Lord Xue Ying
169 Demigod Treasures
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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169 Demigod Treasures

A strand of energy wrapped around Xue Ying, causing space itself to distort. Xue Ying did not resist the energy even though he could clearly use his Extreme Piercing to forcibly break out!
His surroundings changed.
Xue Ying was transferred from a field of grass to standing in an enclosed hall.
This hall was completely sealed, with several fire crystal lamps lighting up the place. Powerful Demigod Treasures were displayed within. There were also some relatively powerful mage items, unique treasures, and powerful array formations.
"Substitute Elder Dong Bo." There was already a Saint Transcendent in the hall.
"Elder Ning." Xue Ying recognised this person who had a divine sword on his back as someone called Ning Nan. Right now, he was ranked 25th in the Saint rankings.
The two of them briefly greeted each other before continuing their search for treasures.
Xue Ying walked on within the hall while examining the treasures. In the future, when he went to battle against the demons, he would primarily need a protective robe! When his own weapon could not parry the attacks, a high-quality robe could possibly save his life. After that, the next important item would be a good spear.
This is quite good.
After looking at all the various Demigod rank robes, he finally chose one of them-
Xue Ying read the description: Water-Fire Cloud Robe. Refined by a Demigod great mage who comprehended the True Meaning of Water and Fire. He spent more than ten years refining it, utilising the Profound Mystery of Waves that was part of the True Meaning of Water and Fire in constructing the spell model to refine this robe. The moment this spell is activated, there will be unseen waves emitted from the robe to protect the wearer and separate them from all attacks. peak stage Saint realm Transcendents will barely be able to pierce through the protective waves, and even if they do pierce through this robe, the power of their attacks will be weakened tremendously.
It was a Mid-Grade Demigod Rank treasure! And its cost was 32,000 contribution points!
This is it. Xue Ying picked up the robe and tried it on. The material used to craft this robe was extraordinary, and Demigods themselves would certainly be unable to destroy it! However, some powerful explosive force would still be able to bypass it and reach his body. Furthermore, attacks were usually targeted on one’s face and throat, which this robe did not protect.
If he were to be attacked at his face or throat, he would have to depend on this robe’s unseen wave for protection.
Waves from the True Meaning of Water and Fire? Xue Ying activated the spell.
Water embodies the ripples of waves.
Fire embodies the spread of fire waves.
That Demigod great mage’s True Meaning of Water and Fire had reached a peak attainment which had almost reached the stage of condensing a True Deity Heart. His specialty was in the area of waves, enabling him to refine this Demigod treasure. Demigod treasures… were not something any ordinary Demigod mage could refine.

So formidable, intertwining both water and fire to such an extent as if they were twins. The waves formed are used to stack upon one another, making it very mysterious and unpredictable. The moment Xue Ying activated the spell, he could feel a layer of dense waves on the surface of his body. These waves were extremely mysterious. Being quite well-learned in the area of water and fire, he was able to easily activate the spell. However, with his current comprehension, he was still quite far from understanding the model.
Regardless of the type of incoming attacks, they should be weakened by these undulating waves, causing the power of those attacks to be greatly reduced. These waves can even match the power of a peak stage Saint Transcendent, Xue Ying nodded in his mind.
Even though there were other, much better protective robes, Xue Ying knew that treasures related to defense were originally extremely expensive. Spending 32,000 contribution points for this robe was already considered expensive.
If he owned this robe, he would be able to casually attack even while facing it head on.
No Transcendents below the peak stage of Saint realm would be able to hurt him in any way! As for peak stage Saint Transcendents, they would barely be able to pierce through the layer of waves. With such powerful defenses, when the attacks did reach him, the force would be exhausted. The threat brought to him by the top ten rankers within the Saint rankings would thus be reduced by half.
As for a spear, I’ll choose this. Xue Ying quickly found the spear that he wanted.
In a battle with demons, having a good weapon was a must.
As with the robe, Xue Ying read the description attached to the spear. Stellar Firecloud Spear: The spearhead is refined from Stellar Stones collected from the Deity World, and the spear shaft refined from Firecloud Metal. With such extraordinary materials, it was left behind by a guest from the Otherworld after dying. It weighs 7,500 kilograms, with no other exceptional qualities aside from its sharpness.
A Mid-Grade Demigod rank treasure that costs 30,000 contribution points!
Such a waste, Xue Ying thought. Firecloud Metal, Deity World Stellar-Stone… the materials used are so extravagant. If only it was refined by an extremely powerful mage with some spell matrices engraved it. For instance, having a spell to create illusions, or to increase the speed of spear techniques, or maybe incorporating some frightening poisonous effect on it… who would have thought that not a single spell model was refined into it.
That’s right.
This was a spear with entirely no evidence of magical array formations. It was given such a grade simply because of the materials used in refining it! Just the Deity World Stellar-Stones alone would give it a price more exorbitant than the materials used to make other Mid-Grade Demigod rank treasures.
It was a pity that this was a fully refined Demigod treasure, thus no one would be able to deconstruct it in order to obtain the Deity World Stellar-Stones.
The only advantage this weapon had was that the Deity World Stellar-Stones were used to refine the spearhead, giving it an incomparable sharpness! Because it was extremely sharp, it was given the rank of Mid-Grade Demigod weapon. It’s price was exorbitant too. Usually, attacking-type treasures were cheaper than defending-type of treasures, yet this spear had a price similar to the defensive-type robe.
What I’ve seen in this spear is precisely its sharpness, Xue Ying revealed a grin. ‘Extreme Piercing can certainly pair up with this spear’s superior sharpness! Who could block my piercing after using this spear?
Xue Ying paid the contribution points for the items.
The total cost of the Water-Fire Cloud Robe, the Stellar Firecloud Spear, and three sets of powerful array formations added up to a total of 79,000 contribution points.
That was more than what he had planned to spend by more than 10,000 contribution points.
After all, exchanging points for such treasures was something that could never be estimated accurately! So what if he overspent? By chasing and killing more demons… he could still earn more rewards. Furthermore, this Stellar Firecloud Spear was a must since it greatly increased his own combat power!
The Transcendents and Legend rankers of Water Daoist Faction had completed their exchange for treasures. Once it was noon, everyone started departing.
"Board the ship."
A gigantic flying ship descended at the entrance of the Water Daoist Faction temple. With his white hair fluttering about, Chi Qiu Bai stood on top of the battleship. Sending the various Transcendents and Legend rankers back to their hometown was his responsibility. With the True Meaning of Void Cleavage, and being a Demigod… sending them back quickly and safely was a task he was expected to be good at.
"This is the route we’ll be taking, later on, Transcendents. I’ll send each and everyone of you back. As for Legend rankers… look at the routes carefully to decide where you will disembark" Chi Qiu Bai said.
A huge map displaying various routes was posted next to the entrance of the battleship.
Within the five provinces, many places were marked, showing where the ship would be stopping at.
Everyone briefly looked through and thought of where they would want to disembark.
"Disciple brother Xue Ying," Jing Qiu was startled at hearing how much Xue Ying had spent on his items. "You’ve spent 17,000 contribution points buying arrays? Such a huge price… I believe that each of the array formations should delay Demigods for some time, and no one below the realm of Demigods can break through such an array. Actually, there’s no need to purchase such a good array. Spending 5,600 contribution points should be enough to buy a sufficient array. Arrays are totally different from mage equipment."
Indeed they were different.
Mage equipment was a smaller scale version of an array, and mage equipment was also portable.
Arrays were placed permanently without any mobility. Furthermore, the area encompassed by array formations was huge. As a result, the difficulty in placing arrays can be seen. An array that costs 17,000 contribution points could purchase mage equipment worth tens of thousands of contribution points.
As arrays were powerful and relatively less expensive than mage equipment, in many provinces and counties there would usually be some huge arrays laid out within them.
"I’m satisfied with what I spent on the arrays. By the way, Jing Qiu, I see that the plans for chasing after the demons have been passed down to us. Are you assigned to the first half of the year or the second half of the year?" Xue Ying asked. Every Transcendent must seek and kill the demons, but it was impossible for them to always be on the search. According to the plan, every Transcendent would have to commit half a year of their time to this mission.
It was a unified deployment plan put in place by the Infernal Palace.
Half of the Transcendents would work the first half of the year, while the other half of the Transcendents would work the latter half of the year. This plan allowed them to take turns in searching for demons.
And the half-year period during which they rested could be used to peacefully cultivate.
"I’m assigned to the first half of the year," Jing Qiu laughed. "Tomorrow is the day when I need to start finding demons to kill. What about you?"
"I’m also assigned to the first half," Xue Ying smiled. "It seems that today, I’ll have to trouble you in helping me set up the arrays."
"These are all fully-built arrays. All you have to do is place them into formation. It’s quite simple. Half an hour should be enough time," Jing Qiu nodded.
The two of them leaned against the window, chatting with one another. They isolated themselves so that their sounds would not leak out. Nobody disturbed them.
After all, there were only so many Transcendents within the ship.
Half an hour later after leaving Water Daoist Faction.
"Next stop, Tranquil Sun Province, Azure River County, Water Rites Town," Chi Qiu Bai’s voice resounded. "Those who are disembarking, please get ready to leave."
After saying those words, Chi Qiu Bai turned to look at Xue Ying.
Xue Ying and Jing Qiu both stood up.
As they were walking onto the front deck…
"Xue Ying, you must be careful in the future," Chi Qiu Bai transmitted a message. "Don’t try to be too brave! The comprehension of your True Meaning is more important."
"Mn, big brother Eternal Wind. You must be careful too. We must never look down upon the demons," Xue Ying replied.
The two of them briefly chatted for a while.
The battleship tore through space, coming out of the void. Overlooking the scenery below, the battleship hovered over the highest mountain amongst a chain of mountains. This location was none other than Snowrock Mountain where the Snowrock Castle was built.
"Snowrock Castle," Xue Ying revealed a smile. This was the place where he had grown up, and naturally, the place for which he had deep feelings.


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