Lord Xue Ying
1058 Closed-Door Cultivation
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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1058 Closed-Door Cultivation

The Fan Clan ranked in the top three amongst commerce groups selling treasures across the entire Realm Heart Great Land. Being a commerce group, their reputation was core.

"Sir Xue Ying, if you have any orders, you can simply tell me. There are all sorts of unique treasures in the Realm Heart Great Land, and those that my Fan Clan doesn't have is few and far between." That manager enthusiastically mentioned.


Xue Ying acknowledged before throwing over an ordinary-looking storage wristband. A total of 130 million cosmos crystals was placed within.

"Marquis Qu Ming, many thanks for your help this time. I will be continuing my closed-door cultivation. If there are no important matters, do not disturb me." Xue Ying gave an order before immediately rushing back to resume his cultivation.


"Hong long long", the hall doors were shut closed.

Xue Ying sat cross-legged by himself. He opened the light green bottle. Many insect corpses of the void lineage flew out. All of them had reached the pinnacle of Primal Chaos Realm. They were of different appearances–some were as big as a huge mountain, and some were small. Xue Ying controlled the void. Even though the space within the palace hall was not too big, Xue Ying was able to control the void to open a small space that enabled the enormous insect corpse to be placed within.

'These beings are all really mysterious. The Dao of Insect back at my hometown is much weaker.' Xue Ying sighed inwardly.

In the Primal Chaos Void, not a single cultivator had reached the Cosmos God Realm in the Dao of Insect!

And in the Realm Heart Great Land, that Devouring Realm Great Emperor had reached an unparalleled level across the entire Realm Heart Great Land in the Dao of Insect. He was comparable with Ancestor Fan and the others. Nevertheless, he fell in the end! Quite a few cultivators who were thought as unparalleled had actually fallen in the history of Realm Heart Great Land. Many more existences at the level of Scarlet Cloud Paragon Master had fallen. This was inevitable. This Origin World contained too many cultivators, and each had their own unique methods. In a fierce war between those at the apex level, it was inevitable for many unparalleled existences to fall.


Xue Ying carefully studied them.

Including the Void Dragon Insect, there were 39 species of insects. These were all species of void lineage insects that existed in the history of Realm Heart Great Land, and all had reached the pinnacle of Primal Chaos Realm. Every species had been created only after many failures; they were the crystallization of the predecessors' wisdom.

'Truly mysterious. Every one of them is mysterious.' Xue Ying became more engrossed the more he studied the corpses. For the insects to reach the pinnacle of Primal Chaos Realm, every one of them had their own point of specialties.

A total of 25 kinds of insects were able to control the essence of the void, the black fog spherical particles.

And a total of 37 species specialized in void-ification.

No other way. Being insects of the void lineage, it was practically innate in them to specialize in void-ification.

'There are actually so many ways to achieve void-ification?'

Xue Ying's eyes were lit up.

It was almost impossible for him to think of so many directions even after burying his head into cultivation for a trillion years. And studying these insect corpses in front of him gave him enlightenment. Without 'references', it was very hard to come out with the idea itself.

During this period, Xue Ying entered the zone of cultivation.

It was a painful thing when meeting a bottleneck during cultivation. No matter how much the cultivator tried to ponder, he would not gain anything. And comparing that to the feeling of being enlightened and ideas pouring in continuously with the cultivators understanding new concepts every moment, the latter felt extremely good. The cultivator could feel himself improving continually, and Xue Ying's understanding of the void was becoming more profound over time. He did not find it lethargic even if he cultivated for a more extended period.

Every corpse of the insect with a void lineage represented a different school of thought.

Xue Ying's understanding of the final Origin Phase from the 'Five Supportive Sealing Technique' was also gradually deepening.

His understanding of void-ification was also becoming more profound.


"What, why is he in closed-door cultivation for so long?"

"Why isn't he coming out at all?"

"Force him out!"

Even though the experts sent over by the Sky Sword Sect were extremely patient–given their strength, they would enter closed-door cultivation for billions of years–but this was the crucial moment in the war between the Sky Sword Sect and Southern Cloud Sacred Religion. At this moment, that 'Xue Ying' actually entered closed-door cultivation for several tens of thousands of years.

He was too daring! Did he not think that the Sky Sword Sect would not move?

During the 90,000th year that Xue Ying was in closed-door cultivation, a sharp talon appeared out of nowhere amidst the dark pouring rain. It directly tore through the arrays protecting the outer walls of the Southern Cloud Sacred Palace in Fiery Zhao Capital, snatching away that piece of art which had been hanging by the wall forever! But the sacred palace was nonetheless more significant than the Southern Cloud Sacred Palace in Ardent Fire City, and the arrays protecting it was stronger. One had to be a Cosmos God to destroy the arrays.

Clearly, the one who acted was a Cosmos God.

What a pity that Xue Ying remained in closed-door cultivation.

Gradually, the Sky Sword Sect began challenging the Southern Cloud Sacred Religion, increasing the frequency of skirmishes with the Southern Cloud Sacred Religion.

But because they were fearful of Xue Ying, the provocation by Sky Sword Sect wasn't extensive either. The truly formidable experts were not willing to act because they weren't confident of dealing against 'Xue Ying' one-on-one! It sufficed for them to provoke 'Xue Ying' to appear. By then, they could kill him in one fell swoop!

According to the orders given by Xue Ying, Marquis Qu Ming did not disturb him either if there were no crucial matters.

Hence, Xue Ying's closed-door cultivation happened really peacefully.

'After entering closed-door cultivation for over 300,000 years, even though I haven't grasped the 'Origin Phase', I am reaching grand perfection in the pinnacle of void-ification.' Xue Ying held onto the light green bottle. The corpses of the insects with the void lineage all flew into the bottle. Following that, Xue Ying corked the bottle before keeping it. He then stood up and walk out.

"Hong long long~"

The door opened.

Xue Ying came out. He stood within the courtyard looking out into the sky. It was night. This Realm Heart Great Land was very different from the Primal Chaos Void. There was no sun and moonlight here. At night, only the nation protecting arrays of Fiery Zhao Capital were releasing light, barely lighting up the place.

'Pinnacle of void-ification?' Xue Ying sighed.

These void insects gave him great inspirations regarding void-ification. He had improved dramatically in this aspect, reaching an unfathomable stage in it. Xue Ying estimated that he should likely be comparable to his teacher Gu Qi in this area already. He only lacked the final bit before achieving his goal.

As for his control of the void-ification, Xue Ying felt he had surpassed that of all the void insects.

'Right now, I only needed a minor comprehension that would allow me to break the final obstacle…' Xue Ying's mind went back to the scaled-armor of General Mo Gu. Because only the mysterious inscriptions on that scaled-armor were of the Primal Chaos Realm and had reached pure grand perfection! It was concise and filled with an odd sense of completeness. Those inscriptions were even more concise than the void-ification technique Monarch Nine Cloud and Void Primogenitor had.

Even though the void insects had their own unique points, none had reached the pinnacle of void-ification. Instead, they were used as a reference for Xue Ying to think in different directions.

'I lack just the final bit.'

Xue Ying bitterly pondered for a moment before throwing it to the back of his mind.

'Origin Phase?'

Xue Ying felt helpless.

The pinnacle of void-ification was truly difficult! Even Southern Cloud King and Monarch Nine Cloud had not created a cultivation technique that would allow them to genuinely grasp the pinnacle of void-ification at Primal Chaos Realm. Of course, they did not have opportunities that Xue Ying had either–to study the scaled-armor of General Mo Gu. Void Primogenitor might be able to succeed in this after given sufficient time, but it's a pity Xue Ying could not go back temporarily.

But the 'Origin Phase' was comparatively more straightforward.

He only needed to reach small success in it! He did not have to achieve large success or grand perfection!

'I've researched too many void insects already, and have pondered over many directions too. This has instead messed up my heart. I only needed to reach small success ultimately.' Xue Ying thought, 'I must stay calm and choose the direction which I am the most confident of. By then, I should be able to achieve it.'

"Brother Xue Ying."

Marquis Qu Ming rushed over. He sensed it at the first moment when Xue Ying's palace door opened.

"Marquis Qu Ming, I'll go out and have a walk." Xue Ying said, "To have a stroll."

"Be careful. It is still fine within the sacred palace, but who knows if the Sky Sword Sect might deal against you in the dark." Marquis Qu Ming reminded him.


Xue Ying smiled. He was clearly not worried at all.

After all, Xue Ying looked forward to a battle in his heart. It would at least give him sufficient pressure that might just be the straw that would allow him to break through!


As Xue Ying stealthily left the Southern Cloud Sacred Palace and walked on the streets of Fiery Zhao Capital in the dark, even though it was night, many shops were still opened along the streets. The restaurants remained as crowded as ever. After all, to cultivators, there was no difference between night and day.

And there were already scouts assigned in the surroundings by the Sky Sword Sect.

"We discovered Ying Shan Xue Ying."

"Ying Shan Xue Ying has appeared."

"He has left the Southern Cloud Sacred Palace by himself."

Many pieces of information were reported upwards at that instance.


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