Lord Xue Ying
143 A Clan Protection Deity Weapon
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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143 A Clan Protection Deity Weapon

Worse comes to worse, knowing that he would only get chased out of the Scarlet Cloud Mountain, he had set his heart to prepare for the worst case scenario. Xue Ying would be the most carefree disciple brother amongst them. He would frequently be within the Summer Pavilion drinking and reading those books by himself… as if he was back in the past experiencing all the different stories related to the past eras of the Xia Clan. There were many milestones within the Xia Clan history; large scale demon invasions; clans facing disasters; the Beast Clan’s slaughtering…
Compared to some of the disasters that occurred in the past, the current era was relatively peaceful.
Furthermore, as time passes, the details of history for the Xia Clan became deeper and deeper.
‘Compared to some of the heroes in the past, I, Dong Bo Xue Ying, am still extremely green.’ The more Xue Ying read, the more he realised just how shallow his knowledge really was. Even though not all the heroes in the past became Deities, that did not mean that they were weak. When they were Demigods… some of them had the combat power to match that of a Deity! Some of them died during the battles with other Clans, and some of them died when fighting against the demons.
If given enough time, some of them might have become Deities in the end if they had not died.
Half a year later, Yu Jing Qiu began her Transcendent Battle of Life and Death.
As for Jing Qiu, she was garbed in green robes and stood there with her green hair let loose emitting out a faint ice-cold aura… preventing others from getting close to her.
"So beautiful."
Many Transcendents were shocked.
The mortals were dumbfounded. Ever since she became a Transcendent, her hair, the luster of her skin, her eyes, and many other areas underwent a transformation. As a result, she became such a soul-stunning beauty! Transcendent mages… as long as they were young and their original looks were good, with the temperament of a Transcendent mage, these women would usually be chased after by many.
‘Hmph.’ As Zhuo Yi watched the battle. Her heart gave a cold snort, ‘It’s merely a beautiful face, that’s all!’
And it was not just Zhuo Yi. Many beautiful female Transcendents felt unhappy! That was because they felt a huge threat.
But the majority of the female Transcendents were jealous of her, that’s all.
The battle started.
During the Transcendent Battle of Life and Death, Transcendent mages would certainly lose out as they could not use any magic equipment at all. They could only use the most ordinary of staffs.
‘No wonder beauties are all loved by many. Looking at her battling is an enjoyment itself.’ Xue Ying smiled. He always tried to be indifferent, yet in his inner heart… he had some special feelings towards Yu Jing Qiu ever since that year when he met her the first time at the Azure River County Dragon Mountain Manor.
"Not good!"
There were five Demigods at the eastern platform viewing the battle. Currently, one of them who wore red robes stood up.

His figure disappeared from the Hall of Life and Death.
Very quickly, this red-robed Demigod entered a secret space within the Infernal Palace.
A long floating bridge was seen cutting through the void.
On top of the bridge stood three figures. The one leading them was a black-haired old man. Beside him were two powerful Demigods.
"Palace Head." The red-robed Demigod greeted respectfully.
The black-haired old man nodded, "Brother Xi Yun, you felt that too?"
"I’m in charge of some areas in Infernal Palace, so I’ll definitely be able to feel that vast and powerful ripple." The red-robed Demigod nodded, "Palace Head, where exactly did such a huge movement come from this time round?"
"That’s right, Palace Head, where did it originate from?" The other two Demigods asked.
This was the most secretive location of the Infernal Palace.
Many secrets of the Xia Clan were hidden within it, with only the Infernal Palace Palace Head being able to control them. That was because the Infernal Palace Palace Head was absolutely loyal to the Xia Clan, and furthermore, many methods left behind by the ancestors of the Xia Clan ensured that for one to become a Palace Head… he would not have any chances of betraying the clan.
"Come with me," The black-haired old man said.
The four Demigods rapidly followed down the long floating bridge towards the void.
As they went further inwards, there were occasionally some huge and powerful ripples.
And at times, they viewed gigantic human figurines lying in the void below.
"It’s here, in front of us," The black-haired old man said. Soon, he stopped. A ripple appeared from the void in front of them, before dissipating and revealing a scene behind it.
It was a world filled with fluttering snow.
Amidst the countless snowflakes, a white-haired old granny walked out. Her hair was entirely silvery-white and was combed very neatly. Her face had a light smile on it as if she was a kind person. It was just that as she walked within the world of snow, these four Demigods who were watching that scene felt a suffocating oppression.
"I’m finally awake after sleeping for so long." This white-haired old granny smiled.
"Greetings, Ancestor Snow." The black-haired old man greeted.
"Ancestor Snow?" The other three Demigods looked confused.
The three of them knew many secrets, and thus, they could find from their memories the person to match this figure. Immediately, their expressions changed.
This white-haired old granny was the strongest Deity Weapon amongst all of the Xia Capital’s clan protection treasures. Also, the difficulty of controlling it was the hardest. Usually, ordinary Deity weapons… could be controlled by any ordinary Demigod! It was just that this Ancestor Snow represented a clan protection Deity Weapon that no ordinary Demigod could ever utilise, or in other words, no Demigod in this current era could use her.
Ancestor Snow was that clan protection Deity Weapon’s spirit.
For Ancestor Snow to wake up, one of two scenarios could have possibly happened.
First… it was that the clan protection Deity Weapon felt a frightening menace coming that might threaten the existence of the Xia Clan! Thus, the weapon spirit would wake up to alert the rest.
And the second… was that she had met an appropriate master!
"Don’t be so anxious." The white-haired old woman laughed, "It’s good news, not bad news."
The black-haired old man and the other three Demigods each heaved a sigh of relief.
"Bring me out first," The white-haired granny said.
"Ancestor Snow, please." The black-haired old man immediately led her out of the secret space.
Following her own senses, the white-haired old woman soon reached the Hall of Life and Death.
The black-haired old man and the other three Demigods stood beside her. At the same time, a ripple in space enveloped them. The Infernal Palace Palace Head was invincible in the Infernal World and acknowledged as the master of Infernal Palace! He could easily separate the space, preventing others from seeing these four Demigods. Of course, they would not be able to see the existence of that white-haired old woman.
"Ancestor Snow, how is it?" The black-haired old man asked.
"I found it." The white-haired old woman smiled before nodding. Looking down at the battle, she saw Yu Jing Qiu who was currently trying to delay the battle.
"Such a pure soul. Furthermore, she became a Transcendent by borrowing the power of ice to transcend her body and spirit?" The white-haired old woman nodded, "That’s right. It’s her."
The black-haired old man revealed an expression of joy.
"But right now, she’s still too weak. Wait until she becomes a Demigod. Only then can she reveal the true strength of the clan protection Deity Weapon." The white-haired old woman said, "Your Xia Clan should groom her well."
Actually, the clan protection Deity Weapon had many conditions that must be met.
Each of them had their own mystical uses.
For instance, the Infernal Palace was by nature, an extremely important clan protection Deity Weapon. It was a space-related Deity Weapon that controlled the entire Infernal World.
Ancestor Snow represented a Deity Weapon that was extremely difficult to control, and she was also the strongest weapon of all! If a Demigod could utilise its strength, she would have the capability to match against the might of Deities.
"We’ll definitely put our best efforts into grooming her. Tomorrow, we’ll send her to the Scarlet Cloud Mountain World." The black-haired old man nodded.
"Mn, sending her to the Scarlet Cloud Mountain World is good. But remember to keep it a low key. I don’t want others to realise how special she is." The white-haired old woman said before asking, "Oh yes, what is she called?"
"Yu Jing Qiu." The black-haired old man replied. Actually, he was feeling a headache.
He could see that Yu Jing Qiu would barely be able to win the third round of her Transcendent Battle of Life and Death. Of course, as a young female mage, it was considered a good result. But wanting to become a Demigod based on this? Too difficult!
Certainly, he would still groom her.
Because the moment Yu Jing Qiu becomes a Demigod, she would be able to fight against a group of other Demigods.


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