Lord Xue Ying
1102 I Am Back
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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1102 I Am Back

Black Fiend Peak, in a small courtyard of one of the houses.

A chubby white toddler looked to his side. At that moment, another toddler condensed from World Energy.

'I shall temporarily allow this incarnation to stay here.'


The chubby white toddler disappeared.


Over at a place in the Primal Caos Void far away from the Bright Star Planet, the white toddler appeared. Following that, the appearance of this chubby toddler transformed into a white-robed young man Xue Ying.

'Time for me to improve the strength of this fleshy body of mine.' Xue Ying thought.

It wasn't right for him to wantonly absorb World Energy in the Bright Star Planet. Hence, he merely constructed his soul using the 'Dao of Mirage' as a structure to the Cosmos God level! The improvement of a soul absorbed energy from the essence of the Origin World. It was a quiet absorption of World Energy. Hence, it was easy for Xue Ying to divide out an incarnation.


Following that, as Xue Ying willed, large amounts of World Energy started surging into the body of Xue Ying from the initially cold and desolate Primal Chaos Void. It formed an incomparably huge maelstrom.

The strength of his fleshy body rose rapidly.

Transcendent, Deity, World Deity, True God, Void God, Unity Realm, Primal Chaos Realm… Cosmos God!

This transformation was rapid.

The 'God Sea' in his body evolved continually. It evolved into a world and then converged into a point of 'Mirage Origin' before developing into a piece of miniature cosmos and finally, turning into the Mirage Cosmos.

Once his realm reached the level, all he needed was to absorb sufficient energy, and Xue Ying could quickly recover his original strength.

"I've finally regained my strength." Feeling his own strength, Xue Ying revealed a grin, "Compared to my body in Realm Heart Great Land, I do not have any secret treasures or the Southern Cloud Sacred Body."

Ultimately, the requirements towards external materials on training the Southern Cloud Sacred Body were too harsh.

But the biggest issue now was that many precious materials that were formed in Realm Heart Great Land could not be found here at the Primal Chaos Void. After all, two different Origin Worlds had different Supreme Law. The myriad existences formed in both worlds were vastly different. Even cultivation methods were universal only after reaching the Cosmos God Realm.

'But I can cultivate the stronger .'

Xue Ying thought.

This time, he brought along two terrifying cultivation techniques as he came back–the and

It's just that grasping the first level of the was very difficult. Firstly, Xue Ying had to attain the 'pinnacle of void-ification'. After that, he had to break apart the cage of the Origin World, absorbing sufficient 'Chaotic Origin Energy' to use! Finally, it had a hefty requirement for one's realm. Xue Ying had to achieve Cosmos God Realm in eight branches of the Dao of Void. It was clearly harder than the Five Phases Sealing Technique.

'The flow of time at the Realm Heart Great Land is approximately the same as that in the Primal Caos Void.' Xue Ying thought. As his soul regained the Cosmos God level strength, it significantly strengthened the connection he had with the avatar located in the Realm Heart Great Land, allowing them to exchange memories.

'Even though it might seem like a long time, in reality, it took just 120,000 years for me to be sent back to the Primal Caos Void from the Realm Heart Great Land.' Xue Ying thought.

120,000 years.

Xue Ying had already pushed all nine branches in the Dao of Void to the Cosmos God Realm over at the Realm Heart Great Land. Primarily, after creating the 'Nine Rotation Undying Technique', he understood the profound mysteries from the nine branches operating together and the interaction from their fusion. Naturally, Xue Ying quickly broke through in one branch after another. It was smooth. Just 30,000 years after becoming a Cosmos God, all nine branches had been comprehended.

Currently, he could use the Five Phases Sealing Technique! Of course, it was at the 'small success' since he could not rely on the Five Phases Bead!

The 'combat technique' of the could also be directly activated by him.

But cultivating the 'Chaotic Origin Refinement Body' required time. Given that small 'hole' which he could form by breaking the Origin World, absorbing that sliver of Chaotic Origin Energy would take him a long time just to succeed in refining his body.

"I shall first form avatars."

That's right.

Xue Ying's avatars in the Realm Heart Great Land were connected in memories. That was when he discovered something joyous.

When he was sent out of the Realm Heart Great Land, his remaining eight avatars could refine a ninth avatar!

'That's right. It's just like World Deities and True Gods within cosmos, they could refine avatars within the cosmos but could no longer do so outside of it.' Xue Ying thought, 'But some unique ancient cultivators could still refine them! Clearly, they have to first obtain permission from the 'Supreme Law'.'

The avatar technique which his teacher, Southern Cloud King, created, was about absorbing Chaotic Origin Energy to allow the soul to transform qualitatively. After absorbing the Chaotic Origin Energy from a higher dimension, the cultivator could still maintain nine avatars despite being suppressed by the Supreme Law.

Currently, an avatar had been sent away.

And over at the Realm Heart Great Land, the region which the Supreme Law covered only counted eight avatars which Xue Ying had! Hence, Xue Ying could naturally refine another.

'It's the same logic. When this avatar returned back home, under the Supreme Law of the Primal Caos Void, I only have a single body. I can always refine more avatars.' Xue Ying thought.

Xue Ying immediately blasted his fist out. This technique was much more exquisite than the Arch Destruction technique, which he displayed in the past. It was a combat technique from the Chaotic Origin Dao Scroll. A single fist vaguely intersected eight spatial passages. At the intersection of the passages, an extremely tiny black hole was formed–about the size of a grain of rice. Mysterious energy surged out from that hole.

Over at the other side of this black hole was the more horrifying higher dimension.

This mysterious energy was also the Chaotic Origin Energy.

"It is here."

Xue Ying began absorbing this Chaotic Origin Energy to cultivate the avatar technique.


After a while, a white-robed Xue Ying and a golden-robed Xue Ying stood in the vast void.

'What a pity. I can only form two avatars.' Xue Ying shook his head inwardly, 'I could only break apart a small hole in the cage. The mysterious energy which I can absorb is far from enough, allowing me to only grasp the first level of the .'

The first level allowed the cultivator to form two avatars.

The second level–nine avatars.

The highest level and grand perfection–10,081 avatars.

The cultivation technique created by Southern Cloud King hinged upon absorbing the 'Chaotic Origin Energy' to transform the soul! Once the degree of transformation reached its limit, the cultivator could maintain more than 10,000 avatars at every one time.

'The avatar technique created by Southern Cloud King is inferior to that of Scarlet-Browed Mountain Master and Myriad Realms Tavern Master's lineage.' Xue Ying sighed inwardly.

It was hard to train in the avatar technique created by his teacher.

He had to break apart the cage before one could grasp it! And destroying the cage of the world required a tenth level power–that was power a Cosmos God had. That 'Scarlet-Browed Mountain Master' definitely did not have this power! Nevertheless, he could have two avatars.

As for 'Myriad Realms Tavern Master', he once assassinated Xue Ying. Even though the other party had ordinary Cosmos God strength, he could maintain more than 10,000 avatars. According to the cultivation technique created by Southern Cloud King, only a second level Cosmos God could achieve that.

Hence, from the effects of cultivation.

That lineage of Scarlet-Browed Mountain Master and Myriad Realms Tavern Master was at least more outstanding in its avatar technique holistically than what Southern Cloud King created.

Currently, he was a first-level Cosmos God. Furthermore, he pushed all nine branches of the Dao of the Void to the Cosmos God Realm. If this were the lineage of Myriad Realms Tavern Master, Xue Ying would have cultivated more than 10,000 avatars already.

I wonder who created that lineage which Scarlet-Browed Mountain Master and Myriad Realms Tavern Master had.' Xue Ying thought. In the past, he conjectured Myriad Realms Tavern Master as the person who created it. But now? Xue Ying dared not think of it that way. Such a heaven-defying cultivation technique should have been created by a third level Cosmos God in the Dao of Void, an existence on the level of Ancestor Fan.

Dao of Void

'Scarlet-Browed Mountain Master.'

Xue Ying's heart was filled with killing intent.

It was fine for the lineage of Scarlet-Browed Mountain Master to assassinate him. But he even chose to rely on Sacred Master to kill Xue Ying!

But to this, Xue Ying did not know that Scarlet-Browed Mountain Master had been killed by Old Monster Stone.

'Sacred Master could not find the avatar of Scarlet-Browed Mountain Master in the past, so it is unlikely for him to find mine. Furthermore, the moment I succeeded in grasping the Chaotic Origin Refinement Body, my body would have part of the distinctive property Chaotic Origin has, making it even harder to find me.' Xue Ying thought. His soul had transformed after absorbing the Chaotic Origin Energy, rendering a majority of tracing methods useless. Furthermore, he had the more heaven-defying .

Chaotic Origin Refinement Body… it took too much time, and Xue Ying did not have the patience to cultivate in it temporarily.

'This avatar of mine will stay here at the Bright Star Planet to cultivate.' Xue Ying turned to the golden-robed Xue Ying, 'Even if my true body dies in battle, this avatar could easily refine another. Furthermore, I can also return the gratitude of my birth parents in this life.'


The golden-robed Xue Ying rapidly disappeared. He went back to the Bright Star Planet.

"It is time for me to go home and have a look."

Taking a step, Xue Ying disappeared.


Primal Caos Void.

Xue Ying appeared from nothingness. His eyes were filled with expectations and longing. It was hard for him to suppress his feelings with his current heart realm.

He was finally back.

In the past, Xue Ying was forced to reincarnate into the Realm Heart Great Land, but now, he was back!


Looking forward in a daze, currently, Xue Ying had reached the pinnacle in all nine branches of the Dao of Void. Displaying the Chaotic Origin combat technique, Xue Ying could teleport through a further distance, covering more than half the Primal Caos Void with one teleportation. It was impossible for him to teleport to the wrong 'Seven Star Oceanic Sacred World' since that was a great sacred world.

'Where is the Seven Star Oceanic Sacred World? It, how did it disappear?' Looking at the piece of empty Primal Caos Void, Xue Ying could not help but feel a trace of chill down his heart.

This empty void in front of his eyes…

Was where the Seven Star Oceanic Sacred World had been. But now, nothing was there!


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