Lord Xue Ying
316 Creation of Heaven and Earth
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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316 Creation of Heaven and Earth

Chen Jiu soon came back to his senses, asking in a soft voice, "Xue Ying, what about the hexing poison ailing you?"

Getting through the Floating Sky Island and the Meteor Bridge was considered the most basic of trials, and the reward was similarly meager; it was also limited to one item. Since Xue Ying had chosen to view the Creation of Heaven and Earth, what remained of the antidote?

"It couldn’t be cured." Xue Ying shook his head. "Senior Xi Wei told me that the Six Ghosts Resentment is a peak stage Deity-ranked hexing poison, and an antidote would simply be too expensive—far over the value of a single reward."

"But you weren’t inflicted with the original form of the hexing poison!" Chen Jiu continued questioning. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"It might be just a weakened version, but the value of an antidote is still more than that of a single reward." Xue Ying shook his head.

To the side, the Meishan Clan Master, Jian Huang, the white-robed young woman, and all the others were l


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