Lord Xue Ying
127 Everything Has Come to an End
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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127 Everything Has Come to an End

The armour and sword of the male in front of him were all formed by water.

"Hua." This water man took out the sword from his back with his hands.

"My combat power has been limited to a minimum." The water man opened his mouth. Somehow, his voice had a mysterious essence imbued within that made Xue Ying’s spirit tremble, "As long as you can break through my sword techniques with your weapon and contact my body, I’ll collapse automatically and you’ll win."


The water man stood there while holding a sword casually.

Xue Ying was stunned. As long as he could touch the body of his opponent, he would win? However, the more he thought, the more he realised that this was actually a Deity World warrior spoken in the legends. From what he heard, the true combat power of the Deity World warriors… were all at the very least, Demigod realm! Furthermore, they were strange and unpredictable. If their combat powers were not suppressed, the fear was that with just a single move, Xue Ying himself would turn into ashes.

‘It’s really lucky that I’ve a chance to exchange moves with a Deity World warrior.’ Xue Ying calmed himself quickly. Fighting spirit began accumulating within his heart.


Accompanying the fierce flames that covered the distant water man, Xue Ying rushed towards it. In the blink of an eye, he reached the man and began attacking him with his spear.

"Chi chi chi."

All the sounds created from the clashes were soft.

As Xue Ying put in his full strength in displaying all the spear techniques he had, that water man blocked them easily. Furthermore, every time their weapons clashed, it was not a hard on hard clash. Instead, the clashes would occur at the weakest point of Xue Ying’s spear techniques! This prevented him from utilising his spear techniques to the fullest extent in terms of power.

‘Even though his sword has such an ordinary power, my spear techniques cannot be unleashed to their fullest power.’ Xue Ying felt that he had entered a quagmire. The more he tried in releasing his strength, the more he struggled in doing so.

With just a sword from his opponent…

And using an ordinary strength, the warrior could easily break open Xue Ying’s spear techniques!

‘How did the Purgatory Knight from the legends win against the Deity World warrior?’ Xue Ying could not help but think about it. The Purgatory Knight Jie Li was actually the only person in the entire history of Xia Clan to win eleven matches. Of course, the Deity World warrior he faced in the past might very well, be different from the warrior Xue Ying was currently facing now! Furthermore, the reason why that Purgatory Knight Jie Li could win eleven matches was not only because of his primordial bloodline, his comprehension of the Realms had reached a very high level.

At the moment when they exchanged moves, Xue Ying understood that this was a battle he could not win.

If he had a technique capable of teleportation, his attack might be more sudden! However, considering his current speed and flexibility, he was much weaker than his opponent. It was only his power and his spear technique being much stronger! Yet right now, even after using all the spear techniques he had, that Deity World warrior still remained within the one meter diameter of region he began at. At the most, he would just turn his body occasionally.

Since he could not win the battle, Xue Ying was not discouraged by it. This was something he had long expected beforehand.

‘Let’s just enjoy the battle to the fullest.’ Xue Ying would still want to enjoy this kind of battle. Even though he was being suppressed, and all his techniques were being broken open, this implied something… that his own spear techniques were still full of holes! Wanting to ponder through and realise these problems by himself was very hard. Right now, he would just let this ‘Deity World warrior’ dig out all the weaknesses behind his techniques.

‘So, my spear techniques have so many weaknesses inherent within.’

‘My Profound Mystery of Water should allow my attacks to not be interruptible.’

‘My Profound Mystery of Fire should be even more direct. Also, when I use my strength, it should be from multiple fronts.’

‘The fusion of Profound Mysteries of Water and Fire should be even deeper! Both water and fire must be constantly revolving like Yin and Yang…’

Xue Ying discovered the many problems he had with his spear techniques.

For instance, the ‘Profound Mystery of Fire’ which he attained in second level in terms of Realms recently was merely powerful on the surface! However, it was not perfect when he used in a full burst attack. Right now, the Deity World warrior in front of him could easily break apart his techniques. Thus, he should focus his strength on multiple fronts! This was similar to how the story behind the last straw that killed the camel. When the enemy received a fierce attack from his spear, they would instantly defend against it! Even if it was the situation when his techniques were broken apart by his opponent, if countless attacks came rushing fiercely against him, one front, two directions, three ends… the difficulty his enemy had in defending his attack would rise tremendously!

And this idea of using his strength from many different fronts should be the direction he should proceed in comprehending deeper within the Profound Mystery of Fire!

‘The Profound Mysteries of Water and Fire should be more cohesive.’

‘Fusion between water and fire! The rotational power of water turning into the fierce flame power. The power of flame turning into the unpredictability and rotational power of water… this should interchange endlessly, thus allowing his power to rise tremendously!’ Xue Ying had some vague understanding of the Profound Mysteries of Water and Fire.

And it was this vague understanding that led to a vague direction he planned in heading towards.

The ‘True Meaning of Water and Fire’ was so powerful that it was a grade four True Meaning! Thus, it must be extraordinary! Right now, Xue Ying’s ‘Water and Fire Twin Dragon Attack’ could only be considered as a superficial understanding towards the fusion of water and fire. But all matters would have a difficult beginning. It was only due to the fact that he could take this crucial first step at such a young age that led to many Demigods regard him highly. Most of them would think that as Xue Ying grow older, he would have a certainty in comprehending the ‘True Meaning of Water and Fire’.


A hearty battle.

As the water warrior had his power suppressed to a minimum, he could only defend against the attacks! Xue Ying tried in stopping the release of his Power Bloodline, but with this halving of his strength, the water warrior could instantly begin its attack and almost had the chance of triumphing against Xue Ying. This frightened Xue Ying so much that he began releasing his Power Bloodline once again.

After all, as an opponent of the tenth match, even though his defence was extraordinary, his attack should be relatively strong as well. Without releasing his Power Bloodline, he would not be able to hold his ground.


Xue Ying suddenly retreated.

"I admit defeat." Xue Ying suddenly shouted. His body was drenched in sweat. He had consumed most of his stamina and would be out of energy soon. Even though he really wanted to continue on battling, with his Power Bloodline, his consumption of energy would be too fast. Thus, the reality was that he could not sustain himself any longer, and he had to admit defeat.


A beat resounded in the entire Hall of Life and Death. That water man turned into a water droplet once again, before flying upwards and disappearing from the scene.

"This marks the end of Dong Bo Xue Ying’s Transcendent Battle of Life and Death." A grand voiced sounded out with joy imbued within, "It’s really fortunate for all of us to watch the tenth battle of the Transcendent Battle of Life and Death while we are alive. Haha, I am also excited myself in having the chance to preside over this life and death battle. Alright, the gates to the Hall of Life and Death have opened. Everyone, you may leave. This Hall of Life and Death will be closed in a while."

Hong long long~

The gates of the Hall of Life and Death started opening.

Many mortals were all shouting and cheering. They were also discussing amongst themselves as they proceeded out of the Hall of Life and Death in an orderly fashion.


Xue Ying instead flew upwards to the sky. The array did not block his path as he flew towards Chi Qiu Bai, Peng Shan, and the other Transcendents.

"Little brother Xue Ying, you sure are formidable." Peng Shan laughed, "Winning nine matches and even killing an Abyss Demon! You also got the chance to exchange moves with that Deity World warrior… I don’t know how many Transcendents are really envious and jealous of you."

"I believe little brother Xue Ying is already well-known amongst all the Transcendents under the heaven." Cheng Ling Shu was excited as well, "That was too dashing. I’m afraid that in the next few thousand years, the many descendents of ours will say… that in the past ten thousand years, the person of our Xia Clan who triumphed over the most matches in the Transcendent Battle of Life and Death is called Dong Bo Xue Ying! Hahaha…"

Xue Ying laughed.

Winning nine matches was something that all new Transcendents would wish to achieve. This was something that would even be mentioned by descendent Transcendents even after ten thousand years.

It was only legends like the Purgatory Knight ‘Jie Lie’ who could triumph over eleven matches that would cause people to feel despair. That achievement would be mentioned even after countless ages! Even still, Xue Ying did not mind that. These achievements were, after all, just a vanity. Like how Jie Li only became a Demigod in the end and not a Deity! Thus, he had long ago died and become fertiliser for the yellow soils of the world.

Becoming a Deity was actually something all Transcendents desired.

Xue Ying himself had a similar desire!

However, to build a lofty building, one must start from a firm foundation. He was merely a weak and small new Transcendent right now even amongst all the Sky realm Transcendents! Amongst the many Sky realm Transcendents of over a few hundred years in age, many of them would be able to suppress him easily. It was only the fact that he had to participate in the ‘Transcendent Battle of Life and Death’ within the first year of becoming a Transcendent that he had become a bright star.

"Brother Dong Bo." Immediately, many Transcendents came over to greet him.

Right now, Xue Ying was really weak.

Even many Sky realm Transcendents were stronger than him. But everyone understood that Xue Ying right now was still young! And his result in the Transcendent Battle of Life and Death had been so heaven-shaking already!

As for those who had such a great result within the Transcendent Battle of Life and Death… these extreme geniuses would all be extraordinary in the future! Xue Ying himself would certainly become a bright star in the future. Becoming a Saint was a certainty for him. Thus, many Transcendents decided to come and make friends with him. After all, amongst all the Transcendents… the majority were still within the Sky realm.


In another location.

The bald-headed, old codger ‘Chao Qing’ suddenly transmitted a message to the many Demigods privately, "Fellow Demigods, this old one is suggesting that we hold an elder’s gathering for Dong Bo Xue Ying!"

At that moment, the Demigods present – including Mountain Lord He, Faction Head Si Kong Yang, all turned towards Chao Qing.

"I agree." Mountain Lord He transmitted his voice over as well, "Dong Bo Xue Ying is someone worthy of that."


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