Lord Xue Ying
238 Discovery
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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238 Discovery

Situ Hong? He actually turned traitor and joined the Demonic Faction! Xue Ying coldly swept through the scene before unhurriedly enveloping the enormous structure inside his zone of observation.
Very soon.
The structure that appeared within his observation region was akin to a crimson coloured, flat-shaped castle. There were six sharp points on the edges of the structure. It spanned a total of 250 kilometers, and was five kilometers tall! Such a castle could already be as big as a ‘county’ of the Xia Clan! How big was 250 kilometers from one end to another end? It was much bigger than the Black Wind Deity Palace! A city with such a huge area could allow hundreds of millions of people to live casually.
"Mn?" Xue Ying’s vision soon panned towards the strongest existence within this castle.
Within a blood-colored hall.
There was a figure enveloped in black fog seated at the highest point.
"Enter!" said the figure.
A cloud of vapor appeared which condensed into a white-robed female who respectfully greeted, "High Priest!"
High Priest?
Xue Ying was startled. The High Priest was no other than the Demigod holding the highest status within the Demonic Faction. The Demonic Faction has always hidden in the dark, and before this, we hadn’t even found out who the High Priest of this generation is. Who would have thought that I would actually have the opportunity to find out his identity. The white-robed female also feels extraordinary. I didn’t see her before. It would seem that she is not an ordinary life-form. Maybe she is a Deity warrior?
Xue Ying watched carefully. Due to the presence of the black fog, he was temporarily unable to see who that High Priest was.
"What is the matter," said the figure surrounded by black fog.
"Situ Hong turned up again," the white-robed female said. "He came to tease Pu Yang Bo. This was already the third visit in the last three months. High Priest, I think that Situ Hong is not determined to hide myself. I am afraid that he might just end up destroying the great plans of our Demonic Faction! He is one of Xia Clan’s Transcendents, and who knows when he might just reveal the existence of our Demonic Faction! The Xia Clan might even tail him to find some of our faction’s secrets."
The figure covered in black fog replied, "This Situ Hong’s temperament is indeed quite poor, and he will not accomplish great things in the future! But, you can rest assured; he will listen to my orders! Every time he came here, it was through the space arrays. Furthermore, he does not know many secrets pertaining to our Demonic Faction, so he could not even reveal any of them. Furthermore, he is one of the Transcendents who lived within the Red Cloud Mountain World of the Xia Clan. Through him, we might even be able to capture several of the Xia Clan’s geniuses! You should know how vital the joint plan between our Demonic Faction and the Sorcerer Palace is. Eliminating any of the geniuses of the Xia Clan is a similarly great contribution!"

"I understand. I came here merely to remind High Priest!" the white-robed female said.
"Go. Continue your observations, and remember to report any news to me!" ordered the figure surrounded by black fog.
"Yes." The white-robed female immediately condensed into vapor before leaving the place.
The black fog that covered the figure seated at the highest position soon dissipated, revealing who he was!
Crimson robe and crimson brows, eyes filled with killing intent.
Xi Yun. Xue Ying was shocked. He… he is actually the High Priest?
Xi Yun was one the Elders of the Xia Clan. He viewed any evil as his archenemy, and had always served the Xia Clan with all his heart. That, in turned, caused him to be regarded with great respect! Palace Head Chen had also held him in high regards! Xi Yun had even controlled part of the territory of the Infernal Palace. Of course, the most crucial parts were still being controlled solely by the Palace Head of the generation! Even so, everyone knew just how great the trust put in Xi Yun was.
Previously, when Xue Ying went to eradicate the demon bases, one of the Demigods aiding Xue Ying from the outside was Xi Yun!
"He is actually the High Priest of this generation?" Xue Ying did not dare believe, but facts were facts. The black fog surrounding Xi Yun’s figure was none other than dark Demonic Energy.
Xi Yun continued sitting on his throne, closing his eyes as he started meditating. He was extremely careful.
Usually, whenever he acted as the High Priest, he would conceal his identity even when corresponding with a Deity warrior! Right now, in the entire Xia Clan…there was nobody who knew him to be the High Priest! The previous High Priest had known of it, but he had died long ago!
As long as there was nobody around, or whenever he was on safe ground, he would remove the Demonic Energy surrounding him.
Hong hong hong~
As he continued cultivating, layers of scales started sprouting on his figure. Two sharp horns began growing out of his head, and his aura became even more vigorous.
The dark Demonic Energy allowed one to attain a tyrannical demonic body.
I would have never thought that the High Priest of the Demonic Faction would actually be Xi Yun. Xue Ying continued observing other places.
Soon afterwards.
His attention was attracted to a certain area.
A sealed cultivation room was located deep within the huge castle. The room was extremely large, covering an area of about 500 meters. At its center, a bronze coffin, fully 20 meters long and six meters wide, was enveloped in the dark aura of Demonic Energy! This coffin was shackled by a total of 13 chains extending to different corners of the room.
Held by these 13 chains, the bronze coffin was fixed rigidly in mid-air.
Although the coffin was sealed completely shut, the Mirage could still reflect its contents.
A human figure was currently laying inside! This figure lay in a solution made of various types of plants, skeletons and various other materials. A full eight meters tall, this figure was covered completely with crimson scales. He was even slowly breathing, and every time he did, the coffin would tremble faintly.
Who is he? Xue Ying frowned. His height implies that he is not of the human race. A native Transcendents? Doesn’t look like one! Demon? The five Demon Generals do not look like this. Why is he lying here, motionless?
Xue Ying investigated for a while before continuing his investigation of other places.
This castle was really too mystical.
He discovered a Deity weapon, and even large amounts of Demigod weapons. There had even been treasures of unknown purposes, and zones that had areas with space he did not understand! He came across several terrifying arrays which must have been set up by certain powerful Transcendent mages of the Demonic Faction from the past. From his observations, the arrays in there were even more powerful than those in the Black Wind Deity Palace!
Even greater amounts of secrets were hidden in the books, though they were merely snapshots of the real ones. Most likely, their complete versions must have been kept within storage treasures.
Hua hua hua~
Within a certain region of the castle, a lake was situated inside a hall. In this lake, crimson Deity Energy was flowing about, always moving.
In another part of the castle, a huge sculpture of a head was on the wall of a hall!
This head had two horns, and scales were plated on top of its slim face! His eyes were akin to two blood-jade sculptures.
The bust of a Demonic God!
This Demonic God bust was emitting a wave of suppression that made even Xue Ying’s heart tremble within the Mirage.
Great Demonic God! Xue Ying immediately affirmed. The usual sculptures of Demonic Gods would not have such a terrifying effect. After all, his current combat power was much higher than in the past. The only possibility was that the bust was of a so-called Great Demonic God which the Demonic Faction believed in, and the one who had constantly fought with the Temple of the Earth God. Only he could be so powerful!
This is the Great Demonic God’s Devil’s Well placed in our Xia Clan World? Xue Ying’s eyes brightened. The Devil’s Well is the most important object placed by a Deity in the mortal world, with the purpose of spreading his religion. Certainly, the Devil’s Well would only be placed in the safest place!
Even the High Priest is located here!
Even Deity weapons, Deity warriors, and the humanoid life-form within the bronze coffin which I couldn’t even recognize are here? There were also many other places which I don’t understand. Xue Ying’s eyes were filled with excitement. Other than the legendary Demonic Faction Headquarters, I doubt that any other location could be so powerful and terrifying!
The Demonic Faction Headquarters!
This was the rumored headquarters of the Demonic Faction which had been hidden in the dark ever since so long ago. In the same manner, the Water Daoist Faction, the Black White Deity Mountain, and the Infernal Palace all had their own headquarters!
Only the headquarters of the Demonic Faction had remained a mystery!
The Xia Clan had never found the Demonic Faction Headquarters even after searching for it over a long period of time. If the five Demon Generals were merely a threat to the Xia Clan for a single generation, then the Demonic Faction represented a threat to the Xia Clan for countless generations!
Until today!
This Demonic Faction Headquarters had finally been discovered! And it was discovered by the very first Transcendent in the history of the Xia Clan who grasped hold of the True Meaning of Mirage!
The Mirage reflected reality!
In the mortal world, not even the Demonic Faction Headquarters could resist the reflection of the Mirage.
"I’ve actually discovered the Demonic Faction Headquarters!" Even if Xue Ying could usually keep his calm, he could not suppress his current excitement. This was a huge matter which would be forever recorded in the annals of the Xia Clan! In this generation, the Demonic Faction that had been hiding in the dark for so long had finally been discovered by Xue Ying!


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