Lord Xue Ying
1138 Getting used to the Stages
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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1138 Getting used to the Stages

The current atmosphere was slightly strange in the garden.

Xue Ying was still doing pretty good when he teamed up with Paragon Master Pu Su and Paragon Master Bewitching Sword. He sat beside them calmly meditating while waiting for the crucial ninth stage. On another side, Hunter and Black Sovereign glanced at Xue Ying before turning to the red-robed Great Monarch Bone Clamor with a smile that did not feel like one.

"Hmph." The shriveled face of Great Monarch Bone Clamor turned gloomy. He had lost his left hand, and currently, his bone in the process of re-growing.

Previously during the eighth stage, Great Monarch Bone Clamor was the only one that got injured.

He had no choice.

Even though they were Paragon Masters, it was because they relied on top-graded secret treasures, boosting an aspect of theirs to the final realm of Cosmos God. The majority of their strengths remained at the level-two of Cosmos God. For instance, 'Great Monarch Bone Clamor' had been gravely injured during the joint attack by the battleships previously.

"Brat from the Southern Cloud Nation, Pu Su, and Bewitching Sword can protect you currently, but it'll only become harder as we progressed. By then, it is impossible for them to defend you." Great Monarch Bone Clamor sneered.

"Many thanks, Monarch, for your concern. However, it's a pity that Great Monarch Bone Clamor will not get the opportunity to see me die." Xue Ying retorted with a smile. Since Great Monarch Bone Clamor chose to satirize him, there was no need for him to give any respect to the other party.

The expression of Great Monarch Bone Clamor shifted.

"Haha, what Monarch Flying Snow said is logical. Bone Clamor, you will likely not see that scene." Black Sovereign added, "Between us, you are possibly the first that would be expelled."

Hunter glanced over, yet he was too lazy to speak.

Paragon Master Pu Su and Paragon Master Bewitching Sword merely looked at Bone Clamor before continuing their meditation.

"Is that so? We will see." Great Monarch Bone Clamor felt increasingly resentful, yet he was clear that he had the weakest survivability skills amongst those present. Even though that Xue Ying was weak, he had the help from both Pu Su and Bewitching Sword. Hence, he might not be the first to be expelled.

This made Bone Clamor feel humiliated.


There were differing levels between Cosmos Gods in the vast Realm Heart Great Land.

At the highest, they were naturally the unparalleled existences! They each hold a supreme position and had immense strength. Few Cosmos Gods could survive in front of them. But they were not invulnerable too as several unparalleled existences had died in history! Some died after venturing into the Broken Teeth Mountain Range, and some died from battles with other unparalleled existences.

The subsequent level consisted of peak Cosmos Gods that did not own any supreme-graded secret treasures, and a minority few Paragon Masters like Great Paragon Fuyi and Southern Cloud King who could survive against unparalleled existences.

And next up was the ordinary Paragon Masters! They had a piece of top-graded secret treasure and could execute two to three moves that contained 'power equivalent to a final realm Cosmos God'. Nevertheless, other aspects of theirs in areas like survival, escape, domain, and many others remained at the level-two Cosmos God Realm still. Hence, this highlighted their flaws and unparalleled existences could easily trample over them.

But no matter what, some of them were not any weaker as compared to the few apex Paragon Masters like Southern Cloud King. Some might even be stronger! It was only that they lacked in survivability!

They were qualified to disdain those level-two Cosmos Gods that did not own any top-graded secret treasures.

"Let me see how long can you remain so lucky for." Great Monarch Bone Clamor glared at Xue Ying before sitting down cross-legged. He did not believe that he, as a Great Paragon, could not triumph over an Honored Guest from the Summer Wind Ancient Nation that got lucky.

Xue Ying did not care about it. He continued comprehending the .

What he wanted to do now is to apply some of the utilization of Chaotic Origin Energy from the Chaotic Origin First Strike into combat techniques he already had! Thus improving those techniques! This wasn't as simple as it seemed. It had to depend on whether the technique was suitable. Like the 'Spectacular Painting' for instance, Xue Ying discovered that altering it was an extremely difficult task. Instead, altering the was comparatively easier.

Because many similarities existed in the Chaotic Origin First Strike, 'Mist Ripple', and the Scarlet Cloud Combat Technique.


In the blink of an eye, another thousand years passed.

The ninth stage began.

It had been relatively easy for Xue Ying. With the help from both Paragon Master Pu Su and Paragon Master Bewitching Sword, Xue Ying cast his Mirage and Illusory Realm to support them, easily getting through this stage.

"Hahaha, Monarch Flying Snow, it seems this stage is easier than the previous one." Black Sovereign guffawed

"Hmph, of the 18 Stages, the first nine and the latter nine stages are qualitatively different. It is no longer as simple in the latter few stages." Great Monarch Bone Clamor coldly commented.

Xue Ying glanced at the two. He couldn't be bothered to bicker with them.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

What he needed to do now is to rely on the help from both Paragon Master Pu Su and Paragon Master Bewitching Sword so that he could walk further in the '18 Stages'. This way, he would have sufficient time to perfect his techniques. After all, the 'Chaotic Origin First Strike' alone could not cover up the gap with these Paragon Masters! Paragon Masters owned top-graded secret treasures and even researched in them for a very long period, maximizing the potential in these top-graded secret treasures…

What he needed now was time to alter his own techniques, perfecting them and making them stronger!

'Soon, I've almost succeeded in improving the .' Xue Ying looked forward to it.

"Hong long long~"

Within the garden, six short stone pillar suddenly shot up from the stone floor. Every stone pillar had a stone box placed on it.

"The treasures are here." The five Great Paragons went over with great familiarity. They chose the pillar that gave off an enticing feeling.

Each stone pillar would correspond to a cultivator.

And only that cultivator could open it.

'18 Stages. There will be rewards every three stages.' Xue Ying walked over. His hand held onto the stone box, prying it open easily. That revealed two ores emanating golden light. With a glance, Xue Ying easily discerned them, 'Two pieces of Golden Indigo Flame Ore? Adding them up, the total value is more than 10 billion cosmos crystals already.'

These two pieces of ores were suitable for refining secret treasures. They were extremely precious and had a value equivalent to a Scarlet Cloud God Spear.

When Xue Ying kept these two pieces of Golden Indigo Flame Ores, he also sensed waves of information coming over from the stone box. These pieces of information included a detailed description of the Golden Indigo Flame Ore, on the '18 Stages', and also the next location where the subsequent three great stages were held at.

Every three stages were held at a new place.

"Hmph hmph."

The other Great Paragons had acute senses. They easily discovered treasures that others acquired, realizing that the value was relatively similar.

'Mn? He did not attack and did not pass through the seventh stage. Coming over during the middle the three stages yet he is bestowed with treasures equivalent to us?' Great Monarch Bone Clamor, Hunter, Black Sovereign, and even Paragon Master Pu Su, and Paragon Master Bewitching Sword were thinking about it after seeing this.

According to past experiences the six great ancient nations gathered, the performance of the cultivators during the stage clearing would determine the treasures they get! For instance, those who were under protection from others would usually be given less valuable treasures. Xue Ying came in during the middle of the three stages and rarely acted. Nevertheless, he was given treasure equivalent to the rest of them! This was clearly abnormal.

'According to the legends, Cosmos Gods that are extremely talented and have frightening comprehension abilities would be pampered by the 'Realm Heart Great Land'. The treasures they got were always greater!' Paragon Master Pu Su and Hunter could deduce that immediately.


The courtyard walls suddenly distorted and moved. They were originally shut close, yet now, a dark underground passage was formed.


Paragon Master Pu Su and Paragon Master Bewitching Sword left first with Xue Ying following behind.

After entering the underground passage and proceeding forward through the dimmed roads, the entrance where they cam from soon distorted and shut close once again.

As they advanced, they saw many passages distorting and forming.


Over at an extremely vast great palace hall, Xue Ying and the others went forward into this great hall that was directly connected via the underground passage they came from. When the six of them entered, the surface of the palace hall immediately moved, shutting close the cavern hole behind.

The six of them took a spot and sat. Previously when they got the treasures, they were informed that the subsequent three stages would be held here. Naturally, they were all waiting silently for the tenth stage to begin 1,000 years later.

"Monarch Flying Snow." Paragon Master Bewitching Sword transmitted over.

"Paragon Master Bewitching Sword." Xue Ying looked at him.

"The next nine stages are different from the first nine stages. From now on, the danger we face isn't something that I and Pu Su can help you with very much." Paragon Master Bewitching Sword mentioned.

"I understand. I have to thank both Great Paragons for your assistance." Xue Ying smiled. He felt gratitude towards Paragon Master Bewitching Sword. It's just that in his heart… Paragon Master Bewitching Sword seemed too kind to him and was somehow familiar to him.

Paragon Master Bewitching Sword nodded before shutting close his eyes and going back to meditation.

Xue Ying understood too.

One had to know that it was impossible for these Paragon Masters to reach the end of the 18 Stages. Reaching the end meant they would be rewarded with a supreme-graded secret treasure! Unparalleled existences sought to acquire another supreme-graded secret treasure? How hard was it!

Even passing through 15 stages is something unfathomable already! They would at the very least be bestowed with a top-graded secret treasure after that. Those who were fortunate might get something more heaven-defying like secret treasures that improved their survivability, allowing them to survive before unparalleled existences. Hence, the 15th stage is very challenging, and at least those Cosmos Gods present here had no hope of crossing through them.

In reality, the majority only targeted the 12th stage!

After getting through the 12th stage, they would usually be given treasures valued at around 100 billion cosmos crystals. If they were lucky, those who displayed outstanding strength might possibly be given a piece of top-graded secret treasure! Even if they did not get one, precious materials worth 100 billion cosmos crystals would satisfy them.

Hence, the difficulty of the first nine stages was lower, and the rewards they would get were less valuable too–with the most valuable treasure worth just 10 billion cosmos crystals. But the latter stages were no longer the same. The worth of the treasure would only increase from the 12th stage, the 15th stage and the final 18th stage.

'The next three major stages, 10th, 11th, and 12th stage would become more and more frightening. Paragon Master Pu Su and Paragon Master Bewitching Sword would have a hard time surviving, much less thinking about protecting me.' Xue Ying understood this point.


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