Lord Xue Ying
208 The Joy of Success
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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208 The Joy of Success

"I don’t think I’ve been discovered," Xue Ying said.
"You aren’t sure?" Chi Qiu Bai, Si Kong Yang, and Mountain Lord He all hesitated.
Xue Ying explained, "I killed the weaker demons as soon as I arrived. However, there were still three rank four demons and two other rank five demons who survived! I was only able to kill them off after engaging in close combat. I’m not sure… if this Heart-Linking Demon was one of the rank five demons. If he was amongst them, then I’m afraid I may have been discovered!"
"Haha… if my memory serves me right, all of the Heart-Linking Demons are extremely pitiful. They suffered from a cruel method of secret cultivation, causing large amounts of them to die! There were only a few who managed to survive!" Chi Qiu Bai laughed. "They couldn’t survive even when taking into account their extremely formidable life force, since the secret cultivation method actually targets the soul! The souls of many demons failed to withstand it and therefore immediately dissipated. Even if it succeeded, their souls would be left with large amounts of secret imprints. In other words—their souls turn into a sort of communication equipment! The moment they unleash the secret imprints on their souls, they are immediately able to communicate across worlds!"
"Even when they succeed in creating this communication equipment, their souls would still incur terrible injuries," Chi Qiu Bai continued. "Thus, it is extremely difficult for them to cultivate!"
"Mn." Mountain Lord He also smiled. "Heart-Linking Demons are definitely rank one or two demons! For one to become a rank four or five demon, the probability… would be one in a million! The chances of you having been discovered are extremely low, and even if you were, we can only blame our luck for being bad!"
Si Kong Yang patted Xue Ying on the shoulder. "Xue Ying, good job!"
Currently, Si Kong Yang’s mood was exuberant and complex at the same time.
Back then, he had actually been furious over Xue Ying’s choice of cultivation for being so self-centered, his care and concern changing into anger! Yet more than ten years had passed since his success in the Mountain Road mission, which revealed that the mistake was on him. Currently, Xue Ying could directly destroy a demon base situated in a minor Transcendent World. Whether he had been discovered or not, the largest threat brought onto the Transcendents of Xia Clan had finally been removed!
Even if he was discovered, the Demon Army would still command all the demons in the elite teams of the other four bases to retreat.
"It wasn’t much," Xue Ying said. "I’ve merely used a little bit of my time to battle with them. Sister Ling Shu and many others have instead paid the price of their lives!"
Chi Qiu Bai, Si Kong Yang and Mountain Lord He became silent.
These past few years, the number of Xia Clan Transcendents who died had become twice as large when compared to the start of the war! Whether they came from Mountain Lord He’s Black White Deity Mountain or Si Kong Yang’s Water Daoist Faction, there had been many Transcendents who died. And most of them were people they were familiar with.

"That’s why I’ve always been proud of my Xia Clan," Mountain Lord He started. In the past, he always had a light-hearted and detached demeanour, yet right now, his eyes were bright and full of sharpness. "It’s precisely the willingness of these Transcendents to sacrifice for the Xia Clan that allowed our Xia Clan to become the master of this mortal world! If not for the generations after generations of Transcendents battling fiercely, if not for the ancestors of our Xia Clan who sent back treasures to their homeland, our Xia Clan wouldn’t have lasted for so long."
Xue Ying nodded. These past few years, he would always feel a stab in his heart whenever he heard news of a Transcendent dying in battle! But that led to a qualitative change in his heart, allowing him to appreciate more of what he had currently. That made him understand how the Xia Clan managed to last until today—it was thanks to the contributions of their ancestors, some of which even paid the clan with their lives! Without these contributions by their ancestors, the Xia Clan would have been destroyed! And frighteningly, he might have not even been born.
"Quickly, let’s continue the mission!" Si Kong Yang requested. "The faster we do this, the better. As soon as a member of the Demon Army tries communicating with the demons in any of the minor Transcendent Worlds and nobody replies, we will be discovered!"
"Mn." Xue Ying and the others nodded.
Every base he destroyed meant a team of elite demons being killed.
Rank five demons were rarely found, so missing this opportunity meant they would lose their chance of annihilating large amounts of them in the future.
"Go, let’s continue to the next base."
The four of them continued their journey through the void layer in between space.
Back in the Infernal Palace, Palace Head Chen was currently standing outside his study room by himself. Nobody in the Infernal Palace knew of how nervous he currently was.
Palace Head Chen was solemnly waiting for news—news of the mission’s result!
He was afraid…
That Xue Ying’s attack would fail! After all, even with a huge chance of success, one would still be anxious deep in their heart until hearing the end result!
You must succeed, you must succeed in destroying the arrays of these demons. Palace Head Chen was praying expectantly. You must not fail. The moment you fail, our Transcendents will face even more attacks by the Demonic Avatars of the rank five demons.
Every second felt really hard to get through.
Sweat was forming on Palace Head Chen’s forehead, for the life and death of half of his Xia Clan’s Transcendents was dependent on this mission!
Suddenly, a message was transmitted over.
"Success! The first demon base has been destroyed!" It was Xue Ying who transmitted the message.
Palace Head Chen was stunned for a moment before elation overcame him.
"Success, it’s a success! Hahaha! That’s good, very good! I knew that Dong Bo Xue Ying would not disappoint me." Palace Head Chen was extremely excited.
After that, more messages arrived through the transmission.
"Old Chen, Xue Ying succeeded! And he killed all those weak demons immediately after entering. I think the Demon Army has no knowledge of this!"
"Dong Bo Xue Ying has successfully destroyed the first demon base without being discovered."
"Success, Xue Ying is really capable. Palace Head, I think we have not been discovered by them. Preparing now to head to the second base."
The messages by Si Kong Yang and the other two made Palace Head Chen even more excited.
"It seems that Xue Ying’s first proposal was a success!" Palace Head Chen was exuberant. Before this mission, he had prepared with Xue Ying, listening to his plan of how he was going to kill the demons. The very first proposal was hopefully managing to exterminate all the weaker demons as soon as he landed in order to prevent any information from leaking out. If the array was too formidable for him to enter, he would use the back-up plan—to attack directly and destroy the arrays! By then, he would certainly be revealed.
"Very good, it’s good that he wasn’t discovered. Kill, the more demons you kill, the better!" Palace Head Chen’s eyes were filled with killing intent. "All these damnable demons who dared to invade our Xia Clan’s world should be annihilated without remorse!"
The entire Xia Clan World was extremely quiet and peaceful.
Even though the demons would occasionally attack some small places, their influence on the bigger picture of the entire Xia Clan was minute! The countless mortals continued their peaceful days, some moving continuously about, others cultivating diligently, crying for love or living in seclusion for the sake of revenge or even due to an ambitious heart… all these mortals had their own methods of living.
But as they continued with their lives, they did not know that behind this world, in that very moment—
There was a Transcendent called Dong Bo Xue Ying and three other Demigods of the Xia Clan attacking the bases of the demons!
Because of this successful attack…
Many Transcendents would be able to survive, and the lives of those demons for the next thousand years or more would become much more miserable. The extent of their rampant actions would also be reduced drastically, allowing billions of mortals to survive in the future!
In one of the minor Transcendent Worlds.
A team of powerful elite demons were currently living in a demon palace situated within.
And their commander was none other than the strongest rank five demon amongst those who invaded the world—Demon Ji Er Luo!


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