Lord Xue Ying
216 Fantasy?
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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216 Fantasy?

Having fallen into such a predicament, Xue Ying no longer dared hesitate. He immediately charged to the closest plate! As long as he destroyed this plate, he would be able to utilize the Extreme Piercing to appear in any spot within a radius of 50 kilometers, allowing him to attack them one by one! By then, the team of Reincarnators would no longer be unable to surround him.
"The second plan has failed. Commence the third plan! We go all in!" The handsome teenager’s expression turned sinister.
"All in!" Even though the black metal construct male was moving quite slowly under the repulsion force, he still kept charging forward while gritting his teeth.
As for the succubus, demon Ji Er Luo and the rookie Sword Devil, they were also closing in on Xue Ying at high speeds!
"Fix!" The distant red-robed female looked towards Xue Ying before casting her spell.
"Mn?" Xue Ying saw the world turning red in his eyes, as gigantic red lotuses bound him.
The Stellar Fire Cloud Spear arced at a terrifying degree, its momentum allowing the spearhead to pierce into the red lotus in front of Xue Ying. As soon as the True Meaning of Extreme Piercing’s might was displayed, the red lotus instantly collapsed.
"Everyone, please be careful. His defense is really great. Using only his body, he managed to withstand twelve of my attacks. From that I can be sure that his defense is much stronger than any of ours! His power must also be very formidable, for he could resist the a peak grade Demigod rank spell scroll without having his physical body explode. I’m convinced his physical strength has reached a terrifying level," the handsome teenager transmitted to the others while simultaneously moving at great speed to a position above Xue Ying. His movements were accompanied by some sort of mystical undulation. He was the first to reach Xue Ying.
Ji Er Luo was the second!
Even though Xue Ying was fast, he had still been affected by the red lotus. Thus, he had not reached the plate before the two opponents reached him.
"Scram!" The spear fiercely whipped out as if its body was a lash, its movement like a star being flung.
"Mn?" The handsome teenager was wearing a pair of gloves that allowed him to block the attack by dissipating its force. One could see ripples concentrating on the surface of these gloves. As soon as he clashed with the spear, a terrifying force exploded outwards!
Such incredible strength! Even though he was expecting it, he was still shocked. The force caused him to fly backwards.
Xue Ying frowned. This handsome teenager was, indeed, his biggest enemy. After sweeping across with his spear, he was actually met with some sort of void-like, empty feeling in response.
"He is also a human and shouldn’t have an undying body yet! As long as I can pierce through his head, he should die!" The handsome teenager who flew backwards took this chance to send a sound transmission to the others, "Get into close quarters and pierce his head!"

"Right," the others softly replied in a chorus of acknowledgement.
Demon Ji Er Luo slashed his claws towards Xue Ying while wearing a pair of claw-like weapons. A dazzling golden glow appeared on the surface of the five edges of his weapon. This golden light converged, causing a wild and ferocious power to accumulate. The moment the claws reached their target was also the moment this accumulated force exploded outwards.
Pu! Too fast. Even though Xue Ying was enveloped by large amounts of colourful lights—the representation of the True Meaning of Space Ripple’s suppression—the speed of this one spear stab was still shocking.
With its revolving force, the spearhead seemed like the most frightening single point under the heaven.
Peng! When demon Ji Er Luo met with this one stab, he finally understood how frightening the Extreme Piercing was! This single stab was enough to erase from his mind any other thought than this—defend, defend against the attack!
Pu pu pu, too fast!
Xue Ying consecutively struck three times more without pause. The first attack was enough to numb Ji Er Luo’s hands. The second one made him panic while doing his best to coordinate a defense. As for the third attack… it was not blocked. Instead, it pierced directly into his head! Even though Ji Er Luo’s body was tyrannical—it could withstand any ordinary rank five demon’s attack—right now, it had no way of resisting against the Extreme Piercing.
"Extreme Piercing is truly too fast!" The current scene made everyone tremble in their hearts.
When Extreme Piercing was used to pierce through the void, it would reach its target way before the space fluctuations arrive!
Even now, with the Extreme Piercing not being able to pierce through the void due to the arrays, its speed in the material world had not slowed down.
"Ji Er Luo, don’t fight head on with him!" transmitted the handsome teenager. At the same time, he flashed closer to Xue Ying, waving his hand to block the spear.
"Damn, I’ve been completely restrained by him!" Ji Er Luo gritted his teeth helplessly.
His True Meaning of Golden Brilliance was similarly an extremely berserk and fierce True Meaning! Having comprehended the True Meaning of Space Edge, he wanted to fuse them together. What he chased after was that sort of explosive might! And Extreme Piercing was similarly powerful in its offense. When the two clashed…the Extreme Piercing’s speed was on another level, gaining victory with just three such attacks!
The importance of defence was currently being emphasized. The handsome teenager, for example, had some formidable means of defending. Even though he was at a disadvantage, he could still tangle on and not lose in a few moves."The descent of the Mirage!"
The succubus was the third to reach. Currently, her alluring eyes were akin to a maelstrom.
Xue Ying was enveloped by a strand of disturbance.
Xue Ying’s expression changed slightly. Ji Er Luo, the handsome teenager and the others who were surrounding him disappeared into thin air.
Every single demon and the team of Temporal Temple disappeared.
Fantasy? Xue Ying thought. You want to drag my mind into fantasy? In comparison with a Mirage… it’s truly too simple!
The True Meaning of Fantasy was a grade four True Meaning.
After it continued evolving, it would become a grade three True Meaning of Phantom World, and further on, it would finally reach the heaven-shaking grade two True Meaning of Mirage.
The True Meaning of Phantom World and True Meaning of Illusions were both grade three True Meanings.
Actually, they were good in different aspects.
The Phantom World primarily focused on the word ‘World.’ It was good at bringing the enemy’s mind into a phantom world and leaving it eternally stuck within.
The True Meaning of Illusions had a greater focus on the word ‘Illusions.’ It could generate images of oneself—for instance, a dozen Xue Yings—and at the same time, it enhanced one’s combat power!
The two True Meanings represented different directions.
Xue Ying’s own comprehension started with the Illusions. And currently, his embryonic form of the True Meaning of Mirage had also been trained to the peak. With a single step towards perfecting a small defect, he would finally be able to grasp hold of the complete True Meaning of Mirage. And what Xue Ying needed now the most was… the aspect of a Phantom World.
This demon’s Fantasy was also an aspect belonging to the Phantom World and was a complete True Meaning of Fantasy! Xue Ying’s eyes brightened as he finally discovered the missing piece.
And today, even though Xue Ying was unable to control the complete True Meaning of Mirage, he could still use a very basic form of it. Since Mirage was the final form of Fantasy, this simple Fantasy was like a joke to him.
"His mind has been dragged into the Fantasy!" The handsome teenager saw Xue Ying’s stunned action before celebrating. He then sent a sound transmission, "Everyone, take this opportunity of his soul struggling to escape from the Fantasy and kill him!"
"Dragged into Fantasy?"
"Our chance is here!"
Everyone was truly joyful.
Even though they held a strand of hope, they could not be too ambitious. After all, a heaven-shaking Transcendent who had grasped hold of such a powerful True Meaning was bound to have a very powerful spirit. Wanting to trap such a spirit inside a Fantasy was extremely difficult. But… who knew if Xue Ying actually had a weakness in terms of his spirit?
There was a saying—no True Meaning is unbeatable! Of course, the grade one True Meanings were excluded from this saying.
Grade one True Meanings signified perfection.
As for the others?
They had their distinct weaknesses! As long as there were weaknesses, they would be targeted upon. An expert dying because his spirit was lacking and had been trapped in a Fantasy wasn’t such an impossible matter.
The black metal construct male immediately used the axe in his hands to hack across Xue Ying’s waist. The True Meaning of Star easily defended against it by itself.
Xue Ying’s conditioned reflex was to jab outwards with his spear!
As fast as lightning.
It immediately pierced through that black metal construct male’s chest, causing his powerful body to start shattering into pieces.
Pu pu pu… Xue Ying was sending attacks in all four directions in a panic. His spear danced about, sometimes stabbing out, and sometimes whipping out. Within moments, all of the surrounding directions were under his attacks. The black metal construct male’s crumbling body floated away in the distance before recovering. He was covered in cold sweat.
"Your previous attack caused his body to be impacted," the handsome teenager Lie Huo furiously transmitted. "Everyone, be careful. Even though he is trapped in the Fantasy, his body and soul are still connected, so he can still feel his body being impacted. He should have realized his current straits of being trapped in the Fantasy. Even though he was just attacking all four directions in a panic, you all don’t have to be so worried. He cannot see us. Basically, he’s blind! We must make use of this opportunity and kill him before he escapes from the Fantasy."
Xue Ying, who was seemingly sending attacks in all directions in a panic, was actually just faking it. He was currently studying this simple True Meaning of Fantasy. The attacks that were directed towards him were under his observation! That black metal construct male was the weakest in terms of True Meaning. His combat power was the weakest, and Xue Ying could clearly see the level of the Laws of Profound Mysteries being imbued in his axe.
Like Si Kong Yang and Palace Head Chen in the past, when they first saw Xue Ying’s embryonic form of Extreme Piercing, they could conclude that it was a grade two True Meaning embryonic form.
Similarly, with a single glance, Xue Ying could see that the black metal construct male grasped hold of a grade four True Meaning that had reached the stage two realm! Although he was physically stronger, his understanding of the Laws of Profound Mysteries was truly too weak. That was why Xue Ying deliberately received his attack. Of course, considering the defensive power of his True Meaning of Star, even a grade two True Meaning would not be able to easily break through!
Hou hou hou~ Xue Ying had seemingly fallen into a panic and was ‘frantically’ attacking in all directions. But in truth, he was calmly observing his surroundings.
Peng peng peng.
His attacking randomly in every direction caused him to hit Ji Er Luo by coincidence!
"I understand." Xue Ying had a sudden epiphany. The True Meaning of Mirage had finally fallen under his control!


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