Lord Xue Ying
147 A New Demigod
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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147 A New Demigod

‘Disciple brother Xue Ying’s is fusing the Profound Mysteries of Water, Fire, and Wind to such perfection. I perceive this fusion will have such a powerful might that it will become a Profound Mystery of a grade two True Meaning,’ Jing Qiu silently deducted. In the Scarlet Cloud Mountain World, Yuan Qing, Wu Cang, Wen Yong An, Situ Hong and the rest had been each comprehending a grade three True Meaning Profound Mystery. However, compared to them, she felt that each of their Profound Mysteries was weaker than Xue Ying’s by a clear and large margin.
From this point of deduction, the Profound Mystery of Water, Fire, and Wind… if they were able to fuse together to form a True Meaning, this fusion should be a grade two True Meaning.
"Where exactly is the area of improvement."
"Why is this stab not able to achieve my desires with a crisp and succinct motion? Why can’t I get the Myriad Existences to unite as one before releasing them out?" As Xue Ying drank his wine, he frowned while trying out his technique with his fingers.
Jing Qiu watched at Xue Ying’s side, "This road is something nobody has ever walked before in the Xia Clan’s history. Disciple brother Xue Ying will have a tough time in wanting to craft a new grade two True Meaning path. Nobody can help you, and you can only depend on yourself! However, I believe that you will definitely do it."
Hu hu hu.
Xue Ying’s figure split into three again, with all bodies having six arms. The three of them moved apart to different areas of the peak.
All of their arms had a finger pointing outwards as they each pondered and worked on the spear technique.
"Illusions becoming reality."
"Illusions are just a side branch to support me during battle," Xue Ying muttered while contemplating. "My illusions are used to increase the threat I have during battle! And that is only a sort of support. What is more fundamental during a battle is still having a huge combat power. This stab… how can I improve on it?"
Si la.
As he stabbed out with his finger, the space was distorted.
He continued contemplating.
Reaching the third level of Myriad Existences represented the start of prototype for his True Meaning. By then, he should be able to see down the path of his own True Meaning! That was because, after the third level in Realms of Myriad Existences… he would be grasping hold of his True Meaning!
"Only when I perfect this stab can my third level of Myriad Existences reach the grand completion." Xue Ying looked forward to it.
The more he cultivated, the closer he would come to the True Meaning.
"My god!"
"Eternal Wind Knight has become a Demigod?"
That news traveled like a hurricane as it swept through the entire Xia Clan. Even the Transcendent natives and Beast Clan received the information.
The entire world trembled.
Dragon Mountain Calendar, Year 9661, the 3rd of March, Eternal Wind Knight Chi Qiu Bai became a Demigod. This very day was marked down within the Xia Clan’s history. The entire world, other than the Beast Clan’s Great Elder Ao Lan… finally had another Demigod grasping hold of a third grade True Meaning! Furthermore, compared to the Great Elder Ao Lan’s True Meaning of Life that specialised in unpredictability, Eternal Wind Knight’s True Meaning of Void Cleavage was a fierce and power True Meaning used for fighting.

"Dong dong dong…"
On this day, the drums in Infernal Palace sounded and filled the entire world.
The entire Xia Capital was in jubilation.
The human Transcendents felt proud and excited, and they all agreed that… Eternal Wind Knight Chi Qiu Bai should have a power equivalent to the top ten in the Demigod rankings! A few hundred years down the road he should be the number one in the Demigod rankings.
Scarlet Cloud Mountain World, at the halfway mark up the bamboo house mountain, Xue Ying and the other 10 Transcendents gathered.
"He’s here."
"Eternal Wind Knight is here."
Xue Ying, Jing Qiu and the other nine Transcendents looked up at the four figures flying over side by side, as if they were four Deities. One of them, the one in the lead, was actually the Palace Head of the Infernal Palace. Even though his combat power was weaker, he was invincible in the Infernal Palace. His invincibility was caused by the fact hat he had completely given himself up to the Xia Clan, giving rise to an exceptionally unique status.
Beside the Palace Head was Si Kong Yang, Chi Qiu Bai, and Gong Yu.
"Eternal Wind Knight is extremely dashing." Disciple sister Zhuo Yi brightened up, "Compared to the Eternal Wind Knight, Situ Hong and Dong Bo Xue Ying are too far behind him and are too green."
"Hmph." Situ Hong glanced at Zhuo Yi, before thinking to himself, ‘You think Eternal Wind Knight will look at you?’
Ever since Situ Hong put his full energy into chasing Jing Qiu, he had long ago completely severed his relationship with Zhuo Yi.
‘This is my chance! The Eternal Wind Knight is the only Demigod who has grasped hold of a space-related True Meaning,’ Situ Hong brightened up. ‘As long as he guides me, the pointers given will be better than any other Demigod by more than a hundred… no a thousand times! I must make use of this opportunity.’
‘He’s here.’
‘This is our chance.’
Zhang Peng, Pu Yong Bo, and Yu Feng were all excited as they also comprehended a Profound Mystery related to Space.
Sou sou sou sou!
The four Demigods descended.
"Greetings, seniors," Xue Ying and the other 10 Transcendents greeted respectfully.
"Your luck is quite good." Faction Head Si Kong Yang said, "The Eternal Wind Knight has just broke through to become a Demigod and still needs time to consolidate his power. We’ve allowed him to come over to this Scarlet Cloud Mountain World to cultivate in peace along with giving guidance to you guys! He is the only Demigod who has grasped hold of a grade three True Meaning in our Xia Clan. Hmph, saying that, Situ Hong, Zhang Peng, you should be around the same age as the Eternal Wind Knight right."
Situ Hong and Zhang Peng kept mum.
That’s right, they were each over 300 years old.
"The Eternal Wind Knight is already a Demigod, and yet, you two can’t even comprehend any True Meaning related to Space." Si Kong Yang swept his gaze over them, stopping pointedly at Xue Ying, "As for the rest, I hope you will make good use of the time you have available to reflect."
"Eternal Wind," Si Kong Yang faced Chi Qiu Bai with a smile. "However you want to teach these brats, I’ll just leave it completely to you! If you don’t have time or are too lazy to give them any pointers, it’s all up to you as well."
Chi Qiu Bai might become the most powerful Transcendent under the heavens in a few hundred years.
Thus, Si Kong Yang would just let Chi Qiu Bai handle these affairs himself.
"I never knew that in this Xia Clan there was a plan to groom Transcendents – the Substitute Elders," Chi Qiu Bai laughed as he swept his gaze across them. "Xue Ying, mage Jing Qiu, and Yuan Qing, the three of you are also here. It seems that our Tranquil Sun Province is really a place where geniuses are born."
"Damn.’ Situ Hong’s heart sank.
Seems like Chi Qiu Bai had a good relation with Xue Ying.
"Xue Ying, you are actually the first from the bottom?" Chi Qiu Bai laughed, "This time when I decided to come to the Scarlet Cloud Mountain World, I was told about your rankings, and seeing that you, Xue Ying are the first from the bottom, I was surprised for quite some time."
"Ashamed of myself." Xue Ying shook his head helplessly.
"This Dong Bo Xue Ying is too arrogant and presumptuous," Faction Head Si Kong Yang coldly said. "He is currently randomly cultivating to such an extent that he has destroyed his own path towards the True Meaning of Water and Fire. Furthermore, even after I decided to give him a new cultivation path, he rejected my offer."
"Right, this Dong Bo Xue Ying is too presumptuous," Gong Yu agreed.
"Faction Head, I do not agree with your thinking," Chi Qiu Bai said.
Si Kong Yang was stunned.
The others were stunned too.
Zhuo Yi, Wen Yong An, Du Rou Rou, Yuan Qing, Jing Qiu, Wu Cang and the rest were all shocked at this statement.
Chi Qiu Bai actually contradicted Faction Head Si Kong Yang’s point of view in public?
If Xue Ying dared to go against him, Faction Head Si Kong Yang would just reprimand him! But right now, when Chi Qiu Bai spoke against it, Faction Head Si Kong Yang was tongue-tied, as their statuses were different! Chi Qiu Bai’s combat power was extremely great – close to that of Si Kong Yang. He had the chance of becoming the first in the future, even above Mountain Lord He.
Whatever words such characters said would have to be weighed carefully.
"Eternal Wind, you don’t agree with what I said?" Faction Head Si Kong Yang asked. His attitude was entirely different than how he treated Xue Ying.
"Cultivation is a very private matter," Chi Qiu Bai sighed. "Cultivating, is actually the convergence of a person’s wisdom and his comprehension of life. Thus, I do not agree with following the path set by another person. That would be too reckless."


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