Lord Xue Ying
309 Deity World Organism
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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309 Deity World Organism

The four teams were all located upon the very first meteorite on the long Meteor Bridge.

"Cultivating eight arms along with the True Meaning of Only Me is something I have to admire you for," the Meishan Clan Master praised him. Of the two True Meanings he grasped hold of, one of them was the True Meaning of Only Me, so he clearly understood the difficulty in forming eight arms.
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"If we were to say who would have the greatest certainty in getting through the Sky-Reaching Vine amongst us, I would have to say that it is you, Meishan Clan Master," Chen Jiu said.

"Sky-Reaching Vine? Just based on this Deity armor of mine?"

The Meishan Clan Master looked toward that enormous Sky-Reaching Vine that practically stretched across the entire starry sky, starting from the end of the entire Meteor Bridge. "The Sky-Reaching Vine is also one of the most terrifying plants in the Deity world, with most magnificent World Deities not being an opponent of this Sky-Reaching Vine! But on Crim


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