Lord Xue Ying
1056 Peculiar Poisonous Insects
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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1056 Peculiar Poisonous Insects

Despite a horrifying sweep by the ripple, the three insects that had entirely different aura remained undamaged. Their appearance had caused the protectors outside the pub and the seventh prince and handsome devilish male sitting on the carriage to tremble uncontrollably. This was terror and reverence from deep in their hearts.

Of these three insects, one had an incorporeal appearance that faded away at times. It was a half-translucent silver poisonous insect.

Another was a black insect that seemed the most ordinary of the three.

The last one was the insect that actually brought terror to the surrounding cultivators. This was a dark violet insect that currently emanated a frightening fog. This fog naturally spread in the direction where Xue Ying and the servant Magic Dragon was.

"Not good."

"What a horrifying poisonous insect."

The handsome and devilish male felt his expression shifting. There was once an unparalleled existence who was known for his ability to nurture insects in the entire Realm Heart Great Land. He was known as 'Devouring Realm Great Emperor' and had even opened up a unique space before sealing a large number of his subordinates in. He then bestowed upon his subordinates with some abnormally powerful insects, fusing together as one with his subordinates. As a result, those weaker subordinates of his had immediately transformed into an ultra-powerful expert.

That occurred at a period before the first War of the Ancient Nations. The Realm Heart Great Land was extremely chaotic then, and many experts were scattered in all places. History of that period had been vague, though that Devouring Realm Great Emperor was known as an unparalleled existence on the level of Ancestor Fan. Hence, quite a few records existed on him. There were all sorts of exciting legends and rumors about him. Currently, many cultivators were seeking for the remnants left behind by this Devouring Realm Great Emperor.

That's right.

The Devouring Realm Great Emperor had died before the first War of the Ancient Nation! The reason he died was unclear. Though it seemed vaguely related to the Myriad Realms Ancient Nation. Because Devouring Realm Great Emperor's self-created absolute art meant for nurturing the insects, the was currently in one of the five ancestors from the Myriad Realms Ancient Nation–'Realm Beast King'. And presently, almost all cultivators who specialized in controlling poisonous insects came from the Myriad Realms Ancient Nation.

'An expert from the Myriad Realms Ancient Nation? He is here to deal against Ying Shan Xue Ying from the Southern Cloud Sacred Religion?' The handsome and devilish male felt chill in his heart. He wanted to get as far away from these two experts as possible at this moment.

Nevertheless, the battle started too quickly, and the poisonous fog spread too fast. The surrounding space had already been sealed, preventing him from escaping at all.


'Poisonous insects? Is the enemy from the Myriad Realms Ancient Nation?'

Xue Ying remained seated there. Yet a short pole had appeared in his hands. That short pole was then used to randomly knock around.

Even though he did not move, that short pole had strangely appeared beside each of the three insects, smashing down on them.

"Peng peng peng!"

Three clashing sounds could be heard, though, at the place where the pole hit the insect, the force seemed to dissipate after encountering a strange, mysterious aura. Of those three poisonous insects, only that dark green one that was emitting the poisonous fog had shattered into powder. The other two was blasted back, yet they remained fine.

"Yi?" Xue Ying was incredibly shocked.

It might seem like he had casually knocked the pole around, yet in reality, Xue Ying was utilizing one of the secret impartation techniques from the Southern Cloud 12 Sacred Styles, the 'Arch Destruction'.

This was absolutely the most powerful and brutal technique.

This move used together with the 'Scarlet Cloud Domain' allowed it to easily hit at the weakness of the enemies. The move had appeared directly where the enemy was before unleashing its full force on them. Nonetheless, only one poisonous insect was killed.

'These poisonous insects seem to have very powerful bodies. The Dao of Insect is indeed scary.' Xue Ying exclaimed inwardly. Just like how cultivators who refined their bodies were careful in doing to prevent themselves from inflicting damages on it–after all, damage to the soul would mean death! But things were not the same for the 'insects'. The insects could be reproduced in large numbers, and even though it was difficult to nurture them to a frightening level, their deaths only meant losses of external materials.

Hence, the Dao of Insect could be reproduced continuously, allowing different insects specializing in various aspects to be formed!

'The Arch Destruction could even break apart the cage, yet only one of the three poisonous insects is killed. The is amazing indeed.' Xue Ying thought. Every one of the 'five ancestors' from the Myriad Realms Ancient Nation was extremely monstrous. Even the Summer Wind Ancient Nation had been suppressed by them.


Xue Ying waved his short pole yet again.

Those two insects that were knocked into a daze by the 'Arch Destruction', were smashed once again by the seemingly ordinary short pole. In reality, this short pole was transformed from the Scarlet Cloud God Spear! Xue Ying did not wish to enter close combat with these poisonous insects.


The short pole hit once again.

Even though that incorporeal silver poisonous insect that shuddered from the hit, it remained entirely undamaged.

And that black insect was smashed to the extent that it intensely vibrate. The insect had started spewing blood from its orifices–its aura was clearly much weaker now.

'The tenth level technique, 'Piercing Void'. This is still the first time I have such a hard time killing some insects.' Xue Ying's eyes brightened though.

The Piercing Void was the most ruthless and hard to deal with killing move from the . Even combat formations were deemed futile in front of it. It could also bypass some powerful protective bodies generated by secret treasures, easily tunneling into the body of the enemy through the void and proceed with destruction…

"Peng peng peng."

The short pole in Xue Ying's hand formed many shadows. Practically an instance later, a total of 19 hits landed on the black insect, causing it to explode in the end.

As for that incorporeal silver poisonous insect, Xue Ying merely tapped it twice before trapping it and preventing it from escaping.

'Who would have thought that such a unique insect actually exists.' Xue Ying's eyes brightened as he scrutinized it. This incorporeal silver poisonous insect attempted to kill its way over to Xue Ying, yet Xue Ying easily deflected it.


He first waved his hand.

That space was suppressed and transformed into a piece of art. The poisonous silver insect also naturally transformed into art. But closely following that, the scroll of painting shattered, and the poisonous silver insect flew out of it.

'I can't kill it, and neither can I capture it. Must I utilize my illusory realm technique?' Xue Ying thought. He knew that the owner of these poisonous insects must be relying on them to understand the whole process of the battle. The moment Xue Ying used his illusory realm, it would be revealed to the enemy. Previously, even though he utilized it to deal against Chang Su Wang, Chang Su Wang had been instantaneously killed, and nobody discovered how it happened.

But since he dared to use it previously, Xue Ying did not care too much either. After all, he had refined an avatar already, and there was no need for him to remain undercover.

'Such a queer insect. For the sake of capturing him, it doesn't matter even if I reveal my illusory realm technique.' Xue Ying looked at this incorporeal silver poisonous insect. His eyes were filled with expectations. With a thought.


An unseen illusory realm spread over.

A poisonous insect, even if it was heaven-defying, could not resist against Xue Ying's illusory realm. It immediately fell into a daze and stopped midair. Soon, it started falling.

"Sou." Xue Ying casually extended his hand and captured this poisonous silver insect whose consciousness had already been exterminated.

'So interesting.' Xue Ying gave it a careful look. Given his current realm of the void, Xue Ying was able to magnify the incorporeal body of that poisonous silver insect. It turned into a vast land in the eyes of Xue Ying. Many mysterious inscriptions were moving on the body of this poisonous silver insect. These inscriptions were formed naturally, allowing this poisonous insect to gain the innate talent of being congenial with the essence of the void's black fog spherical particles. Every action of the poisonous insect could produce transformations of those black fog spherical particles.

Even after suffering from assaults, it could rely on the essence of the void to dissipate the force.

Even though it had not reached the 'pinnacle of void-ification', Xue Ying's 'Penetrating Void' that was unpredictable and hard to evade had been withstood by this poisonous silver insect as it dissipated off roughly 80-90% of the force. The remaining force was something its fleshy body could hold off.

'Such void-ification capability, to utilize part of the energy with the essence of the void is truly mysterious.' Xue Ying had spent many years bitterly comprehending the final 'Origin Phase' from the Five Phase Sealing Technique. Currently, he had finally seen a strange beast that could control the black fog spherical particles. Naturally, Xue Ying could not control his excitement and captured it.

Even though the act of cultivation was filled with mystery, the Origin World contained many mysterious things too–like the Destruction Devils that emerged from the origin world, 'Primal Chaos Void' contained beings like General Mo Gu who had reached the pinnacle of void-ification at birth.

Nevertheless, in the Realm Heart Great Land, there had been cultivators who could nurture insects that were so frightening!

Yet it was extremely difficult to cultivate to this stage!

"Go, let us return." Xue Ying stood up. After getting this poisonous silver insect, he no longer had the mood to enjoy the food. He only desired to enter closed-door cultivation and study on the essence of the void.

"Yes." The servant Magic Dragon acknowledged.

Saying it was slow.

In reality, Xue Ying merely sat there. He first blasted three protectors using an unseen ripple, before carrying a short pole and knock on the three poisonous insects. No matter how the three poisonous insects flew, the short pole would somehow land on their bodies. Two were exterminated, and one was captured. As for the remaining poisonous fog, Xue Ying merely controlled the void domain and teleported them high into the sky half a million kilometers away. Without the source, the toxic fog naturally dissipated.

As for the group of people outside the pub, they were all respectfully looking at the white-robed young man as he brought his servant away.


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