Lord Xue Ying
282 You Overestimated Me
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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282 You Overestimated Me

Xue Ying nodded. "Truly admirable. Indeed, just as Young Master Wu Ma Hai said, my True Meaning of Mirage has reached the stage two realm."

Xue Ying’s True Meaning of Mirage had reached the peak of the stage two realm.
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He had originally thought that none of the Demigods would be able to discover his actions. Clearly, however, there were some experts even among experts! An existence who could surpass an era failed to discover him, yet the even stronger commander of the team, Wu Ma Hai, was able to.

"Despite suffering from the Six Ghosts Resentment hexing poison, your True Meaning of Mirage has actually reached the stage two realm within a hundred years?" Bo Bo did not believe it—it would just be too disgraceful for him to lose. The True Meaning of Mirage had a frightening reputation, but he felt that having attained the third rank Deity Heart realm, he would be sure to obstruct the first stage realm of the True Meaning of Mirage. Who would have thought that Xue Ying would be on a who


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