Lord Xue Ying
101 Vice Head
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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101 Vice Head

Inside Water Daoist Temple.

Xue Ying and Gong Liang Yuan walked abreast, eventually arriving in front of a big pavilion that bordered a lake. On the lake, one could see a bald, skinny old man, who emitted vigorous breath, fishing in peace.

"He’s Vice Head Chao Qing." Gong Liang Yuan expression slightly changed and transmitted his voice, "I planned to wait until you finished selecting your weapon and secret technique before bringing you to greet the Vice Head. I never thought we would meet him here. Vice Head is already more than two thousand eight hundred and sixty years old. His life expectancy is already nearing its limit."

"Is he?" Xue Ying felt deep veneration for him.

Demigod ranking number nine, Chao Qing, Water Daoist Faction Vice Head, grasping the True Meaning of Thunder God, a single streak of lightning unhindered under heaven.

Demigods only had a maximum lifespan of three thousand years. But just like mortals, Demigods don’t usually reach that maximum limit. If a mortal had a hundred year lifespan, reaching ninety years was already considered pretty good. A similar analogy can be made for Meteor ranks with two hundred year lifespans, reaching one hundred and eighty years was considered good.

Only some formidable Transcendents were able to reach that limit.

Elder Lei Zhen had consumed the Stone of Oceanic World’s spiritual liquid as his main diet, cultivating and polishing his spirit body, so he was able to live for one thousand five hundred years. But without the aid of the Stone of Oceanic World spiritual liquid, his lifespan would have decreased by a hundred years. Most Demigods usually live until two thousand nine hundred years old. Of course, if they seriously injured themselves during battle, they could die earlier.


Vice Head Chao Qing was already approaching the end of his lifespan.

"Vice Head," Gong Liang Yuan respectfully said, "This is Dong Bo Xue Ying."

"Xue Ying greets Vice Head." Xue Ying also respectfully greeted him.

The bald old man turned his head.

His body was already very old with a face full with wrinkles and clouded eyes. But even though a long time has passed since he last fought and his strength was still unclear, no one dared to sneer at him. His formidable ‘Demigod ranking number nine’ had resulted from his last battle.

"Good." the bald old man smiled and nodded, "This old man was really happy to see an extraordinarily talented genius in our Water Daoist Faction before my end arrives. I still remember the time when I was a Legend ranker, joining Water Daoist Faction with high spirits. How brother Zhang Chen guided me back then… But then I witnessed brother Zhang Chen’s death after his life of over two thousand years.

To live and to die.

This old man have seen too much life and death." Vice Head Chao Qing laughed, "Not many people have lived longer than I have."

Xue Ying and Gong Liang Yuan obediently listened.

A Demigod who had lived for nearly three thousand years, for the twenty eight years old Xue Ying, was a living witness to history!

"Dong Bo Xue Ying." Vice Head Chao Qing abruptly said.

"Junior’s here." replied Xue Ying respectfully.

"As a new Transcendent, you definitely have to make a trip to the Infernal World." said Vice Head Chao Qing, "Sky Realm Transcendents will face cruel battles inside the Infernal Realm. Many Transcendents die there! A talented genius like you needs to be careful when you’re still weak. Don’t die young inside the Infernal Realm."

"Junior understands." Xue Ying felt moved by Chao Qing’s words.

He himself understood.

Sky Realm Transcendents were prohibited from entering other Transcendent Worlds because of the danger. There was no danger inside the mortal realm for Transcendents, almost all the danger resided inside the Infernal Realm! For the sake of sharpening themselves and gaining experience, many Sky Realm Transcendents would be met with death. It was not as if the Transcendents willingly sought for death.

It was extremely difficult for Transcendents to advance if they solely focused on practicing. Like the battle between Xue Ying and the Shadow Leopard that year, battle allowed them to temper themselves and increase their combat prowesses greatly. That year, a single battle had allowed him to break through a rank. Similarly, Transcendents who sought to walk further had no choice but to seek progress through tempering.

Tempering themselves for ten years would give them better results than practicing for a hundred years.

"Newly arrived Transcendents in the Infernal Realm will go through the ‘Transcendent Life and Death Battle’ that has been specially prepared for them. Only newly advanced Transcendents are allowed to participate." Vice Head Chao Qing smiled, "This Transcendent Life and Death Battle is relatively safe and will be watched by many Xia Clan members. This Transcendent LIfe and Death Battle has been held for countless years, some say since the beginning of Infernal Realm. History’s greatest Demigod from one thousand million years ago, the Purgatory Knight Jie Li, was , able to go until the eleventh match when he just ascended to Transcendent!

In the recent thousand years, the most accomplished one is that girl, ‘Dan Qing Yan’ with nine matches! It really is a pity that when she became a Saint Realm Transcendent, she died within a Transcendent World.

In the past, I also survived until the sixth match." Vice Head Chao Qing looked at Xue Ying, "Dong Bo Xue Ying, you can light a new path for our Water Daoist Faction! Survive until ninth, no, tenth match!

Xue Ying inwardly groaned.

‘Vice Head’s requirement was so high! Nine or ten matches?’

After perusing Elder Lei Zhen’s memoir, Xue Ying clearly knew about the ‘Transcendent Life and Death Battle’.

This was a newly advanced Transcendent’s privilege!

Battling arranged opponents in a fixed location, this was clearly an attempt to teach newly advanced Transcendents what Transcendent level combat was. The opponents were usually natives of Transcendent Worlds, and even Demigods may often come to watch. If a fight became dangerous to the point of lethality, the Demigod could make a move to save the participant.

In essence, the Transcendent Life and Death Battle was relatively safe, and also provided a rare chance to observe the various natives of Transcendent Worlds.


A battle between Transcendent Life and Death Battle participants reached such speed that sometimes, even a Demigod is unable to interrupt and save the losing participant. On average, every two or three hundred years there would be one unlucky participant who died while participating at Transcendent Life and Death Battle.

Even Elder Lei Zhen only lasted until the fifth match.

"How many matches did Elder Eternal Wind complete?" asked Xue Ying curiously.

"Chi Qiu Bai? He also battled until the sixth match." Vice Head Chao Qing laughed, "Chi Qiu Bai wasn’t that dazzling when he was a Sky Realm Transcendent. Although he was still young when he became a Transcendent, he had only comprehended the basic, most ordinary aspect of the profound mysteries of Myriad Existence. Afterwards, he abruptly rose, reaching the point where he could even comprehend heaven defying techniques.

One’s potential also could be seen from their performance in the Transcendent Life and Death Battle."

As long as they were still alive, the higher their Battle of Life and Death result, the higher their future achievements will be." said Vice Head Chao Qing, "But there are always exceptions. Rarely, Transcendents with low results obtain high achievements later in life. Take for instance, Mountain Lord He, the number one expert under the heavens today. At that time, he only lasted until his third battle. Ha ha… but keep in mind, you are not Mountain Lord He. Being a Mage, he loves to immerse himself in study. "

"Moreover, the Battle of Life and Death is the only safe opportunity for you to become familiar with the natives from Transcendent Worlds. You have to properly use this opportunity." Vice Head Chao Qing advised, "In the future, there will be no more opportunities like this one."

Xue Ying nodded, "Junior understands."

"Go, go pick your weapon. No need to accompany this old man." said Vice Head Chao Qing, "Right, I see you have already awakened your primordial bloodline. When you’re choosing your secret techniques at Secret Technique Pavilion, you can go to the innermost bookshelf of the third floor and carefully look around."

Xue Ying’s eyes sparkled.

The third floor of the Secret Techniques Pavilion? The innermost bookshelf?

"Thank you for Vice Head’s grace." replied Xue Ying respectfully.

The old man peacefully returned to his fishing, eyes half closed..

Xue Ying and Gong Liang Yuan respectfully bade their farewell and then left.

"Brother Dong Bo, looks like Vice Head has a good impression of you," whispered Gong Liang Yuan, "Actually before, when we talked about you, we also made a bet about your Transcendent Life and Death Battle. Most of us think the highest you can go is the sixth match."

"I myself am not sure about my result," replied Xue Ying nonchalantly, his heart only concerned with the third floor of the Secret Techniques Pavilion that the Vice Head mentioned. What did he mean by it?


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