Lord Xue Ying
175 Big Fish II
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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175 Big Fish II

All of the hidden assassins, including Blood Hand, felt a sudden buzz in their brain before they all fell onto the ground, one by one. Some fell leaning against the walls, whilst others tumbled down from the roofs.
All of them did not show any signs of life after that.
On each of their foreheads was a hole made from the penetration of a copper coin. Under the manipulation of World Energy, these copper coins had soundlessly killed every one of them in the darkness.
I really want to see what you guys will do next With a flash, Xue Ying’s figure disappeared from the alley.
Soon, several spies cautiously approached the pitch-black alley.
"Not good."
"This, this…"
"All of them were killed by hidden weapons. I think the murderer must have assassinated them in the dark, catching them unaware."
"Right. Look at the angles of where the hidden weapons came from. The murderer must have walked along the roof at the side of the dark alley and sneakily killed them all!"
The spies examined the corpses thoroughly. They analysed and concluded what had happened before hurrying back to report to the higher-ups.
Night fell. In one of the extravagant halls of the Sky Fire Trade Union Headquarters.
"The murderer sneaked his way in and used hidden weapons to kill all of them?" President Nan Meng Xin’s expression was ugly. "The assassins that Blood Hand brought with him were all elites. They were also extremely careful in finding the right place to hide. Yet this murderer was able to discover every single assassin and even ambush them… I fear he must have used World Energy to observe our men’s positions. This murderer… is he actually a Legend ranker?"
Previously, he had only casually exclaimed the possibility of the murderer being a Legend ranker, after all, Nan Meng Xin knew in his heart that the possibility of him being one was extremely low.
The number of Legend rankers were too few and far between! The number of Legend rankers who could attain One with the World in the entire Azure River County did not even surpass ten, and all of them were extremely famous. For there to be an unfamiliar Legend ranker appearing, it was was borderline impossible.
He had honestly felt that at the very most, it would be a Silver Moon Knight who was very formidable and specialised in hidden weapons. Even if he were to borrow some type of unique Refiner treasure to attain the combat power of a Legend ranker, he should still be someone whom the team he dispatched could deal with. But One with the World… if the murderer was careless, they might succeed. But should the murderer use World Energy to observe his surroundings, failure was definitely the final result.
"President, what should we do?"
"How should we handle this? Is he going against our Sky Fire Trade Union? Will he kill his way to our headquarters?"
"Should we notify the Dragon Mountain Manor and ask them to come and protect us?"
The upper echelon of the Trade Union became anxious.

"Stay calm!" Nan Meng Xin furiously shouted.
"All of you, return. Go back and stay inside your homes. Let’s watch the situation for now and see exactly what this Legend expert wants to do before discussing," Nan Meng Xin bellowed.
Nan Meng Xin immediately left the headquarters, silently returning to his own hidden room. Right now, staying back at the Headquarters would only put himself in danger so he did not dare remain there.
The night passed by peacefully, and the sky gradually brightened.
That night, the Headquarters did not encounter any attacks.
Nan Meng Xinwas by himself in his pavilion, frowning and contemplating over the matter. The Legend ranked expert first killed off Vice President Yin and his bodyguards. He then deliberately stayed in the restaurant before killing the men I sent out! Clearly, he is provoking us. I highly doubt that things will end just like this. However, after a night, he didn’t come and assassinate us… What exactly does this Legend rank expert want? Or is it because he had some enmity with my Sky Fire Trade Union?
He was feeling quite fidgety.
A Legend rank expert who had attained One with the World and was proficient in hidden weapons was enough to cause unease amongst all those from the Sky Fire Trade Union.
I must settle this issue as soon as possible, and the only way to do so is for me to invite the Elders! Nan Meng Xin rushed to the backyard of his home before calling for a rank five flying beast that was currently resting.
"Let’s go."
Nan Meng Xin jumped on top of the flying beast and flew off.
With a flap of its wings, the gigantic green-coloured bird cleaved through the air and accelerated upwards into the sky.
Xue Ying was currently lying on the rooftop of an inn overlooking the eastern horizon. The sun had risen already.rise.
Mn? This Nan Meng Xin did not sleep the entire night, and now, he actually flew out of the Azure River County on a flying beast? Is it to call for help? Xue Ying thought to himself. Based on the remains of the battle that I left behind, he must have thought that I was a Legend rank expert. Since that’s the case, he still dares to seek for help? Who could he go to? Unless there’s an even more powerful entity behind the Sky Fire Trade Union?
This thought instantly filled Xue Ying with interest.
Xue Ying turned into a stream of wind and flew into the midst of clouds, flying slowly behind the enormous green-coloured bird and Nan Meng Xin.
This enormous green-coloured bird was extremely fast, it exceeded the speed of sound! Even Legend rank experts could only watch helplessly as it zoomed by. However, to Xue Ying, this speed was too slow, far too slow.
Nan Meng Xin flew on his enormous green-coloured bird in the cloud layer, rushing for three hours out of Azure River County before descending and following a caravan for half a day. Thereafter, he rode a horse down the countryside roads.
Xue Ying had been patiently following him.
His interest became greater and greater.
I believe something special will happen! Xue Ying thought, as his expectations rose.
Having ridden on the horse along the countryside for close to an hour, Nan Meng Xin soon reached the lands of a noble. There was a relatively extravagant castle, spanning close to 2.5 kilometers in diameter. It was somewhat bigger than Snow Rock Castle. Of course, the Dong Bo Clan today was currently expanding. Other than the original Snow Rock Castle that was situated on the mountain peak, there was large-scale construction happening at the foot of the mountain.
Whilst standing in mid-air, Xue Ying looked ahead from a distance as Nan Meng Xin enter the castle.
Xue Ying’s eyes brightened up.
His World Energy had long pervaded through the castle, letting him examine every single corner with precision.
This truly is a big fish! Xue Ying’s eyes held excitement within. It seems like I’ll have to start slaughtering!
There were many traps laid within the castle.
Nan Meng Xin respectfully waited in a hall.
"Nan Meng, the Left Elder has given you permission to enter," a Silver Moon Knight said as he came over.
"Thank you, Brother Yue." Nan Meng Xin was full of smiles. "When will Brother Yue come to my Sky Fire Trade Union? I’ll definitely treat you well. It has been a long time since the two of us went out together."
"The demons had arrived recently, making my work even heavier and more serious. Unlike Brother Nan Meng who only has to take care of the trade union, I’m not as free." The Silver Moon Knight gave a mild smile.
"Ai, Brother Yue, it’s not like you don’t know about it, but controlling this Trade Union isn’t easy at all." Nan Meng Xin shook his head.
The two of them soon reached the outside of the hall.
There was an old man garbed in a blood robe seated within. His eyelids were drooping downwards. An unseen pressure emitted from him.
"Greetings, Left Elder," Nan Meng Xin respectfully greeted as he entered the hall.
"Mn." The blood-robed old man let out a soft voice, before opening his eyes. "Nan Meng, what is the problem. You should already know that I don’t have time for any of those small matters."
"Left Elder, this time, I think the Sky Fire Trade Union has encountered a huge trouble." Nan Meng Xin explained. "I truly have no other means of solving this, or else I wouldn’t have come here."
"Big trouble?" The Left Elder frowned. "The Sky Fire Trade Union could only stand up today after many years of building a good foundation, and it’s my responsibility to oversee it. Now that I’ve passed it on to you, if any issues cropped up… You will have to pay with your life, and I’ll be punished as well."
"I understand." Nan Meng Xin nodded. "The situation is like this."
He explained the matter carefully.
He was very clear that the fighting between inner factions was extremely fierce. He belonged to the faction under the Left Elder, and naturally, he would seek him for help. If in the future, the Sky Fire Trade Union’s power was affected, then it would be too late to ask for any assistance.
"Legend rank expert?" The Left Elder frowned. "Who is it that dares to fight against us?"
"Naturally, he does not know that this Sky Fire Trade Union belongs to you, Left Elder. Otherwise, even if there was were ten of him, he still would not dare to act," Nan Meng Xin flattered.
"Hmph, even if he succeeded in killing your team of assassins in the dark, it does not mean he is a Legend ranker. He could be just a meticulous Silver Moon Knight who specialises in hidden weapons." The Left Elder sneered. "Whatever. Regardless of who he is, go and talk to him and find a solution. That would be for the best. If you can’t resolve it and he is like a lion that’s opening his mouth, we’ll just get rid of him. I’ll have two Bronze Emissaries follow you back."
"Yes, yes." Nan Meng Xin was inwardly filled with joy. He knew clearly how powerful the Bronze Emissaries were. Two Bronze Emissaries were enough to kill Si Liang Hong. Since that brat dares to rile me up, he will know very soon that I am someone who shouldn’t be provoked so easily! Hmph.


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