Lord Xue Ying
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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190 Undercurren

Xue Ying was currently high up in the sky.
With him at the center, the area up to a hundred meters surrounding him was distorted, and the surface of his body was vaguely blurred by the protection of the Profound Laws. It felt as if within this space, his entire self had become the sole overlord with everything revolving around him.
I never thought that by using Earth to sustain Water, Fire, and Wind, I would be able to grasp hold of the Embryonic Form of the True Meaning of Star, Xue Ying thought.
The True Meaning of Extreme Piercing…
Had never been documented as part of the nine different grades of True Meaning within the records passed down from the Deity World. On the other hand, the True Meaning of Star was actually mentioned in the records.
This True Meaning of Star was a grade two True Meaning within the nine grades of True Meaning in the Deity World!
A grade two True Meaning was spoken of only in legends. Its might was undisputably mysterious! Those who grasped hold of the True Meaning of Star were extremely terrifying characters. Their bodies could transform into Stars! And with this external defence, it would be akin to how Stars and the Earth were immovable! With just a movement of their limbs, it would be like a Star smashing over!
Furthermore, after gaining the bodily characteristics of a Star, their surroundings would be able to produce gravitational force! Those who grasped hold of the True Meaning of Star had the ability to affect the gravity of their surroundings during battle… and any ordinary Saint realm Transcendent would be afraid of entering this area for fear that their bodies would collapse. Their bones would be smashed into pieces from the gravitational force, and inevitably, they would die.
This was a grade two True Meaning with balance in terms of its defensive and offensive capabilities.
As for the Extreme Piercing which Xue Ying grasped hold of, it was at the end of the offensive spectrum with an extremely powerful attacking power! Right now, however, he had comprehended only its embryonic form, and thus, its true might was not fully revealed.
In reality, there were some True Meanings like the True Meaning of Space that were extremely balanced in terms of offensive and defensive power amongst the grade two True Meanings.
An expert who grasped hold of the complete True Meaning of Space would be able to easily swim through any ordinary space, shadow space, spaces between different realms, and many other varieties. Teleportation and penetration through space was an easy task for them. They could even control space itself to toy with their opponents and kill them…
The True Meaning of Star was equally powerful!
It was also well-balanced.
Once the body became a Star, it would be immovable like the Earth, and its offensive power would be even greater! Furthermore, the gravity around the body could be used to suppress the enemy.
In a battle, it would be akin to using a Star to crush the enemy from all fronts!

Even though it wasn’t an unpredictable might, this kind of direct suppression would still create extensive trouble for an enemy.
A grade two True Meaning, Xue Ying contemplated. Extreme Piercing is a grade two True Meaning, and so is the True Meaning of Star. Right now, I have grasped hold of the embryonic forms of two different grade two True Meanings.
Since he had grasped hold of their embryonic forms, he could only continue down the paths and perfect it. Before long, he would be able to transform them into complete True Meanings.
Two different grade two True Meanings…
That was truly heaven-defying.
At the very least, there are many gaps in my spear techniques that are covered up by my comprehension. Xue Ying displayed his spear techniques. As the spear danced about, every single move brought with it a fierce might, equally powerful in both offensive and defensive strength.
Such a pity it’s not a grade one True Meaning. Xue Ying revealed a grin.
Indeed, he had this strand of wishful thinking.
Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind might really have a chance of forming a perfected grade one True Meaning! But what exactly would it entail? A grade one True Meaning appeared only in the legends of legends… and represented a perfect, top-tier True Meaning. In every aspect, regardless of whether it was the True Meaning of Illusions, Strength, Agility, the Realms or the Soul, Life or Death… a grade one True Meaning would be perfect in all areas.
For instance, a man who grasped the True Meaning of Extreme Piercing… even though he could not control time, when faced with a True Meaning that could control time, the threat it posed would be drastically reduced. After all, his figure would be like a Point of Extremity; against Time Acceleration, Time Stop… they would have a much reduced effect against just a single Point of Extremity.
Thus, all experts who could control a grade one True Meaning were extremely terrifying people.
And as the True Meaning became further refined, it would become even more enigmatic and mysterious.
The True Meaning of Star had heaven-defying defensive and offensive power, as well as a domain of gravity… yet it was marked as only a grade two True Meaning. Nonetheless, it was an extremely powerful True Meaning.
This did not mean that fusing more Profound Mysteries would result in greater formidability, however, as it could create an effect similar to adding details to a masterpiece and destroying the entire art piece! He had spent a long time contemplating how to cover up the weaknesses inherent in his Water, Fire, and Wind. Fortunately, he had a sudden revelation when he saw the northern Snowy Plains that served as an inspiration for him, resulting in an unhesitant decision to comprehend the Profound Mysteries of Earth!
A Grade one True Meaning isn’t that easy to comprehend. On the contrary, Xue Ying did not feel that disappointed in himself. Instead, he was relatively happy.
A grade one True Meaning…
Was only a dream for him!
He set it as a side-goal, hoping to achieve it in his dreams. In reality, it would be normal for him to be unable to achieve this goal. That was because comprehending a grade one True Meaning … was just a legend, even in the Deity World or the Dark Abyss!
If he achieved it, then that would be a heaven-shaking surprise!
For now, he felt satisfied comprehending the embryonic form of the True Meaning of Star. After all, the Extreme Piercing had been too skewed in terms of offense. Even though it gave him a terrifying attack power, it left too many gaps and weaknesses in other areas, making it easier for his enemy to target and restrain him using those weaknesses. With the True Meaning of Star, he felt that these areas of weakness had finally been covered without any obvious and revealing gaps.
Hu. Controlling the force, Xue Ying began to reabsorb the energy, and with him at the center, the hundred meter radius void started dissipating.
Snow continued to fall from the sky.
The piece of cliff he had previously been standing on, however, had disappeared. Walking on the air, Xue Ying headed towards the distant Jing Qiu who was currently looking at him.
"Disciple Brother Xue Ying, seeing how good your mood is, I bet you must have achieved something good?" Jing Qiu felt excited for him.
"Mn." Xue Ying nodded.
"Looking at that previous void sphere, it seemed really terrifying. I myself felt as if I would die the moment I entered!" Jing Qiu exclaimed in admiration.
"There’s still a long way to go. That’s merely the embryonic form of a True Meaning," Xue Ying replied.
When a True Meaning was still at the stage of an embryonic form, it was extremely weak.
The gravity domain merely encompassed an area of a hundred meters! And its power was very weak. Any peak stage Sky realm Transcendent would die the moment they stepped into the domain! The gravity would immediately affect every single part of the body, even the organs and viscera as well as the brain. Thus, for anyone below the peak stage of Sky realm, the inner part of their brain would immediately be distorted and turned into paste.
For his gravity domain to instantly kill a peak stage Saint realm Transcendent, however, he would have to wait until he could control the complete True Meaning.
"Let’s go. We should head back." Xue Ying looked at the colour of the sky. "It’s going to be time for dinner soon."
"In the afternoon, Qing Shi had come over to ask you to come down for lunch. Fortunately, I asked him not to wait. If I didn’t, he would have waited until the sky darkened." Jing Qiu laughed.
"Qing Shi…" Xue Ying nodded lightly.
When he was young, he had loved his brother too dearly.
Even though his brother started changing after seeing him fall into the Black Wind Abyss, this personality of his had already been imbued deeply and would be difficult to change. In his opinion… even though his brother seemed to be quite diligent and considered a genius amongst mortals, he was missing a sort of single-mindedness from his experiences—a single-mindedness that would allow him to forgo all mortal matters and focus with his entire heart and soul on cultivating.
Let’s forget about it. Even though I reminded him many times, cultivating is ultimately a path no one can help with. I protected him too much when I was young, Xue Ying thought. If given another chance, he would still not be willing to treat his little brother too strictly.
Xue Ying and Jing Qiu walked side by side to the Snowrock Castle.
The two of them left behind an unbroken trail of footprints on the snow.
This day seemed ordinary.
Yet in reality, the existence who grasped hold of two different embryonic forms of grade two True Meanings had emerged.
The days passed by.
The Transcendents of the Xia Clan tried their hardest in searching for demons, wanting to kill them to satiate their thirst.
Yet all of the demons had long hidden themselves from the World of the Xia Clan, causing a time of peace.
Year 9665, November.
The waves smashed against the cliff. On one of the solitary mountains by the side of the cliff, there was an extremely desolate castle. Inside the castle, there were many guards patrolling the grounds. This location was the home of a powerful Demigod belonging to the Xia Clan.
Before the invasion of demons, most Demigods spent their time cultivating with the hopes of becoming Deities. Thus, it was not unusual for them to find a quiet and desolate place to concentrate on cultivating. Cultivating beside the sea was quite an ordinary matter for them.
Chi chi chi~
Within the castle, within a secret hall, there were two large, black oil lamps emitting the chi chi chi sound. The oil inside the lamps was glowing red. And yet, when it was burned, a green-coloured flame emanated from it. A mild and strange smell enveloped the entire hall.
A figure stood there. His entire body was enveloped by a black fog, making it hard for anyone to clearly see his appearance.
In front of him, there was a crystal ball floating mid-air.
Above the crystal ball, there were five different images. These pictures contained terrifying demons of different appearances. There was an icy-blue, big and tall demon, a purple-armored, thin and small demon, an enchanting, crimson-scaled female demon, a demon with a lofty body figure…
"Five Generals," said the figure enveloped in black fog.


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