Come. Follow me up this mountain."

The rest obediently followed her up the mountain on foot.


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