Lord Xue Ying
1090 Great Destruction Realm Teleportation Technique
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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1090 Great Destruction Realm Teleportation Technique

Currently at the Southern Cloud Nation.

Within the royal palace.

'This disciple of mine has genuinely frightened me.' Southern Cloud King sat cross-legged on the black grass plains. Behind him, an abyss that was covered in white cold fog existed. As the white cold fog rose, it made the facial appearance of Southern Cloud King increasingly blurred. His eyes were all the more unfathomable, 'Attaining the pinnacle of void-ification at the Primal Chaos Realm. Such a deep foundation, such great comprehension.'

Given the strength of he, Southern Cloud King, in order for him not to make use of profound mysteries at the Cosmos God level, and merely those at the Primal Chaos Realm to achieve the 'pinnacle of void-ification', even if Southern Cloud King had a corresponding cultivation technique, he wasn't confident of doing so!

'He is definitely a Cosmos God in his previous life! I wonder who was the one that created this cultivation technique that allowed one to achieve pinnacle of void-ification at the Primal Chaos Realm. Was it an unparalleled existence in the Origin World of his previous life?' Southern Cloud King pondered, 'Given his strength and talent, why did he not choose to accept Ancestor Fan as teacher and instead, chose me?'

Given how big the origin and power his disciple had, Southern Cloud King had to think twice!

'It is impossible for him to threaten me.' Southern Cloud King was naturally confident of himself. With his foundation, even unparalleled existences could not threaten him. He, of course, had the confidence to deal against this disciple of his.

'Then why did he take me as his teacher? Was it for treasure? Or freedom? Or is it… he wasn't willing to get embroiled in the battle between the ancient nations?' Southern Cloud King considered. The six great ancient nations were powerful, yet the battles that happened between them were dangerous too. If Xue Ying became a core member of the Fan Clan, it was impossible for him to not participate in the war. But the status of an Honored Guest was different. Even though Honored Guests had less power and benefits, they could choose not to accept a mission.

'Haha, no matter what, since he chose to take me as his teacher, he'll be my disciple in this life.' Southern Cloud King chuckled, 'With a good helper, it'll be easier for me to manage the Southern Cloud Sacred Religion from now on.'

Ten great religions.

Other than eight which belonged to the six great ancient nations, the remaining 'Sky Sword Sect' frequently bullied Southern Cloud Sacred Religion and even dared to invade into the Black Devil Four Nations.

No choice.

The Southern Cloud King wasn't afraid of others, but neither were those great organizations afraid of Southern Cloud King!

"Xue Ying." Southern Cloud King took the initiative to summon Xue Ying. Xue Ying's other avatar was stationed here at the Southern Cloud Capital.

Very soon.

The golden-robed Xue Ying arced through in the form of a stream of light and descended into the cultivation ground of his teacher.

Southern Cloud King smiled at this golden-robed young man as he came from afar. Currently, his gaze towards this disciple was completely different from the past.

"Xue Ying, you have concealed yourself pretty deeply." Southern Cloud King laughed.

"Teacher knows about it?" Xue Ying laughed back.

"A group of good friends from the Summer Wind Ancient Nation has informed me. Haha, the pinnacle of void-ification! Other than the Myriad Realms Ancient Nation and Summer Wind Ancient Nation, there is actually another cultivation technique that enables a cultivator to grasp the pinnacle of void-ification at the Primal Chaos Realm." Southern Cloud King looked at Xue Ying, "Right, who created it? Was it your teacher in your previous life? Or an expert from the Origin World in your previous life?"

"It is a Cosmos God from the religion of my previous life." Xue Ying chose to temporarily hide his secret still.

"It seems the religion of your previous life is quite strong." Southern Cloud King nodded.

He dared not think that it had been created by a Primal Chaos cultivator!

Because the two cultivation techniques that enabled cultivators of the Primal Chaos Realm to grasp the pinnacle of void-ification had been created by unparalleled existences! A Primal Chaos cultivator creating it? That was just a joke! If this was made known to the public, it would frighten all experts. After all, such abnormal comprehension abilities, despite taking the scaled-armor of 'General Mo Gu' as a reference and having experienced two Origin Worlds, was still scary.

"Oh right, when do you plan to break through to the Cosmos God Realm?" Southern Cloud King casually asked, "Since quite a few cultivators have guessed that you were reincarnated into this world, there is no longer a need for you to conceal your abilities."

"In the upcoming period." Xue Ying answered.

"Void? Mirage and Illusory Realm?" Southern Cloud King continued asking.

"Dao of Mirage." Xue Ying chuckled.

"Hu." Southern Cloud King let out a sigh of relief. He chuckled, "I still thought you planned on breaking through to the Cosmos God Realm in both Void and Mirage and Illusory Realm."

"No rush. I still plan on accumulating more experience and comprehensions." Xue Ying humbly replied.

Since everyone thought that he was a Cosmos God reincarnated into this world, he would temporarily hoodwink everyone for now! Since he would be breaking through to the Cosmos God Realm anyway.

"Since you did not take Ancestor Fan as your teacher, and chose to take me instead, all the scriptures that my Southern Cloud Sacred Religion have can be accessed by you as you like. If you have anything you need me, just say. I have many cosmos crystals, but of course, I can't afford those that are truly precious! Like top-graded secret treasures and many secret impartation techniques could not be bought! I'll try my best to solve everything that could be solved using cosmos crystals. After all, your growth is intricately linked to the expansion of my

Southern Cloud Sacred Religion. That'll earn more cosmos crystals for my religion." Southern Cloud King laughed. He no longer treated this disciple of his as a young junior. Instead, he treated him as a powerful existence near his own level.

"Teacher, please be rest assured. This disciple will definitely not be polite when the time comes that I need your help." Xue Ying chuckled. Even though he might say it, he would only ask for help when he truly needed it.

"Mn." Southern Cloud King softly nodded. He had a feeling of having some burden taken off his shoulders.

It was inevitable.

The Southern Cloud Sacred Religion had always been held by him alone! The other helpers of his were too weak.


Southern Cloud Capital, Flying Snow Residence.

Xue Ying's other avatar was temporarily staying here. Within a meditation room in the Flying Snow Residence, the smell of incense pervaded the entire room, emptying the heart and soul of those that were inside.

"" As Xue Ying sat on the praying mat, the huge content from the Great Destruction Realm Teleportation Technique scripture replayed in his mind.

Of course, he could not cultivate it yet.

This secret technique had harsh demands.

The reason why he chose to research on it was to understand if his avatars could sense each other despite being located in two different Origin Worlds.


Xue Ying slightly frowned, "Even though the soul is mysterious, two Origin Worlds have differing Supreme Laws! If the two avatars are located in two Origin Worlds that are far apart… it'll be hard to sense each other."

According to the narration from the Great Destruction Realm Teleportation Technique.

An avatar that headed to a distant Origin World would be suppressed by the Supreme Law from that world as he was an outsider! His power was limited to that of the Primal Chaos Realm. According to the experience which Southern Cloud King had when using the 'Great Destruction Realm Teleportation Technique', there were different strengths in the avatars which he sent to other Origin Worlds, and weaker avatars would have weaker souls, making it harder to sense the true body located in the Realm Heart Great Land. His avatars could barely perceive the true body after using all their strength, and only then could they barely transmit their memories.

Of course, powerful avatars could easily sense the true body located in Realm Heart Great Land. Just by slightly concentrating, they could easily exchange their memories.

'Teacher is a second level Cosmos God. I am only at the first level after breaking through! I wonder if it is possible for my two avatars to sense each other?' Xue Ying though, 'It is still possible though!'

Xue Ying was most afraid of this!

Why did he choose to leave behind an avatar on the Realm Heart Great Land? All for the sake of acquiring more resources so that he could walk further on the path of cultivation! If he could not exchange memories, then there existed a type of danger…

The two avatars would gradually form different willpower and thinking. It was fine for a short period since Xue Ying's Cultivation Heart Realm could allow him to achieve equilibrium after exchanging memories. But if it took a long time before they exchanged memories, like a trillion years or so, that would create a drastic problem!

Which was to bring about a schism between his consciousness!

'It should be fine. After I reincarnated back to my hometown, if I can't sense my avatar and exchange memories, I'll first increase the soul strength of this avatar at the Realm Heart Great Land by absorbing large amounts of Essence of Chaotic Origin! Else, I'll just let it sleep.' Xue Ying thought.

Those that could utilize the Great Destruction Realm Teleportation Technique were usually powerful.

Under normal circumstances, they were at least second level Cosmos Gods! Because only after reaching this level could it be possible to use the Great Destruction Realm Teleportation Technique.

Xue Ying relied on the 'energy from Realm Heart Order' to return to his hometown.

The Realm Heart Order was mysterious.

Even though the Great Destruction Realm Teleportation Technique could send an avatar to a different Origin World, that avatar would be repulsed by the Origin World, preventing him from reincarnating! Only after 'reincarnating' into that world could an outsider attain the permit to stay and grow strong by the Supreme Law.

Otherwise, that avatar would be limited to the Primal Chaos Realm. It would limit to how much that cultivator could explore in an Origin World and what he could learn there! Only by reincarnating could the cultivator grow boundlessly. That was the only way to obtain true benefits from the Origin World.


Xue Ying shut his eyes. He began meditating.


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