Lord Xue Ying
1073 Summer Wind Capital
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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1073 Summer Wind Capital

A towering gate stood before the entrance to the Summer Wind Capital.

There was a luxurious carriage which directly flew through the doors. With the 'Fan' logo plastered on the surface of the carriage, it represented the identity of the master. None in the Summer Wind Capital really dared to offend the Fan Clan, and even the guards by the entrance dared not obstruct him. They let this luxurious carriage grandly enter through the gates.

In the carriage, there were female servants and a group of protectors crowding around. Xue Ying and Fan Tian Chong were both seated in the middle.

"My Summer Wind Capital might be comparable to some of the few great cities in the Realm Heart Great Land, but in terms of its size, it is firmly in first across the whole Realm Heart Great Land!" Fan Tian Chong was clearly proud of his Summer Wind Ancient Nation. He began boasting about the nation.

And Xue Ying was listening attentively from the side.

The Summer Wind Capital was indeed the biggest city amongst all cities in the world.

Because the five ancestors of Myriad Realms Ancient Nation who were slightly stronger, according to Xue Ying's latest intelligence, were all reincarnated from other worlds into the Realm Heart Great Land. As they were not natives of this Realm Heart Great Land, even though they formed the Myriad Realms Ancient Nation together, the bond between them wasn't tight.

They even had five ancestral cities separated.

"See, that magnificent street is also a place of entertainment." Fan Tian Chong pointed out to one of the distant streets. The buildings there were all novel and filled with brilliant light, so dazzling that looking at it from a distance would make one fascinated.

The carriage flew along the sky above the Summer Wind Capital. It might seem slow, but in reality, Fan Tian Chong was introducing some of the famous places before they continued traveling again.

He introduced many of the places.

Xue Ying could not help but praise this place. It was indeed the Summer Wind Capital, a place full of extraordinary things! Even slavery had become a colossal trade here, and a market existed solely for it.

"The capital law of my Summer Wind Ancient Nation is strict. Killing is usually forbidden within the capital. Even outsider aristocratic kings and marquises have to obey the law here, and Cosmos Gods dare not be arrogant. Naturally, given our identities, things are different. You are an Upper Honored Guest of my Fan Clan! And you have a higher status than most Cosmos Gods from outside nations. At least in my Summer Wind Ancient Nation, the identity as an Upper Honored Guest in Fan Clan is exceptional. It is a trivial matter for you to kill anybody below the Primal Chaos Realm. But it is best you maintain low-profile regarding this, and not causally kill those with a huge backing. Otherwise, things will be slightly troublesome." Fan Tian Chong explained.

"Mn." Xue Ying nodded. He came from outside the nation, so naturally, it would be better for him to maintain a low-profile here in the Summer Wind Capital. Instinctively, given his temperament, Xue Ying disliked bullying others even in the Southern Cloud Nation. Of course, things were different if someone offended him or he met some devils. Only then would it be a must for him to act.

Given the power and influence of the Fan Clan, most matters could be easily handled.

"Even though murder is forbidden, it is fine for slaves that are bought to be killed." Fan Tian Chong said, "Many who has the desire to dissect fleshy bodies or to alter their own body would purchase many slaves for this purpose. Those slaves are usually devils or are cultivators who committed a huge crime. Or they are prisoners-of-war from battles held outside the nation."


On a particular street within the Summer Wind Capital.

Two cultivators were currently walking next to each other as they chatted. One of them was Ba Tuo Chen whom Xue Ying saved in the Thistle Flower Nation.

"Eldest Disciple Brother absolutely loves the wine from 'Sixth Wind Clan'. As long as you make him happy, Eldest Disciple Brother will naturally spend more time in providing guidance for you." A thin and small young man laughed by the side.

Ba Tuo Chen nodded: "Mn."

Currently, he had joined a religion within the Summer Wind Capital. It was an unnoteworthy religion inside the Summer Wind Ancient Nation, though its existence meant that this religion had a tenth level religion master. Supposedly, this religion master was a disciple from the 'Cang Clan'! The religion master had several disciples, and the eldest disciple brother of the personal disciples the religion master had was a ninth level expert. Most disciples were usually taught by him.

'As I am currently only an outer disciple, I should try to earn the favor of Eldest Disciple Brother and properly cultivate. When I am stronger, and when I have more treasures, I could join a bigger and more formidable religion.' Ba Tuo Chen planned, 'And there will be a day when I return to the Thistle Flower Nation and avenge my Ba Clan!'

As for now?

It was better for him to cultivate diligently and earnestly while keeping a low profile. Within the Summer Wind Capital, his strength wasn't worth mentioning at all.

"Mn?" Ba Tuo Chen suddenly looked up into the sky with shock. He saw a luxurious carriage being pulled by a total of eight golden-clawed Ardent Fire Beasts. The carriage was genuinely grand and overbearing. It emitted flames that covered a region of up to 500 kilometers in range, leaving behind shadows as it traveled. And within the carriage sat two people–one was a tall and plump male with an aura seemingly more tyrannical than his enemy, the 'Old Ancestor of Yang Clan'. As for the other person, he was a white-robed young man.

"Benefactor." Ba Tuo Chen watched at him in shock. He could ascertain that the white-robed young man was the benefactor who saved him, 'Xue Ying'.

The thin and small young man casually turned over. The moment he saw that carriage, and especially that 'Fan' character, it scared him so much that he hurriedly looked down. At the same time, he pulled Ba Tuo Chen as well, roaring at him through voice transmission: "Are you seeking death? That is a carriage where only core disciples of the Fan Clan could take. If you stare a little longer, you might just offend the people inside, and they can kill you as easily like pinching a bedbug."

"Oh." Ba Tuo Chen also looked down further.

He knew that directly staring at an ultra-strong expert showed his lack of manners. Some devils might just kill him instantly for his action.

After all, killing the weak needed just a single thought.

"That is Fan Tian Chong, a talented disciple from the Fan Clan. The Fan Clan regards him as an important disciple." The thin and small young man had stayed in the Summer Wind Capital for a long time. Hence, he was able to naturally discern the other party and dared not look at him further. He continued: "He has an extremely high talent. According to rumors, he has become a manager for the Fan Clan in the territory owned by the Southern Cloud King, yet he is given greater responsibility than our religion master in the Cang Clan. As for the white-robed young man beside him, given how Fan Tian Chong is treating him so enthusiastically, he should not be any weaker. Such an expert from the Fan Clan can practically walk unhindered within the Summer Wind Capital! Even Cosmos Gods from other nation dared not offend the three great clans within the Summer Wind Ancient Nation!"

Ba Tuo Chen nodded.

"Hurry up and leave. They are at a level far beyond ours." The thin and small young man urged.


Summer Wind Capital

There was a magic mountain which occupied a huge area. It was so vast that it occupied an area comparable to the Southern Cloud Capital. But within the Summer Wind Capital, this mountain was merely a corner of it.

This was also where the Fan Clan was situated in the capital.


The Fan Clan Magic Mountain emanated a cold aura.a

Xue Ying and Fan Tian Chong had already come down from the carriage. The two of them were flying side by side. Behind Xue Ying followed his servant, the magic dragon.

'There are so many experts here.' Xue Ying could sense the aura of many experts within the mountain range. It seemed that there were quite a lot of horrifying aurae being emitted from various locations. Some were rolling with frightening flames, and some felt abysmal.

"I'll bring you over to your accommodation first. Remember not to randomly walk around the place. Some are forbidden. Being an Upper Honored Guest, I believe that some items will soon be sent over, and by then, you should know the rules within this Fan Clan Magic Mountain." Fan Tian Chong said, "This time, you will be temporarily staying with the other four who are participating in the mission."

The moment he finished speaking.

Fan Tian Chong brought Xue Ying down the mountain. The magic dragon also followed obediently behind. On the head of the mountain, there were several elegant courtyards constructed on it.

"Tian Chong, is he that Ying Shan Xue Ying?" Three males stood not too far away. They each had a unique aura that differed from one another. One was sharp like a blade, and another was reserved and heavy. The last one felt unpredictable and blurred. That powerful aura belonged to a male wearing a snow-white armor. His eyes were emanating a sharp battle spirit. He stared at Xue Ying, sending over a flood of blood sea at him.

Xue Ying was a great expert in the Mirage and Illusory Realm, so why would he care about this minor wave?

He already knew who this challenger was.

That was 'Fan Tian Yun' from the Fan Clan, and was also the brother of Fan Tian Chong. Nevertheless, he had a higher talent and had once entered the Black Devil Great Lake to fight against two Cosmos Gods by himself before leaving elegantly.

"Hmph hmph, there are actually two outsiders from the five chosen by my Fan Clan! And actually ranking me outside of it." The lips of that snow-white-armored male arched upwards underneath his Roman nose. He sneered, "From how I see it, these outsiders are too average."

"Big brother, this is chosen by Teacher." Fan Tian Chong laughed.

"Brat, you and that fellow from the Icy Plains Tribe are representing my Fan Clan in a battle. Hmph hmph, it isn't so easy for you both to be qualified." The snow-white-armored male 'Fan Tian Yun' coldly laughed. He felt unconvinced. If he were to defeat Xue Ying or the other outsider, he would dare to create a din within the clan and ask to join the battle.

Otherwise, he would not dare to do so.

"Relax, I will not disobey the rules." The snow-white-armored male Fan Tian Yun chuckled, "Let us leave for now."

"You think you can represent my Fan Clan just with your skills?" The two other core disciples of the Fan Clan beside Fan Tian Yun sneered. They had been given the best nurturing by the clan and were core disciples of the Fan Clan. Naturally, they disdained anything from outside the nation. Even though they dared not fight against Xue Ying since they knew the other party had grasped the 'Five Phases Sealing Technique', they felt confident of Fan Tian Yun.

The Five Phases Sealing Technique was extremely famous! In the long history of the Origin World, only that expert from the Towering Sky Ancient Nation had grasped this technique at the Primal Chaos Realm.

How strong was it exactly was something they had to battle before they understood the power!

"My brother is one of the top five core disciples within the Fan Clan. But this time, two out of the five representatives chosen for my Fan Clan are outsiders. My big brother has been pushed aside. As a result, it is natural for many cultivators to feel displeased with you and the other outsider." Fan Tian Chong transmitted.

Xue Ying did not say anything.

Displeased? Unconvinced?

Xue Ying believed they would be convinced soon after. In the world of cultivators, all talks depended on strength!


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