Lord Xue Ying
131 Disciple Brothers and Sisters
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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131 Disciple Brothers and Sisters

"Calling all of you as Substitute Elders is precisely for the reason that we hope you all will become Demigods." Under that unseen pressure of Si Kong Yang, everyone was holding their breath, "We’ll bring out huge amounts of resources to groom you all, thus becoming a Saint expert is something not worth mentioning for all of the Xia Clan. Only when you become a Demigod will you be called the backbone of our Xia Clan! What disappoints me so much, however, is that none of you have yet to actually attain the third level of any Realm of Myriad Existences!"

Xue Ying secretly muttered to himself.

Their comprehensions of the Realms were not that high.

But that should be the case. Each different Profound Mystery would have a distinct difficulty in the comprehension of it. Things like Water, Wind, Thunder and Earth of Myriad Existences… would be much easier to comprehend. But for Profound Mysteries like Space, Life, and similar kinds, wanting to achieve the first level comprehension in Realms of Myriad Existences would be extremely difficult. However, the moment one succeeded, a first level Profound Mystery of Space would be stronger than that of Profound Mystery of Fire at the second level!

"According to the old rules," Si Kong Yang continued, "Dong Bo Xue Ying is our newest disciple. Hence, he’ll be ranked in the middle, at the fifth position! The rest of you, adjust accordingly by moving behind by a position. I’ll continue monitoring the changes in your combat power, comprehension of the Realms, and other areas, so that your position may change at anytime."

"Fifth position?" Xue Ying wondered.

Si Kong Yang gave Xue Ying an impatient glare, before adding on to his previous words, "Those with high potential in comprehension of the Realms will attain more resources. As for those who cultivate slowly, and have a weaker potential… will naturally be given less resources! How much you get will be determined by your ranking."

Xue Ying understood.

The nine Transcendents who were being groomed would see changes in the amount of resources they could obtain. This should be right because, through this method, everyone would definitely be kept on their toes in cultivating.

"I’ll come over occasionally to untangle any doubts you have in your cultivation," Si Kong Yang said, "But usually, it’ll be brother Gong Yu! Alright, you all should take this time to acquaint with one another."

"Brother Gong Yu, I’ll make my move first." Si Kong Yang looked towards the yellow-robed old man, Gong Yu.

"Faction Head Si Kong, just leave the matters over here to me," Gong Yu laughed.

Si Kong Yang was someone who had condensed the True Deity Heart. Coming over once every one and a half years was really quite good for them. After all, most Transcendents would have to depend on themselves when cultivating, with Demigods giving some pointers at times.


With a step, Si Kong Yang’s body became enshrined in gold, and thereafter, he disappeared into the skies.

"Alright, Faction Head Si Kong has left. Everyone can take a breather now," Gong Yu laughed, "You all should acquaint with each other first."

"Brother Dong Bo, you sure are quite extraordinary, killing even the Abyss Demon and exchanging moves with the Deity World warrior. We were all so envious as we watched your battles." A tall and big male who was relatively handsome laughed before breaking the ice, "I’m called Situ Hong, the oldest amongst us in terms of age. I’m older than Disciple Brother Zhang just by a year, haha."

Standing by the side with two other men was a guy with a moustache. He laughed and replied, "I’m called Zhang Peng!"

"Greetings Disciple Brother Situ, Disciple Brother Zhang," Xue Ying said.

"You can call me Wen Yong An, greetings Disciple Brother Dong Bo." A thin and young sounding voice that had a soft feeling inherent in its timber spoke out. His smile could penetrate through the heart of many.

"Disciple Brother Wen," Xue Ying said.

"I’m called Du Rou Rou!" A female beside who was plump shouted out, "Little brother Xue Ying, come come come, quick call me sister."

A bead of sweat formed on Xue Ying’s forehead.

This Disciple Sister Du Rou Rou was one of the ugliest Transcendent women he’d ever seen in his life. Usually, Transcendents would undergo a physical rebirth, allowing their skin and complexions to appear more appealing. Their looks would all be relatively good. However, this Disciple Sister of his, Rou Rou, was firstly, really plump. Secondly, her teeth were crooked and her hair was messy. Indeed, she was seriously lacking in the area of appearance.

However, from the perspective of befriending her, this Disciple Sister Du Rou Rou seemed very friendly and not of a sloppy character. Thus, it was worth befriending her.

"Disciple Sister," Xue Ying said.

"Why aren’t you willing to call me sister?" Disciple Sister Du Rou Rou muttered.

"Disciple Sister Du, Disciple Brother Dong Bo just came here. Don’t frighten him too much." A jubilant looking young man, with a huge mouth laughed, "I am Pu Yang Bo, and my specialty is teleportation. Next time if you need to go anywhere, I’ll send you there in a nifty!"

Xue Ying instantly had a good impression of this Disciple Brother Pu Yang.

"I am Yu Feng!" Beside Pu Yang Bo was another young man who seemed to be the most dashing one within the group.

"Greetings Disciple Brother Pu Yang, Disciple Brother Yu," Xue Ying added.

"Old Wu, why aren’t you speaking." Pu Yang Bo tilted his big mouth as he stared at a young man whose face was filled with wrinkles. His hair was mostly white, "Disciple Brother Dong Bo, Old Wu is actually younger than us. However, because he comprehended the Profound Mystery of Death, he became what you see. He usually keeps to himself, and rarely speaks. But his character is quite good."

"Greetings Disciple Brother Wu," Xue Ying said.

That young man who had wrinkles and was mostly white-haired squeezed out a smile. It seemed that he was rusty at smiling and did not really speak with other people.

Xue Ying praised inwardly.

Those who comprehended the Profound Mystery of Death had an extraordinary character.

"Haha, the last person here is Disciple Sister Zhuo. Disciple Brother Dong Bo, I’m sure your heart is already itching by now, right?" Pu Yang Bo introduced.

Xue Ying looked towards the last female.

Her appearance was relatively pretty, and she had a great figure. She could be considered a beauty. However, at the very most, she was only comparable with women like Kong You Yue and not comparable with an absolute beauty like Yu Jing Qiu!


This Disciple Sister Zhuo had an attribute which made others have an insatiable desire to want to touch her. This sort of attraction was something innate to life. Ninety-nine out of a hundred men would all have an incredible desire to own her. Even though Xue Ying had quite a resolute will and was not a pervert, he could not help but control the innermost desire in his heart, causing him to feel something was awry.

"Disciple Brother Xue Ying." Disciple Sister Zhuo smiled, showing her politeness.

"Disciple Sister Zhuo," Xue Ying replied.

Pu Yang Bo who was beside him hurriedly transmitted, "Disciple Brother Dong Bo, don’t lose your soul. Disciple Sister Zhuo has awakened her primordial bloodline. Not only does she have a ‘Extreme Yin Body’, she also comprehended the Profound Mystery of Extreme Yin! Furthermore, this Extreme Yin Body actually has an utmost attraction to most men. Unless you are a guy… who is interested in other guys!"

"Extreme Yin Body?" Xue Ying was shocked. He had not wasted his time during this half year period at the Xia Capital. Thus, after reading and collecting many books, he naturally understood what was the Extreme Yin Body.

For women with the Extreme Yin Body, after losing her virginity to another man, the yin essence would enter the soul of that man and nourish it. The effect brought about by this act would even be greater than many rare treasures, allowing one’s spirit to undergo a metamorphosis! Even if he were to drink the spiritual liquid condensed with the Stone of Oceanic World for a few hundred years, the effect would still not be comparable with this single metamorphosis. Of course, the aforementioned would only occur when the soul of that man was compatible with that of the woman. Otherwise, even someone of the Demigod level would have a hard time attaining that metamorphosis.

"Hehe, as a result, there are currently many others who are chasing after Disciple Sister Zhuo," Pu Yang Bo transmitted.


Xue Ying and the other eight Transcendents chatted for awhile, and broke the ice between them.

"On top of this mountain, there are a total of 12 bamboo houses, from high to low. Each house is allocated based on your ranking. Dong Bo Xue Ying, from today onwards, you’ll be staying at the fifth bamboo house," Gong Yu said. "There is a book giving a brief introduction placed in the bamboo house. After browsing through it, you should know, more or less, some of the cultivation locations within this Scarlet Cloud Mountain World."

"Alright, everyone, time to disperse. Your Disciple Brother Dong Bo isn’t too familiar with this place yet," Gong Yu ordered.

"That’s simple. Later on, we’ll bring Disciple Brother around the place," Situ Hong laughed.

"Disciple Brother, you should go and rest up first. Later tonight, we’ll meet at the Xia Capital’s Seven Moons Restaurant to pick you up," Pu Yang Bo excitedly shouted.

After all, they would be cultivating together in the future. Thus, everyone was quite polite with one another.

Xue Ying soon reached his own bamboo house.

The bamboo house was built on top of a mountain spring lake. The mountain spring emitted a gu gu sound, with heat rising from the lake that caused fog to form. Xue Ying walked on the water towards the bamboo house. Surrounding the house, there were bamboo poles that formed a small courtyard.

"Zhi Ya!" He pushed open the door and entered the courtyard.

It was relatively clean. Placed by the side within was a huge jade pillar.

Listed on top of it were nine lines of text.

Ranking one: Wen Yong An, Profound Mystery of Life, second level, completed the ‘Underground Magma River’ life-death mission.

Ranking two: Du Rou Rou, Profound Mystery of Time, first level, completed the fundamental mission.

Ranking three: Situ Hong, Profound Mystery of Space, second level, completed the ‘Underground Magma River’ life-death mission.

Ranking four: Wu Cang, Profound Mystery of Death, second level, completed the ‘Underground Magma River’ life-death mission.

Ranking five: Dong Bo Xue Ying, Profound Mystery of Water and Fire, first level, no missions completed.

Ranking six: Zhuo Yi, Profound Mystery of Extreme Yin, second level, completed fundamental mission.

Ranking seven: Zhang Peng, Profound Mystery of Space, second level, completed the ‘Underground Magma River’ life-death mission.

Ranking eight: Yu Feng, Profound Mystery of Space, second level, completed the fundamental mission.

Ranking nine: Pu Yang Bo, Profound Mystery of Space, first level, completed the fundamental mission.

‘Rankings? There’s even the rankings listed within the bamboo house?’ Xue Ying helplessly smiled, ‘it seems that the elders of Xia Clan aren’t wanting to let us relax for even a single moment. But how are the rankings determined other than one’s comprehension of the Realms and completion rates of missions. Are there other factors?’

Xue Ying remembered the words from Si Kong Yang.

The greater the potential one had in his comprehension of the Realms, the more resources would be provided.

Those who cultivated slowly, and did not have much potential in their comprehension of the Realm would have less resources given.

‘So they regard one’s potential the most?’ Xue Ying understood roughly what was going on. It was because of her potential that Disciple Sister Du Rou Rou was ranked number two!

‘Haha… it seems that I’m the weakest compared to all of them?’ Xue Ying laughed, ‘It seems that my days in cultivation from now on will become interesting.’

Xue Ying considered this kind of ranking system as entertainment. After all, what he valued most was his own improvement.


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