Lord Xue Ying
148 I Cannot Give You Any Pointers
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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148 I Cannot Give You Any Pointers

"Reckless? In what ways is it reckless?" Faction Head Si Kong Yang frowned.
"Cultivating so bitterly before becoming a Transcendent, so how could he set down a path?" Chi Qiu Bai replied, "And if the path set for him is wrong, then who will be responsible for it?"
Faction Head Si Kong Yang was stunned, before replying with ridicule, "The success rate set down by a senior is certainly greater. By blindly cultivating himself, the chances of failure will be greater."
"If one makes the wrong choice, he would be responsible for it! But if a senior sets down a new direction, then why should he, who cultivated bitterly into becoming a Transcendent, follow the path set down by the senior?" Chi Qiu Bai rebuked, "Dong Bo Xue Ying became a Transcendent and has his own road to walk. So why should you force him to walk down another path?"
Si Kong Yang replied, "Since I know that he is walking down the wrong path, then should I just let him continue blindly?"
Chi Qiu Bai said a soft voice, "If he has no freedom to choose, then can Transcendents be called Transcendents? Being a mortal will have even more freedom than a Transcendent! If given a choice, I’d rather be a mortal than be forced into a cultivation path I didn’t choose."
Faction Head Si Kong Yang was silent. He understood the feelings of Chi Qiu Bai – remembering that figure holding a saber during a thunderstorm while laughing mournfully, that figure whose hair turned entirely white overnight.
"Ai." Si Kong Yang’s heart sighed once again.
Chi Qiu Bai swept his gaze across the eleven people in front of him, bringing with it a suppressive strength, "I, Chi Qiu Bai, will be giving pointers to you all during the next half a year. I am someone straightforward. Things that I can give pointers to, I’ll not hide. But let me remind you, that you should ponder and contemplate your own cultivation even further. After all, this road is a road that you are walking yourself. Whether it is good or bad, the person who will be bear the consequences is you yourself."
"Zhang Peng, you specialise in the Profound Mystery of Space Edge?" Chi Qiu Bai looked towards him.
Zhang Peng felt nervous as he was being pointed out.
"My True Meaning of Void Cleavage has some similarities with your Space Edge." Chi Qiu Bai smiled, "Come and attack me with your full strength."
Chi Qiu Bai was a competent teacher, as least more competent than Gong Yu and Si Kong Yang.
This might be because his outlook of the world was different.
Gong Yu and Si Kong Yang had each comprehended a weaker True Meaning. Comparing to a grade three True Meaning or a grade two True Meaning Profound Mystery, they could at the most say something based on their limited experiences.
"Zhang Peng, I find that your Space Edge has some flexibility, but it’s not overbearing enough." Chi Qiu Bai smiled, "You should spend more energy on this area of overbearingness. Of course, this is just my suggestion, and whether you want to follow my ideas or not, it’s up to you. But you must remember… any decision you made will be a decision you yourself decide. After you have decided, you must not regret."

"Mn." Zhang Peng nodded. His eyes were bright as he apparently understood something.
"Yu Feng, attack me," Chi Qiu Bai said.
Yu Feng attacked.
Within a short moment.
"Mn, interesting." Chi Qiu Bai was somewhat excited, "Your Profound Mystery of Shadow Space is very mysterious. I that that you should carry forward this sinister attacking method of yours."
"Carry forward?" Yu Feng asked confusedly.
"Right. You must envelop yourself into it, let yourself be a part of the shadow space." Chi Qiu Bai elaborated, "By then, when you attack, it’ll be even quieter and more sinister. By then, I estimate you should be able to grasp hold of your True Meaning of Shadow Space. Mn. This is just my suggestion. What you want to do, just decide on your own."
Yu Feng immediately had some thoughts in his mind.
Soon, Pu Yang Bo came attacking.
"Pu Yang Bo?" Chi Qiu Bai asked, "I find that you have much talent in teleportation, and that you are really, really natural and flexible when displaying it. I reckon you love teleporting right?"
"Mn." Pu Yang Bo nodded excitedly, "I love teleportation the most. As for killing and fighting, those are things which I don’t like as much."
"Then why are you trying out your attacks now? Why are you using the Profound Mystery of Space on your attacks?" Chi Qiu Bai asked back.
"If I don’t attack, then my combat power will be too weak." Pu Yang Bo was bewildered.
"You haven’t grasp hold of your True Meaning." Chi Qiu Bai said, "It is still considered as the early stage of cultivation. Thus, you don’t have to chase after combat power right now. Since you love teleportation, and that you have talent in it, why not spend more time solely just on teleportation! Once you reached an extremity in this area of teleportation, that will be an extremely terrifying situation, and you will be able to grasp hold of your True Meaning."
Teleportation could be high or low in level.
The weaker ones, were just like how the Demigods teleported – to first tear apart space, tear apart a path, before tunnelling through it to the other side.
As for those who were more formidable, just by feeling the location, they would be able to teleport over.
And an even high level of teleportation allowed one to just teleport based on a single thought.
And those who had reached the pinnacle… could even teleport when there was a space and a time shock in the battlefield!
"Last one, Situ Hong," Chi Qiu Bai said.
Situ Hong tried his best in attacking. After all, being the third level in Realms of Myriad of Existences, he was clearly more formidable.
A short moment later, he stopped confidently.
"Eternal Wind, Situ Hong has the deepest comprehension in the Profound Mystery related to Space amongst the four of them. He has reached the third level in Realms of Myriad Existences. One more step and he will be able to grasp hold of his True Meaning," Si Kong Yang added. "I think you should teach him well."
Situ Hong looked expectantly at Chi Qiu Bai.
But Chi Qiu Bai was deep in thought.
"Senior Eternal Wind?" Situ Hong could not help but ask.
Chi Qiu Bai frowned, before replying, "I can’t give you any pointers."
"You can’t?" Situ Hong was stunned, "Senior Eternal Wind, why can’t you give me any pointers? Your comprehension is much deeper than mine, and I hope you can give me just some brief pointers."
"Eternal Wind, just say his weak points." Faction Head Si Kong Yang frowned. He highly regarded highly Situ Hong, after all, other than Xue Ying, he was the only one with a third level in Realms of Myriad Existences.
Situ Hong had a look of longing as he stared at Chi Qiu Bai.
Chi Qiu Bai pondered for a moment, before saying, "Situ Hong, the problem lies in you heart!"
"My heart?" Situ Hong was confused.
"I always felt that the Dao should match up with the heart." Chi Qiu Bai said, "But you… your Dao and heart are entirely in disagreement!"
"What, Dao and heart must match?" Situ Hong wondered.
"Eternal Wind, is uniting the Dao and heart that important? It’s merely just controlling a True Meaning." Faction Head Si Kong Yang frowned. Uniting the Dao and heart was a requirement for one to condense the True Deity Heart! He was an existence who had condensed the True Deity Heart, and thus, he was clear on this point. However, just grasping hold of a True Meaning should not need for the Dao and heart to be united, right?
Chi Qiu Bai shook his head, "I think it’s extremely important. If it was just an ordinary Profound Mystery with a low amount of difficulty, then fine. However, True Meaning related to Space is at least a third grade True Meaning! Wanting to comprehend such a difficult True Meaning without having a sincere heart? That’s too hard!"
"What is uniting the Dao with the heart?" Situ Hong hurriedly asked.
"Uniting the Dao and Heart represents the path of your cultivation and is something that you should love from the deepest part of your heart." Chi Qiu Bai explained, "Even if you did not like it in the past, you can always change your thinking during this process of cultivation, allowing your entire heart to immerse into it and love this sort of Profound Mystery."
"But I really love it." Situ Hong was nervous.
"I ask you… touch your heart, do you truly love the Profound Mystery of Space?" Chi Qiu Bai looked at him – his vision seemingly penetrated through his soul, "And not just treat it as some sort of cultivational means?"
"I…" Situ Hong wished to lie, but under the look of Chi Qiu Bai, he could not lie.
"Lyng is easy, but you can’t cover it up when battling." Chi Qiu Bai shook his head, "From the way you battle, your character is by nature ruthless and cunning! Even though there are many ruthless and cunning Demigods and Deities, and even among the big Demon Gods… the Profound Mystery related to Space is a sort of upright suppression kind of Profound Mystery. And for that, the realm of your heart must be upright."
"You are ruthless and cunning by nature, and that’s inappropriate to the upright suppression Profound Mystery related to Space." Chi Qiu Bai shook his head, "Thus, the road of cultivation you are walking will get narrower and narrower."


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