Lord Xue Ying
295 General Ku Meng
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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295 General Ku Meng

Wearing a cold expression, Lord You Lan said, "General Ku Meng, you’re the one who should deal with Dong Bo Xue Ying next."

"Hmph! Should he even dare try to face me, I’ll take the chance and kill him!" General Ku Meng’s eyes glimmered with indifferent ruthlessness.

Lord You Lan continued, "I’ll be controlling the flow of time in the surrounding area."

General Ku Meng responded with a slight nod.

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With a hong, General Ku Meng’s figure rapidly increased in size. His original three-meter-tall figure had before long reached a height of close to two thousand meters; he was essentially a moving mountain! This new silver-colored figure of his had not a single strand of hair on his entire body. His breaths created wind and thunder, and his eyes were just as cold and devoid of emotion.

"His power has increased!" Wu Ma Hai, the golden-armored young man, raised his head to take in the sight of the towering, mountain-like silver giant. "The innate talents of demons from the Da


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