Lord Xue Ying
149 Well-Deserved Number One
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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149 Well-Deserved Number One

"The road of cultivation becomes harder the further you walk. Others will have a difficulty increase of 10 times, but for you, you will have an increase in difficulty of a 100 times!" Chi Qiu Bai said, "And that’s precisely because your Dao and heart are not united! When you are going to condense your True Deity Heart, I will have nothing I can guide you on. According to legends… if a Deity did not have his Dao and heart in line, he would even see his Deity heart shatter into pieces, and he would eventually run amok before dying in the end."
Situ Hong turned pale as he heard that.
He could discern clearly that Chi Qiu Bai was not lying to him.
"Dao united with the heart represents the condensation of the True Deity Heart." Faction Head Si Kong Yang shook his head, "You shouldn’t feel so despondent. Right now, you are only trying to comprehend your True Meaning. Right now, you are already on the third level in Realms of Myriad Existences and are missing just a single step."
"Right, I’m missing a single step." Situ Hong shook his head continuously, "I will definitely succeed."
"Hmph, how long did you spend to reach the third level from the second level of Myriad Existences?" Chi Qiu Bai snorted, "I dare say, you will spend ten times the time before being able to grasp hold of your True Meaning."
Situ Hong was stunned.
At least ten times?
He spent too long at the second level of Myriad Existences – more than 200 years! One must know that a Saint Transcendent only had 1500 years of lifespan, thus ensuring that he would not have enough time to grasp hold of his True Meaning.
"That time when you became a Transcendent, you depended on the Profound Mystery of Space." Si Kong Yang frowned, "And you’ve already cultivated for 300 over years. How can you not like the Profound Mystery related to Space even now?
Demigods setting down a direction…
Was not something done randomly. Instead, it was dependent on what the Transcendent was good at.
For instance, Xue Ying was good at the Profound Mystery of Water and Fire, thus allowing the Demigod to set down this direction and not any other random direction. If he really walked down this path of the True Meaning of Water and Fire, at the most, he would be immersed in it in about 100 to 200 years down the road. This could also be said to be a type of self-hypnosis. Even if it was not something one initially loved from the bottom of his heart, if he spent enough time on it, he would start liking it.
"I, I…" Situ Hong shook his head, "I’ve only felt that the True Meaning related to Space is very overbearing, and that I have a chance to improve it to the True Meaning of Great Destruction with just a single step. That’s why I decided to continue and comprehend it."
"You think that it’s formidable, thus you decided to comprehend it?" Chi Qiu Bai did not know whether to cry or laugh.
"Then what should I do?" Situ Hong was anxious, "What should I do now?"
Chi Qiu Bai, Gong Yu, Si Kong Yang and the Infernal Palace Palace Head looked at each other.

This sort of situation was rare.
It did not happened with Yu Feng, Zhang Peng and Pu Yang Bo. Very few Transcendents would see this situation happening.
And people like Xue Ying was even rarer – he only wanted to chase after his fanatical love of spear techniques. Even if other people reprimanded him to and tried to force him to change, it would be useless. His heart was firm.
"There are two methods," Chi Qiu Bai said.
Situ Hong brightened.
"First, restart all over again," Chi Qiu Bai said. "Switch to another cultivation direction that you love and something that you would do for long periods of time."
"No no, I’ve cultivated for over 300 years. How can I restart all over again?" Situ Hong shook his head, "As for the other?"
"The other is to ground your inner heart," Chi Qiu Bai said. "For instance, become an ascetic cultivator. Go to all the different places and refine your inner heart and broaden it. Once your character changes, your efficiency in comprehending the Profound Mystery related to Space will greatly increase."
"An ascetic cultivator?" Situ Hong was unwilling.
He looked down upon those people.
Transcendents should be a proud existence, someone looking down on the countless mortals like ants. So why must he cultivate in hardship amongst the many mortals and act like a beggar?
"Alright, the time for me to give pointers will stop here temporarily," Chi Qiu Bai said. "What I’ve said are just suggestions. What you should do should still be based on your own decisions."
"Senior Eternal Wind, we’ve not been given any pointers," Wen Yong An could not help but blurt out.
"That’s right, senior Eternal Wind," Zhuo Yi smiled captivatingly at Chi Qiu Bai.
Wu Cang, Yuan Qing and the rest looked at him.
"I do not know about your cultivation direction, so I’ll not casually give any pointers," Chi Qiu Bai laughed. "During this next half a year, however, I’ll be in this Scarlet Cloud Mountain World. Thus, you can come and exchange moves with me. Maybe during the battle, you will realise your own weaknesses. That should be of aid to you. This is what I can do."
Xue Ying lamented.
If talking about qualifications, Chi Qiu Bai was the only human Demigod in the entire world to grasp hold of a third grade True Meaning, and thus, had the most such qualifications.
But right now, he merely pointed some directions for the Yu Feng and the rest who comprehended the Profound Mystery of Space. As for the others, he did not guide them at all.
Indeed, cultivation is something private.
Soon, the four Demigods left.
Xue Ying and the others discuss events at the halfway mark. Only Situ Hong had an unpleasant expression.
"I’m not satisfied! I don’t believe it!" Situ Hong growled, "What Dao united with Heart, that’s only important when one becomes a Deity. Right now, I’m merely trying to grasp hold of my True Meaning! Even if my Dao and heart do not match, am I not the person with the highest comprehension in Realms amongst the 11 of us? You guys have barely reached the second level of Myriad Existences! So what use is there for the Dao to united with the heart?"
"How can this Situ Hong say such words?" Jing Qiu was startled.
All these years, Situ Hong had acted as someone graceful.
Who would have thought that right now, under his frivolous self, he actually dared spurt out with those words – offending everyone present.
"Disciple brother Situ, your heart is in a mess," Wen Yong An frowned.
"Am I wrong to say that? Your comprehension of the Realms can never be better than mine!" Situ Hong had some sort of crazed look in his eyes, "Look at me, I’ll definitely grasp hold of some True Meaning related to Space, I’ll definitely do it!"
Situ Hong flew up to the skies.
Day passed by day. During their private time, Xue Ying and the rest went to find Chi Qiu Bai to fight against him one by one.
"Xue Ying, you have indeed not disappointed me!" After a round of exchange, Chi Qiu Bai looked joyfully at Xue Ying, "Just now, I was forced to use my Transcendent Qi to suppress you directly before breaking apart your illusions. In this Scarlet Cloud Mountain World, your combat power is well-deserved to be number one! But I’ve no idea what is that Faction Head thinking in his head, giving you the first position from the bottom. If it was me, you will definitely be ranked at the top."
"Big Brother Eternal Wind, you’ve overestimated me." Xue Ying shook his head, "My illusions are still very weak. They were destroyed by big Brother Eternal Wind with just a single suppression."
"How long did you cultivate? And how long did I cultivate?" Chi Qiu Bai shook his head, "And you have not grasped hold of your True Meaning! Wait until the moment that you have your True Meaning, I think I’ll have a hard time in breaking apart your illusions. I estimate… with your current combat power, you’ll be able to win against a Saint of the middle stage. You could even threaten some peak stage Saint realm Transcendents already. So formidable. I estimate that your True Meaning can very well be a grade two True Meaning!"
Grade two True Meaning.
That was something even more powerful than his True Meaning of Void Cleavage.
One must know that usually, only after grasping hold of the True Meaning would one have this sort of unique experiences. But Xue Ying had not even grasped hold of his True Meaning, and yet, he could create six arms and three mirror images of his body already. Furthermore, his close combat capability was powerful, with his current attack having some faint signs of cutting apart space.
When he finally learned his True Meaning, there would be a huge heaven-shaking qualitative change. By then, how frightening would it be?
A grade two True Meaning was considered one spoken only in the legends… and that made sense.
"Faction Head has even said that my road of cultivation is a dead-end." Xue Ying laughed.
"Mn, indeed. You did not take any references with the ancestors." Chi Qiu Bai laughed, "Wanting to grasp hold of a True Meaning is so difficult. Saying that, I did not take reference to any of the ancestors experiences either, and yet, I’ve succeeded. I believe it will be the same for you."


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