Lord Xue Ying
180 Discovery of the Demon
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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180 Discovery of the Demon

"You want to violate our agreement?" The Demonic God Wu Yun Huo was angered.
Even a small and weak little demon dared to haggle with him? In the Dark Abyss, there were so many demons serving him, and with just a single word, none would dare to go against him because…it would mean instant death! Amongst the countless people under him, he was too lazy to even glance at demons of this level.
But it was because this was the Xia Clan’s World! Being a Demonic God, the power he could use in the Xia Clan’s World was too little. As a result, he could only set down an agreement with this weak little demon.
"Sir Demonic God, of course I dare not violate our agreement. The agreement clearly stated, however, that I did not have to partake in any activities that will lead me to my death," the servant replied.
"Da Bi Xi! Dong Bo Xue Ying only became a Transcendent 20 years ago. Today, he is merely at the initial stages of the Saint realm and has not cultivated for a long period of time. With your combat power, I believe that you can kill him in just a single move! In a single breath of time, you can exert more than 100 moves."
The Xia Clan’s Transcendents would immediately report up the chain the moment they discovered any traces of demons, but the time for any Demigods to arrive would usually take a breath of time.
After all, the fastest method to travel would be to teleport, but the distance one could travel was extremely short. As a result, they would need to teleport a few times, making the journey quite lengthy. Furthermore, this was not suited for a long-distance rush.
All together, tearing apart space and penetrating through it would require a breath’s worth of time at the very least.
Within this breath of time… it would be the most dangerous period for any Xia Clan Transcendent!
If his luck was good, the Transcendent would discover the demon without its knowledge. Naturally, that was the easiest and most casual method. He would only need to report it, and a Demigod of the Xia Clan would rush down to the scene and get rid of the demon.
But if the demon himself discovered the Transcendent of the Xia Clan and fought him, then it would be absolutely dangerous!
The best solution would be for the Xia Clan’s Transcendent to kill off the demon, but if that was not possible, then he would need to survive for a breath of time!
In history…
Many Transcendents of the Xia Clan perished under the retaliation of demons!
"After killing him, the Demigods of Xia Clan will arrive. How can I escape then?" Da Bi Xi asked.
"I’ll bring you away with teleportation. Even though my combat power is being suppressed, I can still utilize profound laws. The Transcendents of the Xia Clan could never compare with me in terms of profound law comprehension. I can easily bring you away!"
"Half the time it takes to breathe! I’ll battle for half the time taken to breathe once. If I were to be defeated, then you must definitely bring me away!" The fat servant replied mentally.

"Deal! Half the time taken to breathe once, and I’ll bring you away should you be defeated." Demonic God Wu Yun Huo had great expectations.
As long as he could successfully kill Xue Ying, he would immediately escape with this demon.
The moment any human Demigods arrived, they would certainly chase after them through the undulating waves of space and ignore the weak mortals left behind. Furthermore, the mortals of Dragon Mountain Manor would need some time to arrive, giving the secret underlings of this main altar a chance to move the treasure away.
If he could negotiate, he would negotiate!
But if the negotiation failed, then he would kill!
The treasure must be kept a secret!
"What? Are you, esteemed Demonic God sir, going crazy from anger?" Xue Ying looked towards the red-skinned Demonic God garbed in black robes in front of him, unaware that he was currently having a discussion with another demon. After all, the profound laws utilized by this Demonic God was too deep.
Compared with the Demonic God…
The current Xue Ying was only a young and tender brat just stepping on his route of Transcendence.
"Hmph." Wu Yun Huo snorted.
The moment the snort traversed out of his mouth—
A fat and ordinary servant from the group of servants many hundreds of meters away suddenly burst out in speed, and in a short moment, he broke through the corridors to arrive in front of Xue Ying.
"Not good!" Xue Ying’s expression changed. This fat and innocent-looking servant began to form black scales on his body. His height also grew to over three meters, and he wielded an enormous cowhorn axe in his thick and red-scaled hands. The sharpness of this axe was unquestionable. Anyone who saw it would certainly cower in fear. A layer of delicate red scales appeared on his face, and his dark-yellowish eyes were full of killing intent.
Xue Ying immediately transmitted a message to inform the Infernal Palace through his communication wristband—demon discovered!
The closest Demigod to Xue Ying at the moment was none other than Tranquil Sun Province’s Eternal Wind Knight Qiu Chi Bai.
Currently, he was in the Eternal Wind Academy giving some pointers to his own two disciples.
"Xue Ying discovered a demon?" Qiu Chi Bai quickly stood up. Receiving the news on his communication wristband, he also noted Xue Ying’s current position on the map. He did not even leave behind any words to his disciples as every single moment was crucial; it could determine the life and death of the Xia Clan Transcendent who discovered the demon!
Space was torn apart in front of his eyes as Qiu Chi Bai entered into the void.
The moment Xue Ying reported to the Infernal Palace, a spear immediately appeared in his hands—the Demigod weapon Stellar Firecloud Spear.
The demon’s enormous and misshapen legs stepped on the stone tiled floor, causing it to cave in. All the tiles he stepped on turned into powder, cracks snaking outwards on the surface. The enormous cowhorn axe in his right hand started dancing as if the world would be torn apart. Within the blink of an eye, that axe arrived in a horizontal cut in front of Xue Ying.
Too fast! Too fierce!
The cowhorn axe’s edge was even taller than Xue Ying and shrouded by a fiery-red colour, causing Xue Ying to feel as if it was a volatile volcano!
Such ferocious might, and a power that seemingly could not be blocked!
The moment Xue Ying took out his spear, he did not hesitate to use the strongest move he had.
Extreme Piercing!
Si la—
Xue Ying’s figure flashed, disappearing alongside his spear. Right after, he appeared to the left about three meters off the ground! It seemed as though he had teleported, enabling Xue Ying to evade this terrifying cowhorn axe’s horizontal swipe. Furthermore, Xue Ying’s spear was already directly piercing towards the skull of this demon!
Too fast, too unpredictable!
The other thick arm of the demon also grabbed hold of the cowhorn axe, slashing it upwards by three meters and blocking the sharpness of Xue Ying’s spear!
From this single clash of unrestrained power, a terrifying shockwave blasted out.
The shockwave immediately exploded in all eight directions, causing the nearby stone tiles in a 100 meter diameter to crumble. The silver-robed leader who was initially pouring wine was instantly killed! Even the World Projection of the Demonic God teleported immediately out of the affected area.
All those elders, the Silver Moon Knight, the servants, and Nan Meng Xin…
Alongside the stone tiles and environment, they disintegrated into powder. Other than a Legend expert’s corpse, every other person shattered.
"How could it be…" Even in his death, Nan Meng Xin wondered how the death of the Vice President Yin could have led to such a terrifying conclusion…


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