Lord Xue Ying
1139 I’ll do it myself
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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1139 I’ll do it myself

Even though the was the one Xue Ying felt would be the easiest to alter–and he easily improved the 'Scarlet Cloud Domain' after learning the Chaotic Origin First Strike–the combat technique still consisted of five techniques in overall. Some were easy while others were difficult, especially so with the 'Combined Technique'. Naturally, it was comparatively easier to alter it as compared to altering 'Spectacular Painting' and 'Chaotic Origin Dao Scroll'.

And he was close to succeeding in his task.


The tenth stage began.

Even though this stage was much harder than the previous stage, the strength of Paragon Master Bewitching Sword was honestly frightening. Furthermore, his combat style was absolutely compatible with Paragon Master Pu Su's domain! Even though Xue Ying suffered from several incoming attacks, he had easily defended himself with a spear. Hence, he crossed through this stage quite casually.

Hunter, Black Sovereign King, and Great Monarch Bone Clamor did not have an easy time. Of which, Great Monarch Bone Clamor became more gravely injured.

"Damn, damn."

Great Monarch Bone Clamor was left with just a single floating head. Above his head, a crimson mist was gradually forming bones that were jade-like.

That pair of red eyes of his glared at Xue Ying coldly. This time, his injuries worsened. He even had a feeling that it was quite possible for him to fail on the 11th stage! And this Monarch Flying Snow who did not own and top-graded secret treasure had an easy time surviving until now.

'I am just lacking by a bit. Just one bit!' As for the aforementioned person, he remained seated cross-legged focusing on his cultivation. Currently, Xue Ying was making full use of his time.

And finally.

Just before the next stage began, 'I've succeeded.'

Seated at a corner of the palace hall, Xue Ying slowly opened his eyes. There was some suppressed happiness in his eyes. And the avatars situated far away in his hometown Primal Chaos Void were also starting their training in this newly created technique.

Absorbing many profound utilizations of the Chaotic Origin Energy from the Chaotic Origin First Strike, Xue Ying finally improved the qualitatively!

A true expert understood how to absorb experiences from his predecessors. Southern Cloud King, for instance, had thoroughly pondered and created a killing move belonging to himself after acquiring the 'Twin Realm Blade'. He even extrapolated the 'Spectacular Painting', 'Arch Destruction', and created his own 'Southern Cloud Sacred Body' through the killing move that he comprehended. By relying on the Southern Cloud Sacred Body, a weaker cultivator could execute those extrapolated techniques.

And 'Great Paragon Fuyi' as a Paragon Master, yet he was so powerful that he could disregard some final realm Cosmos Gods, closing in with those unparalleled existences. This had been of his diligence in building over the foundation the predecessors paved, allowing him to create killing moves that were much stronger than before.

The had merely opened a set of doors in front of Xue Ying.

As for how much Xue Ying could absorb from this supreme-graded secret impartation technique would rely on his comprehension abilities.

'Continue!' Xue Ying continued researching into creating more powerful techniques.


The thousand-year period was up.

And the 11th stage began! Paragon Master Pu Su, Paragon Master Bewitching Sword, Xue Ying, Great Monarch Bone Clamor, Black Sovereign King, and Hunter became serious. They understood at this moment that the slightest bit of carelessness would cause them to be killed. Even though they were 'killed', in reality, the Realm Heart God Palace would teleport them out at the very last moment before they died.

The scene before them distorted.

Xue Ying felt his body sinking down. He found himself above a dark ocean.

'What a heavy restrictive force.'

The six of them currently stood in midair looking down at the vast ocean. This spatial restrictive pressure had reached an incredible stage. It far surpassed that found on the Realm Heart Great Land. Most likely only normal Cosmos Gods could survive under such harsh conditions.


Xue Ying's personal void-ification technique could only dissipate away half the restrictive force.

"This looks like a strange place." Paragon Master Pu Su who currently let out his Time Domain had a change in expression. He transmitted over to Xue Ying and Paragon Master Bewitching Sword, "My domain has been restricted."


The pupils of Xue Ying dilated. Suddenly, many black shadows started shooting up from deep underneath the ocean.


An enormous figure shot up from the oceanic water. This unique sea monster was carrying an old man holding a scepter on its back. The old man had very long thin hair, yet in reality, they were thin snakes.

"Cosmos Gods, the few of you actually dared intrude upon the Gui Ruins Sea? You are all seeking death." The old man carrying the scepter sneered, "Children, kill them!"

"Sou sou sou…"

Many huge scarlet fishes abruptly flew out. They emanate an aura that brought a chill down the hearts of Xue Ying and the rest. This aura represented an end–the end of all life. Time ended here, and everything would thus end! These huge scarlet fishes numbered thousands. They currently charged up from the sea unto Xue Ying and the rest.

"Kill kill kill!" The old man wielding the scepter delightfully grinned, "So what if you are Cosmos Gods? All will die in the Gui Ruins Sea!"

These huge scarlet fishes were extremely fast. They moved through the void as fast as lightning, leaping onto the six of them.


Xue Ying immediately cast his Mirage and Illusory Realm. Nonetheless, its effectiveness was extremely low on these huge scarlet fishes. Paragon Master Pu Su released his Time Domain, slightly inflicting confusion on these fishes after they entered. But clearly, the entire Time Domain was shaking and trembling and could not hold on for long. As a result, despite the disturbance from the Time Domain, those fishes eventually found the location where Paragon Master Pu Su, Paragon Master Bewitching Sword, and Xue Ying's true bodies were.

"The past, the future, and the present. It seems despite the constant differences in time displacement, they aren't affected that much?" The expression of Paragon Master Pu Su shifted.

These huge scarlet fishes did not understand much about battling. Instead, their bodies seemingly represented various laws.


A dazzling sword light flashed out.

Paragon Master Bewitching Sword held onto his god sword slashing out with a force that moved unhindered in all directions! He stood there calmly watching as those huge scarlet fishes were struck–some had been penetrated by his slash, and some had been jolted from the shockwave. For a moment, he could only protect himself with his sword, and not Paragon Master Pu Su or Xue Ying. Regardless, this frightening Dao of Sword startled everyone present.

"This Paragon Master Bewitching Sword is the youngest Great Paragon the Summer Wind Ancient Nation Cang Clan had! His rise is extremely fast and mysterious. Who would have thought that his Dao of Sword has reached such frightening yet perfected stage." The pupils of Black Sovereign King dilated.

"What an amazing sword technique." The body of Hunter oscillated between ethereal and reality. He also noticed this scene.

As for Great Monarch Bone Clamor, he was currently defending himself against those frightening huge scarlet fishes in a panic. There had already been ten fishes chomping away his flesh, causing pieces of flesh to disappear on his body.

'Bewitching Sword, no wonder he is favored greatly by Emperor Cang and Emperor Summer.' Paragon Master Pu Su was inwardly astonished by what he saw. Previously, his Time Domain had shaved away a majority of the threat. Only now was it the time for Paragon Master Bewitching Sword to display his true strength.


There were thousands even reaching ten thousand huge scarlet fishes. There were so many of them that they had practically covered the entire sky.

Furthermore, the body of each fish was incredibly tough. They had a vibrant life force too! Despite piercing through their bodies, they were able to rapidly recover from the injuries. Following that as more and more attacked Xue Ying, Paragon Master Pu Su, and Paragon Master Bewitching Sword, Paragon Master Pu Su was forced to act.

"Ah, damn, damn." Some of the bones on Great Monarch Bone Clamor's body started burning. He took the initiative to ignite his bones so as to produce grander energy in dealing against his current predicament. He was in dire straits.

'It seems I can't hold on for long.' Great Monarch Bone Clamor understood. Those huge scarlet fish contained that sort of 'termination' energy which somehow curbed every single technique of theirs. Furthermore, their life force was so incredibly strong that it felt exaggerated. Killing even a single one of them was hard. And now, the stage had just begun recently yet he consumed one-third his life energy already. Hence, he concluded that it was impossible for him to hold on until the end.

'It seems Pu Su and Bewitching Sword could no longer help that Ying Shan Xue Ying.' Great Monarch Bone Clamor understood that he would fail, yet he wished to see other people failing with him.


The number of fishes attacking them gradually increased. Paragon Master Bewitching Sword's display of strength had truly startled others–his Dao of Sword did not seem any weaker than what Sky-Rending Great Paragon and Great Paragon Lu Tian could exert. Furthermore, his sword defenses were quite perfect too! That showed how outstanding he was! And Paragon Master Pu Su had always been powerful. Nonetheless, as the number of fishes grew, things also began to get hard for them.

Gradually, the two could no longer help Xue Ying.

"Peng." With a flash, a sword light directly forced more than ten huge scarlet fishes away.

"Monarch Flying Snow, I can't help you any longer. You should be more careful from now." Paragon Master Bewitching Sword added.

"No worries! I'll do it myself." Xue Ying replied.

Wearing the Devil Emperor Gown and carrying the Scarlet Cloud God Spear, Xue Ying stood in midair calmly facing a huge scarlet fish that came his way.


With a sweep of his spear, that fish was blasted backward.

"What? He can force the fish back?"

"So easy?"

The other five Paragon Masters were shocked. Even Paragon Master Bewitching Sword felt incomparably astonished.

All of them were clear how frightening these huge scarlet fishes that represented various 'termination' laws were. Even though it might seem that Paragon Master Bewitching Sword was having an easy time, his strikes had reached the peak final realm Cosmos God standard and were extremely powerful. Furthermore, the Dao of Sword was aligned with strong close combat skills. That was why he could force ten fish away with a strike. But this merely forced them back or injured them heavily. Killing them took quite a lot of effort.

'What powerful strength.' Xue Ying could feel a heavy impact being transmitted back through the spear onto his body, 'They are really hard to deal with. Fortunately, I've had enough time in the previous few thousands of years to alter my Scarlet Cloud Combat Technique perfectly.'

Without the help of others, he might not have succeeded in altering the Scarlet Cloud Combat Technique. By then, he would most likely be expelled out during this stage.

But now?

"Sou sou sou~"

His spear rolled.

Many huge scarlet fishes that attacked Xue Ying were forced back. Some had even been injured by the spear. Nevertheless, the number attacking him only increased.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Kill them for me! Kill!" That old man standing on the enormous sea creature's back roared out. Those huge scarlet fishes flew up continuously. Gradually, they began surrounding the six Cosmos Gods, forming six huge 'school of fishes' that frantically went on offense. As the battle reached the peak, Paragon Master Pu Su could barely keep himself alive, with only Paragon Master Bewitching Sword being able to slightly aid the others a little.

And the injuries on Great Monarch Bone Clamor began deepening rapidly.

'No, I can't hold on any longer!' Great Monarch Bone Clamor was left with just his head floating in the sky. The surrounding crimson mist formed many whips that lashed out in the sky. Regardless, he still couldn't obstruct the fishes that covered the entire sky. Those fishes penetrated through the obstruction the whips created and gnawed on the head of Great Monarch Bone Clamor.

Even now, he was still looking at the other five.

The other five were all holding on. Even that white-robed young man 'Monarch Flying Snow' could still survive. Furthermore, Xue Ying… had not been touched!

'He, he has a top-graded secret treasure? He is a Great Paragon?' Great Monarch Bone Clamor soon felt an invisible force enveloping him.


Before his death, he was teleported out of the Realm Heart God Palace. And thus, his journey in the Realm Heart God Palace had ended! He was the first out of this batch to be expelled out of the palace.


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