Lord Xue Ying
231 A Failure of the Laws
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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231 A Failure of the Laws

Underneath the lake, at a place about 150 kilometers underground…
Inside the Mirage, Xue Ying was currently looking around in puzzlement.
Where are the treasures? Where did Ancestor Black Wind place them? Xue Ying was bewildered as he thoroughly scanned his surroundings. The area covered by the Mirage was a full 500 kilometers around him, and, according to the directions specified on the map, the treasures should have been at his current location! Even if he had made an error, it wouldn’t have exceeded 500 meters. Why aren’t they here? The Mirage reflects reality, so the treasures inside the reality should also appear inside the Mirage.
Why can’t I find them?
Unless… in these countless tens of thousands of years, have the treasures been discovered by the native Transcendents?
Xue Ying shook his head. I can’t believe there can be such a coincidence. This major Transcendent World is truly enormous, and this place is situated deep underground. The black rat had previously said that nobody, not even the native Transcendents, could find these treasures unless they saw them with their naked eyes. Discovering a treasure by accident in such a vast major Transcendent World is close to impossible. Furthermore, there are very few native Transcendents around. If they managed to discover this location… then they are truly lucky!
Either way, I can’t see them…
Xue Ying frowned as he continued observing thoroughly.
He was very confident in the Mirage. Whatever existed in reality would be reflected within the Mirage.
Xue Ting suddenly considered a possibility as his expression changed. The black rat previously mentioned that the only method to find these treasures was to spot them with one’s naked eyes! Did that also imply that the Mirage is also unable to show these treasures?
That shouldn’t be too plausible.
The reality and the Mirage were like the two sides of the same coin! The reflection of the reality through the Mirage was one of the forms of the natural fundamental laws. For treasures located in the reality to not be reflected in the Mirage… that would signify a failure of the fundamental Laws of the World. This was something impossible even for a formidable, powerful Deity who was able to isolate the two worlds from each other! To prevent the Mirage from reflecting reality? That was an extremely arduous task!
Xue Ying had thought that the black rat’s previous words regarding the fact that the treasures could only be seen with the naked eye were only referring to the common observation techniques. The ‘Reflection of Reality in the Mirage’ was a Law of the World, and should not have been included with these techniques.
How can it be that the Mirage doesn’t reflect reality… How? Xue Ying mumbled in his heart.
Even though he did not dare believe, his figure still distorted out from the Mirage and into the real world.
These treasures should have either been discovered and taken away by native Transcendents, or they cannot be reflected by the Mirage! Xue Ying shook his head. He continued moving within the soil, borrowing the True Meaning of Star to merge with it and allowing his True Meaning to easily travel through it. He was carefully looking with his naked eyes at every edge and corner of the rock and soil around him. It was a truly slow and arduous task.

How much time would he need if he had to use his naked eyes to search for treasures in a radius of 500 meters?
Xue Ying decided to just use World Energy to bombard the surrounding rocks and soil while also using it to seal the surrounding 5 kilometers, stopping any sound waves from bursting out! He had done so in order to prevent any other native Transcendent from being alerted.
Countless rocks and soil were being wantonly kneaded by the unseen force, occasionally into flatbread, at other times into spheres.
Finally, he discovered a seemingly ordinary sack.
Xue Ying dazedly looked at this sack. It was about a meter long, and very ordinary-looking. Its mouth was tied in a loop. If a mortal happened upon this sack, they wouldn’t be stunned at its sight, and if a Demigod saw it, they would merely think it was a special treasure.
The Mirage actually failed to reflect it? Xue Ying looked at this seemingly ordinary sack in disbelief.
The ‘Reflection of Reality in the Mirage’ is one of the most fundamental Laws of the World! But this law… actually failed due to this sack? Xue Ying was truly in disbelief.
The True Meaning of Extremity, the True Meaning of Black Hole, the True Meaning of Splitting Heavens, the True Meaning of Chaos… these were all grade one True Meanings which represented the most crucial portion of the Laws of the World.
As for the True Meaning of Space, the True Meaning of Annihilation, the True Meaning of Mirage… they were similarly powerful grade two True Meanings and could represent a part of the fundamental Laws of the World. What was a part of the heaven and the earth without the True Meaning of Space? Without the laws of the Mirage? Without the laws of Annihilation? Without these laws, that part of the heaven and the earth would be incomplete.
These fundamental laws could not be so easily overwritten.
One could depend on their combat power to forcibly isolate them, however! For instance, suppressing a pocket of space, splitting a pocket of space, sealing a world… these things could be directly initiated.
As for this sack, it actually had the ability to make the Mirage unable to reflect it. That was not simply strength; it had actually caused a law to fail entirely!
Where did this sack come from? Xue Ying immediately flew over, grabbed it, and tried to open it, only to find a floating vague black ink seal forming an unseen force which prevented him from doing so.
A moment later, Xue Ying remembered. Oh, that’s right. There’s the key!
Earlier, the black rat had also given him a key—an octagonal black ink talisman!
"Come." With a thought, Xue Ying shoved the sack within his storage treasure, getting a strange feeling afterwards. As the owner of the storage treasure, he could sense an additional item inside, yet no matter how what he tried, he could not ‘see’ the sack. How mysterious. Multiple laws have failed on it.
Moving through the Mirage, Xue Ying immediately started his journey back.
On this trip to the major Transcendent World, he was afraid that the native Demigods might have a deep comprehension of the realms, allowing them to attack Xue Ying even inside the Mirage! Therefore, he had only sent a Qi Avatar over, naturally leaving behind the most important treasure—the key! As long as he didn’t bring the key, even if his Qi Avatar died, it would not mean much. The imaginary Deity warrior could still bring him back.
If the key as well as the treasures were to fall into the hands of the native Transcendents, the consequences would be dire.
A hundred-meter-tall door appeared on the sparkling, translucent wall of the Black Wind Deity Palace Underground Cavern Hall.
A red-robed Xue Ying came rushing through this door, entering the Underground Great Hall.
He continued walking within the Mirage before reaching a sealed cultivation room within the palace. Inside this room was another figure—the black-robed Xue Ying! To be precise, it was his true body! The black-robed Xue Ying placed the dark-green talisman key within the hall and then immediately left within the Mirage.
Why did the true body leave?
Why did he intend to open the sack within this sealed secret room of the Black Wind Deity Palace?
It was precisely because he was worried!
After discovering the fact that this sack could prevent the law of the ‘Reflection of Reality in the Mirage’ from working, Xue Ying could not feel at ease. This ability transcended his current capabilities! According to his knowledge, not even many of the Deities could reach this stage. This, combined with the fact that Ancestor Black Wind had created a terrifying existence before his death, caused Xue Ying to be cautious of this sack!
What would happen upon opening it?
The Black Wind Deity Palace was filled with numerous heavy arrays able to suppress many possible scenarios! By using his Qi Avatar to handle this, he could make sure that even it it died, he could recover in two to three years. But in the case of his true body… his life would end on the spot!
Let’s begin. I want to see what exactly has Ancestor Black Wind hidden in this sack. The red-robed Xue Ying pulled out the ‘strange item’ with a thought. Even though he was unable to see it, he could still force it out of his storage treasure.
The sack fell down on the floor of this sealed cultivation room.
He then took the octagonal ink-black talisman key and walked to the side of the sack. As he got closer to it, an ink-black seal appeared on the surface of the sack! Weng— The ink-black seal started similarly glowing. The two reflected light upon each other, causing the talisman to fly out and inlay into the seal on the sack.
Without any signs of change, the ink-black seal on the sack dissipated completely, and the talisman key broke into pieces.
Alright, time to open it. Xue Ying was nervous. He walked towards the front side of the sack and carefully opened it…


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