Lord Xue Ying
146 A Bosom Partner
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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146 A Bosom Partner

"Making them angry?" Xue Ying laughed. He did not hide anything and described everything that had happened.
Jing Qiu listened next to him.
She heard the words that Xue Ying said: "To become stronger and more powerful? To cultivate and only cultivate? I find this kind of target as a form of torture for me!" and "But because of my fanatical love for spear techniques, I’ll walk on fearlessly!"
All those words…
Jing Qiu felt how Xue Ying’s belief came from the deepest recesses of his heart! This sort of belief was extremely steadfast and powerful, with nobody being able to move or change it.
"Am I arrogant and proud of myself?" Xue Ying asked smilingly.
"No." Jing Qiu shook her head.
"Oh?" Xue Ying was kind of surprised. Amongst the Transcendents, at least 70 to 80 percent of them would think that he was too arrogant.
Jing Qiu laughed, "I can feel the confidence disciple brother Xue Ying has in himself.. Even if Faction Head Si Kong Yang reprimanded you, now six years later, disciple brother Xue Ying has no regrets at all. That made me realise… disciple brother Xue Ying’s choice is the right one."
"Hahaha…" Xue Ying laughed, "I never thought that so many people would think that I’m wrong, and yet, you agree with me."
Xue Ying looked down at the vast range of mountains with a high spirit, "You are right! Six years down the road, and I have not felt the slightest bit of regret. I believe… the road I’m walking on now is much more perfect as compared to the road where I merely seek the True Meaning of Water and Fire!"
"We shall see. Time will prove everything," Xue Ying said confidently.
"I’ll wait for disciple brother Xue Ying then to comprehend a top grade True Meaning," Jing Qiu said.
Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.
Similarly, when a woman had a feeling of adoration for a man, she would naturally stand by his side. Even if she was reprimanded by Faction Head Si Kong Yang, she was still willing to stand beside Xue Ying.
Hu hu.
The two of them flew side by side.
"Look." Xue Ying pointed to the towering peak in front of him, "That’s the Soaring Cloud Peak, and the mountain top is the spot that I love the most. I come here frequently to practice my spear techniques."
"Soaring Cloud Peak?" Jing Qiu’s eyes brightened. She looked up at the peak – this precipitous towering place represented the solitude of Xue Ying, "Disciple brother Xue Ying, may I go up and have a look?"
"Of course, everyone can go up and take a look." Xue Ying laughed.
The two of them flew up to the top of Soaring Cloud Peak together.
Year by year…
The entire Xia Clan remained the same. Amongst the group of Transcendents in the Scarlet Cloud Mountain World, Zhang Peng was still blindly chasing after disciple sister Zhuo Yi, yet she did not show any interest towards him! As for Situ Hong, he had acted gallantly in front of disciple sister Jing Qiu… trying to appear handsome and greeting her everywhere, yet Jing Qiu kept a distance from him.

As for Xue Ying who was number one from the bottom, he was extremely fanatical about his cultivation.
Other than reading the books in the Summer Pavilion, he would spend most of his time cultivating on top of Soaring Cloud Peak! This sort of fanatical cultivation… made other Transcendents dumbfounded! They wondered, won’t he feel tired from cultivating so crazily? Shouldn’t cultivating include relaxation as well? Forcing oneself to cultivate, won’t it affect one’s state of mind and cause one to go crazy?
But in reality—
Xue Ying never felt fatigued at all. That was because, he had been ‘fanatically in love’ with it! What he was cultivating had been something he was fanatically in love with, and thus, he would only become more addicted to it.
Here at the peak of Soaring Cloud Peak, during the evening, there was the glow of the sunset shining across the distant mountains. It was so beautiful.
A white-robed Jing Qiu was seated on the ground. In front of her was, suspended in mid-air, an enormous model of a spell. Looking at this spell model, sometimes, parts of it would break down and reform again. When she had been in deep thoughts for a long period of time, she would look up at another youthful-looking Transcendent, wearing a black robe, seated on the same peak who was also pondering something – that image made her reveal a sweet smile.
Whenever Xue Ying felt like it, he would look at Jing Qiu too, and reveal a smile.
Ever since Jing Qiu had come, his cultivation had become even more fanatical due to the presence of Jing Qiu.
Jing Qiu… also loved coming to the Soaring Cloud Peak. She did not disturb Xue Ying, and only sat on the side to investigate the World, pondering the spell models.
Xue Ying would be pondering his spear techniques.
The two of them rarely spoke. They each cultivated for themselves. Occasionally, their eyes would meet, and they could feel the feelings of the other.
At times, they would spend the day chatting.
Under this isolated cultivation, the two of them had become bosom partners.
As the time passed…
Both showed interest in each other.
Xue Ying did start to like Jing Qiu. When they first met, he had felt his heart thumping. Furthermore, she was a bosom partner on his road of cultivation. Thus, when they spent more time together, their feelings became deeper.
Jing Qiu had long fallen in love with Xue Ying, and as they spent more time together, her feelings became deeper.
Even though—
Both sides had feelings for each other, and that they had an understanding of each other’s heart, the two of them had no plans of marrying any time soon.
As Transcendents, their lifespans were long. Both of them preferred to let things progress naturally and let their feelings grow deeper… until the moment when they felt that it was the appropriate time to marry, they would marry. As for now? They were both spending long periods of time on cultivating, and thus, were not in any rush to get married.
‘Mn? What is going wrong here?’
Xue Ying was perplexed as he walked on the peak, hua, suddenly, another Xue Ying appeared beside him. Before long, a third Xue Ying appeared beside a rock close to him.
The three figures of Xue Ying presented themselves on the mountain peak. One was walking, one was lying down, and one was squatting.
They were, at times, frowning as they pondered. At other times, they were upset and uncertain. Likewise,, they would also talk amongst themselves.
"I’ve already reached the third level of Myriad Existences."
"My illusions should be considered good. However, my attack power… is still lacking." Among the three Xue Ying images, one of them lightly stabbed out his finger.
By stabbing out a finger, Wind, Fire and Water, three colours revolved around it. The swirls seemed as if they were unconquerable. A shockwave could be seen with the naked eyes piercing out from the finger, flying through the distance before plowing into that tall mountain. Pu, the shockwaves penetrated and created a deep hole, with the final stopping place not in sight.
With just the power from a single finger… it was even stronger than all the grade nine and grade eight True Meanings by a huge margin!
"This isn’t what I want."
"What I want is for my spear technique to be more crisp when I stab! Myriad Existences unite as one, and that one stab will instantly be released." These three Xue Ying images spoke to themselves.
"I can’t figure it out."
Suddenly, two of the Xue Ying figures disappeared from the skies, with just a lone Xue Ying sitting on top of a mountain rock. He started gulping down the the contents from a flask of wine with a ‘gu gu gu’.
Right now, Jing Qiu stopped what she was doing. The spell model in front of her started to slowly dissipate. She smiled as she looked at Xue Ying, "Disciple brother Xue Ying, you shouldn’t force yourself too hard. Comparing combat power, right now, none of the others in the Scarlet Cloud Mountain World can triumph over you. If you feel lost right now, then wouldn’t other go and find a beancurd to smash themselves to death?"
"Smashing themselves to death with a beancurd?" Xue Ying looked at Jing Qiu, before laughing, "Jing Qiu, I’ve never thought of comparing myself with the others. It’s just that today, the Profound Mysteries of my Water, Fire and Wind have reached the third level in the Realm of Myriad Existences, and that I’ve fused them together! However, I still find an area which I’m not pleased with. Ai, this sort of imperfection is just like having a fly in a pot of soup – that kind of unbearable feeling."
"Then you’ll just have to continue working hard. I can only encourage you from beside you." Jing Qiu laughed.
On her face was an expression of adoration.
Being a formidable Transcendent mage, she would naturally quantize Xue Ying’s combat power. Seeing that Xue Ying was too lazy to care about displaying his power in front of the Demigods, Jing Qiu would be the only one who knew of how powerful he was. And after this quantization of power, Jing Qiu was very clear that even though the other nine Transcendents on this Scarlet Cloud Mountain World were all powerful in their own rights, Xue Ying had long been riding above the others.


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