Lord Xue Ying
808 Time, Transformation
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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808 Time, Transformation

The Palace Hall of Time, a relatively individual black triangular pagoda building, was also located on the colossal floating land of Great Void Heaven Temple. When Xue Ying got close to it, he could feel the faint warping of time-space.

Xue Ying flew to the entrance of the Palace Hall of Time.

Beyond the entrance of the palace hall was a stretch of empty darkness. Xue Ying respectfully said, "Senior, I require for time to be accelerated by a hundred times."

"Alright." A grand voice rang out. At the same time, a swallowing force engulfed Xue Ying from within the palace doors. "Sou", it pulled Xue Ying in.

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Xue Ying felt the world in front of his eyes change.

"Planets." Xue Ying looked at this planet which he was located on. This planet was overgrown, and it was frigid. The entire planet seemed to be composed of glacial ice. The surface of the planet was floating with snowflakes too. This planet that was about 4,000 kilometers in diameter was ind


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