Lord Xue Ying
489 Establishing Oneself
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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489 Establishing Oneself

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Information finally stopped flowing into Xue Ying's sea of consciousness, and his True Deity Heart was now able to relax and start comprehending the huge volume of knowledge he received. Inside the inner space, a tiny man with Xue Ying's appearance was looking upward at the dazzling white sphere floating above him. On its surface were countless patterns swirling all around, giving it a truly mystical quality. Watching the white spherical body gave Xue Ying a similar feeling to that which he got as he watched the Laws of the Material World revolving about.

As a Realm Lord, he could meld into the mortal world to view the law of the entire Material World. This Law was more vast, encompassing, and complex than that of the mortal world alone. It only made sense, considering that the Material World was made up of billions upon billions of mortal worlds!

But now, watching this white sphere gave him the same taste as watching the


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